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03/26/15      updates to Assyrian Church of East (Patr.), Ukraine prov.: Dnipropetrovs'k
                and Zaporizhzhya (Gov.)
03/25/15      updates to Russia prov.: Amur, Sakhalin (Gov.)
03/24/15      update to U.S. city: Jacksonville, FL election: Mayor Alvin Brown (Dem.) wins
                     42.6%, Lenny Curry (Rep.) 38.4%, Bill Bishop (Rep.) 16.8%, and Omega Allen
                     (Ind.) 2.2%; a runoff between Brown and Curry will be held on 19 May 2015. 
03/21/15      update to Namibia (Pres., PM).
03/17/15      update to Lesotho (PM).
03/13/15      update to Greece (Pres.)
03/09/15      update to Czech reg.: Karlovarský (Gov.)
03/06/15      update to Ukraine prov.: Khmel'nyts'kiy (Gov.)
03/04/15      update to Russia reg.: Sakhalin (acting Gov.)
03/03/15      update: U.S. mayor election: Tampa, FL: Mayor Bob Buckhorn (Dem.) is re-elected
                     defeating Jose Vazquez (Dem.), 95.9%-4%.
03/01/15      updates to Uruguay (Pres.), India state: Jammu & Kashmir (PM).
02/27/15      update to Ukraine prov.: Vinnytsya (Gov.)
02/26/15      update to Argentina (Cabinet chief).
02/25/15      update to Russia prov.: Yevreyskaya (Gov.)
02/24/15      updates to Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox (Patr.), U.S. mayor
                election: Chicago, IL Mayor Rahman Emanuel (Dem.) wins 45.4% of vote, Jesús
                "Chuy" García (Dem.) 33.8%, Willie Wilson (Dem.) 10.6%, Robert Fioretti
                (Dem.) 7.4%, and William "Dock" Walls (Dem.) 2.8%, a runoff between Emanuel
                Garcia will be held on 7 Apr 2015.
02/23/15      updates to Tokelau (Head of govt.), Canada prov.: Prince Edward Is. (PM).
02/22/15      update to India state: Bihar (PM).
02/20/15      update to Bosnia canton: Tuzla (PM); Ukraine prov.: Zaporizhzhya (Gov.)
02/18/15      updates to Croatia (Pres.), Moldova (PM), St. Kitts & Nevis (PM), U.S. state:
                Oregon (Gov.)
02/17/15      updates to South Korea (PM), Japan pref.: Yamanashi (Gov.), U.S. govt.:
                Defense Dept. (Secy.).
02/16/15      updates to Timor-Leste (PM), Pakistan prov.: Gilgit-Baltistan (Gov.)
02/14/15      updates to Australia state: Queensland (PM), India state: Delhi (PM).
02/13/15      update to U.S. govt.: GSA (Admin.)
02/12/15      update to Bosnia canton: Una-Sana (PM).
02/11/15      update to Bosnia-Hercegovina (PM).
02/09/15      update to Bosnia-Hercegovina: Muslim-Croat Fed. (Pres.)
02/06/15      updates to Yemen (Pres, PM), Tunisia (PM), ICJ (Pres.), U.S. city: Toledo
                (Mayor), Sri Lanka prov.: Eastern (PM).
02/05/15      update to Ukraine prov.: Chernivtsi (Gov.)
02/03/15      updates to Italy (Pres.), Ukraine prov.: Kharkiv (Gov.)
02/01/15      update to U.S. govt.: Postal Service (Postmaster gen.)
01/31/15      update to Czech reg.: Karlovarsky (Gov.)
01/30/15      update to AU (Chair.)
01/28/15      updates to India state: Himachal Pradesh (Gov.), Sri Lanka prov.:
                North Central (PM).
01/27/15      updates to Sri Lanka prov.: Central, Eastern, North Central, Northern,
                Sabaragamuwa and Uva (Gov.)
01/26/15      update to Greece (PM).
01/25/15      update to Zambia (Pres.)
01/23/15      updates to Saudi Arabia (King, PM), Sri Lanka prov.: North Western, Southern
                     and Western (Gov.)
01/22/15      update to India state: Punjab (Gov.)
01/21/15      updates to Cyprus British Sovereign Base Areas (Admin.), U.S. state: Maryland
                (Gov.), U.S. govt.: Guantanamo Bay (Cmdr.)
01/20/15      updates to U.S. states: Pennsylvania, Texas (Gov.), Palau state: Ngatpang (Gov)
01/17/15      updates to Madagascar (PM), Mozambique (PM).
01/16/15      update to Haiti (PM).
01/15/15      update to Mozambique (Pres.)
01/14/15      updates to Italy (Pres.), Japan pref.: Saga (Gov.), Solomon Islands prov.:
                Temotu (PM), Sri Lanka prov.: Uva (PM).
01/13/15      update to U.S. state: Arkansas (Gov.)
01/12/15      updates to U.S. state: Illinois (Gov.), Micronesia state: Yap (Gov.), Northern
                Marianas: Saipan (Mayor), U.S. govt.: US Mint (Dir.)
01/09/15      updates to Mali (PM), Sri Lanka (Pres., PM), Mozambique (PM), India
                states: Jammu & Kashmir (PM), Mizoram (Gov.)
01/08/15      updates to U.S. states: Massachusetts, Nebraska (Gov.), India state:
                Uttarakhand (Gov.), Bosnia canton: Bosnian-Podrinje (PM)
01/06/15      updates to U.S. state: Rhode Island (Gov.), U.S. city: Austin (Mayor),
                and U.S. govt.: U.S. Senate (Pres. Pro Tem., Majority Ldr.), 
                     India state: Meghalaya (Gov.)
01/05/15      updates to U.S. state: Arizona (Gov.), U.S. cities: Oakland, Providence
                (Mayor), U.S. Virgin Islands (Gov.) and Andorra (French Rep.)
01/02/15      update to U.S. city: Washington, DC (Mayor).
01/01/15      updates to Switzerland (Pres.); Palau state: Angaur (Gov.); ISO (Pres.), ITU
               (Secy.-gen.), Norden (Pres.), OIF (Secy.-gen.), OSCE (Chair.); U.S. govt.:
                NRC (Chair.), TSA (Admin.); U.S. city: San José, CA (Mayor); Brazil states:
                Alagoas, Amapá, Bahia, Ceará, Distrito Federal, Espírito Santo, Maranhão,
                Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais, Pernambuco, Piauí,
                Rio Grande do Norte, Rio Grande do SulRoraima and Tocantins (Gov.);
                Swiss cantons: Aargau, Fribourg, Graubünden, Jura, Luzern, Schaffhausen,
                Solothurn and Zug; Peru reg.: Lima (Mayor), Amazonas, Ancash, Apurimac,
                Arequipa, Cajamarca, Cusco, Huancavelica, Huánuco, Ica, Junín, Libertad,
                Lima Region, LoretoMadre de Dios, Moquegua, Pasco, Piura, Puno, San Martin,
                Tacna, Tumbes and Ucayali (Gov.); Eurasian Economic Union (Chair.)
12/31/14      update to Tunisia (Pres.)
12/30/14      updates to Tonga (PM), Solomon Islands prov.: Central, Rennell and Bellona
                (PM) and Honiara (Mayor).
12/29/14      update to Solomon Islands prov.: Guadalcanal (PM).
12/28/14      update to India state: Jharkhand (PM).
12/27/14      updates to Belarus (PM), prov: Brest, Mogilev and Vitebsk (Gov.), U.S. city:
                Shreveport (Mayor).
12/26/14      updates to Ukraine prov.: L'viv, Poltava, Rivne and Sumy (Gov.)
12/25/14      updates to Rep. of China (Taiwan): Taichung, Taipei and Taoyuan city (Mayor).
12/24/14      update to Somalia (PM).
12/23/14      update to U.S. govt.: ICE (Dir.)
12/21/14      update to Romania (Pres.)
12/20/14      update to Haiti (PM).
12/19/14      updates to St. Maarten (PM), EAC (Parl. Spkr.), U.S. govt.: Reclamation (Com.)
12/18/14      update to U.S. govt.: Surgeon Gen.
12/17/14      update to Mauritius (PM).
12/14/14      update to Congo (Kinshasa) prov.: Équateur (Gov.)
12/12/14      updates to Greenland (PM), India state: Assam (Gov.)
12/11/14      updates to Australia state: Capital Terr. (PM), Germany state: Berlin (mayor).
12/10/14      updates to Australia state: Tasmania (Gov.), U.S. city: Detroit (manager),
                Italy reg.: Calabria (Pres.), Japan pref.: Okinawa (Gov.), Brazil state:
                Maranhão (Gov.)
12/09/14      updates to Kosovo (PM), Solomon Islands (PM).
12/08/14      updates to Rep. of China (Taiwan) (PM) and prov. Fukien (Gov.)
12/05/14      updates to Germany state: Thüringen (PM), U.S. govt. NORTHCOM (Com.)
12/04/14      updates to Australia state: Victoria (PM), UNASUR (Pres. pro tempore),
                and PIF (Secy.-gen.)
12/03/14      update to Somalia state: Southwestern (Pres.)
12/01/14      updates to U.S. states: Alaska, Hawaii (Gov.); Guadeloupe (Pref.) and
                EU (Council Pres.)
11/29/14      update to São Tomé and Príncipe (PM).
11/27/14      update to India state: Bihar (Gov.)
11/26/14      updates to Czech Rep.: Prague (Mayor), Wallis & Futuna (Asmb. Pres.)
11/21/14      update to Mongolia (PM).
11/19/14      updates to Burkina Faso (PM), United Kingdom: Scotland (First Min.)
11/18/14      updates to Burkina Faso (Pres.), Ukraine prov.: Poltava, Rivne, Ternopil (Gov.)
11/17/14      update to Bosnia-Hercegovina (Pres.)
11/11/14      update to Kazakhstan admin.: Vostochno-Kazakhstan (Gov.)
11/10/14      update to Australia state: Northern Terr. (Admin.)
11/09/14      update to Yemen (PM).
11/08/14      update to India state: Goa (PM).
11/07/14      updates to Bulgaria (PM), INTERPOL (Secy.-gen.)
11/05/14      update to Mongolia (PM).
11/04/14      updates to Ukraine: Sumy (Gov.), Lugansk Republic and Donetsk Republic (Pres.),
                United States, election results: In the House of Representatives -
                the Republicans retain control, they will have 247 of the 435 seas
                and the Democrats will have 188 seats (previous balance was 234 Rep.
                vs. 201 Dem.). In the Senate - Republicans win control, they will have
                54 seats and the Democrats will have 46 seats (incl. 2 independents
                caucusing with them)(the previous balance was 55 Dem. vs. 45 Rep.);
                Party abbreviations: Dem = Democrat, Rep. = Republican, Grn. = Green Party,
                Ind. = Independent, Libt. = Libertarian;
         Governor elections: 
         - Alabama: Gov. Robert Bentley (Rep.)
is re-elected over Parker Griffith
           (Dem.), 63.6%-36.4%;
         - Alaska: Bill Walker (Ind.) defeats
Gov. Sean Parnell (Rep.), Carolyn Clift
           (f)(Libt.) and J.R. Myers (Constitution), 48.1%-46.4%-3.1%-2.4%;
         - Arizona: Treasurer Doug Ducey (Rep.) defeats Fred DuVal (Dem.), Barry
           Hess (Libt) and John Mealer (Americans Elect), 53.5%-41.6%-3.8%-1%;
         - Arkansas: Asa Hutchinson (Rep.) defeats
Mike Ross (Dem.), Frank Gilbert
           (Libt.) and Josh Drake (Grn.), 55.4%-41.5%-1.9%-1.1%;
         - California: Gov. Jerry Brown (Dem.)
wins re-election over Neel Kashkari
           (Rep.), 59.4%-40.6%;
         - Colorado: Gov. John Hickenlooper (Dem.) 
wins re-election over Bob Beauprez
           (Rep.), Matthew Hess (Libt.), Harry Hempy (Grn.), Mike Dunafon (Ind.) and
           Paul Noel Fiorino (Ind.), 49.1%-46.2%-1.9%-1.3%-1.2%-0.3%;
         - Connecticut: Gov. Dan Malloy (Dem.) wins re-election over Amb. Thomas
           Foley (Rep.) and Joe Visconti (Ind.), 50.7%-48.2%-1.1%;
         - Florida: Gov. Rick Scott (Rep.)
wins re-election over ex-Gov. Charlie Crist
           (Dem.), Adrian Wyllie (Libt.), Glenn Burkett (Ind.) and Farid Khavari (Ind.),
         - Georgia: Gov. Nathan Deal (Rep.)
wins re-election over Jason Carter (Dem.)
           and Andrew Hunt (Libt.), 52.8%-44.8%-2.4%;
         - Hawaii: David Inge (Dem.) defeats ex-
Lt. Gov. James "Duke" Aiona (Rep.),
           ex-Mayor Mufi Hannemann (Hawaii Independent) and Jeff Davis (Libt.),
         - Idaho: Gov. Butch Otter (Rep.)
wins re-election over A.J. Balukoff (Dem.),
           John T. Bujak (Libt.), Jill Humble (f)(Ind.), Steve Pankey (Constitution)
           and Pro-Life (= Marvin Thomas Richardson), 53.5%-38.6%-4.1%-2%-1.2%-0.7%;
         - Illinois:
Bruce Rauner (Rep.) defeats Gov. Pat Quinn (Dem.) vs. and Chad
           Grimm (Libt;), 50.8%-45.9%-3.4%;
         - Iowa: Gov. Terry Branstad (Rep.) 
wins re-election over Jack G. Hatch
           (Dem.), Lee Hieb (f)(Libt.), Jim Hennager (New Independent Party Iowa)
           and Jonathan Narcisse (Iowa Party), 59.1%-37.3%-1.8%-0.9%-0.9%;
         - Kansas: Gov. Sam Brownback (Rep.) wins re-election over Paul Davis (Dem.)
           and Keen Umbehr (Libt.), 50%-46.1%-4%;
         - Maine: Gov. Paul LePage (Rep.) wins re-election over Congressman Mike
           Michaud (Dem.) and Eliot Cutler (Unenrolled), 48.2%-43.3%-8.4%;
         - Maryland: Larry Hogan (Rep.) defeats
Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown (Dem.) and
           Shawn Quinn (Libt.), 51.6%-46.9%-1.5%;
         - Massachusetts: Charlie Baker (Rep.) defeats Attny. Gen Martha Coakley (f)
           (Dem.) vs. Evan Falchuk (United Independent), Scott Lively (Ind.) and Jeff
           McCormick (Ind.), 48.5%-46.6%-3.3%-0.9%-0.8%;
         - Michigan: Gov. Rick Snyder (Rep.) 
wins re-election over Mark Schauer
           (Dem.), Mary Buzuma (f)(Libt.), Mark McFarlin (US Taxpayers) and Paul
           Homeniuk (Grn.), 51%-46.8%-1.1%-0.6%-0.5%;
         - Minnesota: Gov. Mark Dayton (Dem./DFL) wins re-election over Jeff Johnson
           (Rep.), Hannah Nicollet (f)(Ind.), Chris Wright (Green) and Chris Holbrook
           (Libt.), 50.1%-44.5%-2.9%-1.6%-0.9%;
         - Nebraska: Pete Ricketts (Rep.) defeats Chuck Hassebrook (Dem.) and Mark G.
           Elworth Jr. (Libt.), 57.6%-38.9%-3.5%;
         - Nevada: Gov. Brian Sandoval (Rep.) wins re-election over Robert Goodman
           (Dem.), David VanDerBeek (Independent American) and None of these candidates,
         - New Hampshire: Gov. Maggie Hassan (f)(Dem.)
wins re-election over Walt
           Havenstein (Rep.), 52.6%-47.4%;
         - New Mexico: Gov. Susana Martinez (f)(Rep.)
wins re-election over Attny.
           Gen. Gary King (Dem.), 57.3%-42.7%;
         - New York: Gov. Andrew Cuomo (Dem.) wins re-election over Rob Astorino
           (Rep.), Howie Hawkins (Grn.), Michael McDermott (Libt.) and Steve Cohn
                (Sapient Party), 54%-40.6%-4.9%-0.4%-0.1%;
         - Ohio: Gov. John Kasich (Rep.) wins re-election over Ed FitzGerald (Dem.)
           and Anita Rios (f)(Grn.), 63.8%-32.9%-3.3%;
         - Oklahoma: Gov. Mary Fallin (f)(Rep.) wins re-election over Joe Dorman
           (Dem.), Kim Willis (f)(Ind.) and Richard Prawdzienski (Ind.), 55.8%-41%-
         - Oregon: Gov. John Kitzhaber (Dem.) wins re-election over Dennis Richardson
           (Rep.), Jason Levin (Pacific Green), Paul Grad (Libt.), Aaron Auer
           (Constitution) and Chris Henry (Progressive), 49.8%-44.7%-2%-1.5%-1.1%-0.9%;
         - Pennsylvania:
Tom Wolf (Dem.) defeats Gov. Tom Corbett (Rep.), 54.9%-45.1%;
         - Rhode Island: Treasurer Gina Raimondo (f)(Dem.) defeats Mayor Allan Fung
           (Rep.), Robert Healey (Moderate), Kate Fletcher (f)(Ind.) and Leon Kayarian
           (Ind.), 40.8%-36.3%-21.4%-1.1%-0.4%;
         - South Carolina: Gov. Nikki Haley (f)(Rep.)
wins re-election over Vincent
           Sheheen (Dem.), Steve French (Libt.), Tom Ervin (Ind.) and Morgan Bruce
           Reeves (United Citizens), 56%-41.4%-1.2%-0.9%-0.5%;
         - South Dakota: Gov. Dennis Daugaard (Rep.)
wins re-election over Susan
           Wismer (f)(Dem.) and Mike Myers (Ind.), 70.5%-25.4%-4.1%;
         - Tennessee: Gov. Bill Halsam (Rep.) wins re-election over Charlie Brown
           (Dem.), John Jay Hooker (Ind.), Shaun Crowell (Constitution), Isa Infante
           (Grn.), Daniel Lewis (Libt.) and Steve Coburn (Ind.), 70.3%-22.8%-2.3%-
         - Texas: Attny. Gen. Greg Abbott (Rep.) defeats Wendy Davis (Dem.), Kathie
           Glass (f)(Libt.) and Brandon Parmer (Grn.), 59.3%-38.9%-1.4%-0.4%;
         - Vermont: Gov. Peter Shumlin (Dem.) leads Scott Milne (Rep.), Don
           Feliciano (Libt.), Emily Peyton (f)(Ind.), Pete Diamondstone (Liberty
           Union), Bernard Peters (Ind.) and Cris  Ericson (f)(Ind.), 46.4%-45.3%-
                4.4%-1.7%-0.9%-0.7%-0.6% (as no candidate wins 50% +1, the state legislature
                picks the governor on 8 Jan. 2015, it elects Shumlin by 110 votes to 69 votes
                for Milne);
         - Wisconsin: Gov. Scott Walker (Rep.) wins re-election over Mary Burke (f)
           (Dem.), Robert Burke (Libt.) and Dennis Feher (Ind.), 52.3%-46.6%-0.8%-0.4%;
         - Wyoming: Gov. Matthew Mead (Rep.)
wins re-election over Pete Gosar (Dem.)
           Don Wills (Ind.) and Dee Cozzens (Libt.), 62.5%-28.9%-6.1%-2.5%;
         Territory governors: 
         - Guam: Gov. Eddie Baza Calvo (Rep.) wins re-election over ex.-Gov. Carl T.
           Gutierrez (Dem.), 63.9%-36.1%;
         - Northern Mariana Islands: Gov. Eloy Inos (Rep.) leads Heinz Hofschneider
           (Ind.), ex-Gov. Juan N. Babauta (Ind.) and Edward D. Guerrero (Dem.),
           45.9%-32.6%-17.5%-3.9%, in a runoff on 11/21/14, Inos defeats Hofschneider
         - Virgin Islands: ex.-Lt. Gov. Kenneth E. Mapp (Ind.), Delegate Donna
           Christian Christensen (f)(Dem.), Soraya Diase Coffelt (f)(Ind.), Mona Barnes
           (f)(Ind.) and Sheila A. Scullion (f)(Ind.) win 46.6%-39.1%-7.1%-6.65%-0.32%,
                in a runoff on 11/18/14, Mapp defeats Christensen (f) 63.8%-35.8%;
         Mayor elections: 
         - Austin, TX: Stephen Adler (Dem.) leads Mike Martinez (Dem.), Sheryl Cole (f)
           (Dem.), Todd Phelps (Rep.), Mary Krenek (f) (Ind.), David Orshalick (Ind.),
           and Ronald Culver (Dem.), 36.7%-29.6%-15%-10%-4%-2%-1%, in runoff on
           12/16/14, Adler defeats Martinez 67.05%-32.95%;
         - Louisville, KY: Mayor Greg Fischer (Dem.) wins re-election over Bob DeVore
           (Rep.), 69%-31%;
         - Oakland, CA: Elizabeth "Libby" Schaaf (f)(Dem.) defeats Mayor Jean Quan (f)
           (Dem.), Rebecca Kaplan (f)(Dem.), Joe Truman (Ind.), Dan Siegel (Ind.),
           Bryan Parker (Ind.), Courtney Ruby (f)(Ind.), Jason Anderson (Grn.),
           Charles Ray William (Dem.), Ken Houston (Ind.), Peter Y. Liu (Ind.), Eric
           Wilson (Ind.), Patrick McCullogh (Ind.), Nancy Sidebotha (f)(Ind.) and Saied
           Karamooz (Ind.), 29%-15.8%-14.5%-12.4%-12.1%-8%-3.2%-1.5%-1.2%-0.5%-0.4%-
           0.39%-0.37%-0.29%-0.24%, in the ranked choice results: Schaaf defeats Kaplan,
         - Providence, RI: Jorge Elorza (Dem.) defeats ex-Mayor Vincent "Buddy" Cianci
           (Ind.) and Daniel Harrop (Rep.), 52.1%-45%-2.6%;
         - San José, CA (runoff): Sam Liccardo (Dem.) defeats Dave Cortese (Dem.)
         - Shreveport, LA: Ollie Tyler (f)(Dem.) leads Victoria Provenza (f)(Ind.),
           Patrick Williams (Dem.), Sam Jenkins (Dem.), Anna Marie Arpino (f)(Ind.),
           Jim Crowley (Dem.) and Melvin Slack (Ind.), 43.7%-25.5-%-21.6%-4.3%-2.4%-1.9%
           -0.6%, in a 12/6/14 runoff Tyler defeats Provenza, 63%-36%;
         - Washington, DC: Muriel Bowser (f)(Dem.) defeats David Catania (Ind.), Carol
           Schwartz (f)(Ind.), Faith Dane (D.C. Statehood Green), Bruce Majors (Libt.),
           and Nestor Djonkam (Ind.), 54.5%-35.6%-7.2%-0.8%-0.7%-0.3%;
              - Saipan, Northern Marianas: David M. Apatang (Ind.) defeats Ramon B. Camacho
           (Ind.), Jose Agulto Reyes (Rep.) and Antonio P. Mareham (Dem.), 41.7%-29.28%-
10/31/14      updates to Burkina Faso (Pres.), India state: Maharashtra (PM).
10/30/14      update to Burkina Faso (Pres., PM).
10/29/14      updates to Zambia (acting Pres.), Ukraine prov: Chernivtsi, Zaporizhzhya (Gov.)
10/28/14      updates to Zambia (Pres.), Parlacen (Pres.)
10/26/14      updates to India state: Haryana (PM), Mexico state: Guerrero (Gov.).
10/25/14      update to Mexico state: Guerrero (Gov.)
10/24/14      update to Wallis & Futuna: Sigave (King).
10/23/14      update to Canada prov.: New Brunswick (Lt.-gov.)
10/22/14      updates to Norden (Pres.), Kazakhstan admin.: Astana (Gov.)
10/20/14      updates to Indonesia (Pres.), Australia state: Western Australia (Gov.),
10/17/14      update to U.S. govt.: Marine Corps (Comdt.)
10/16/14      updates to Indonesia prov.: Jakarta Raya (Gov.), Nigeria state: Ekiti (Gov.)
                and IPU (Pres.)
10/15/14      update to Greenland (PM).
10/14/14      updates to Syria (rebel PM), Cocos Islands (CEO).
10/13/14      update to French Southern & Antarctic Lands (Admin.-Sup.)
10/11/14      updates to Belgium (PM), Russia rep.: Kabardino-Balkariya (PM).
10/10/14      update to Ukraine prov.: Donets'k (Gov.)
10/08/14      update to Greece region: Voreio Aigaio (Gov.)
10/07/14      update to Canada prov.: New Brunswick (PM).
10/06/14      update to Christmas and Cocos Islands (Admin.)
10/03/14      update to Sweden (PM).
10/02/14      updates to Australia state: New South Wales (Gov.), Georgia reg.: Abkhazia (PM)
10/01/14      updates to San Marino (Capt.-Reg.), NATO (Secy.-gen.), U.S. govt.:
                Secret Service (Dir.)
09/30/14      updates to Greenland (acting PM), France reg.: Limousin (Pres.)
09/29/14      updates to Afghanistan (Pres., PM), India state: Tamil Nadu (PM), France
                reg.: Languedoc-Roussillon (Pres.)
09/28/14      update to India state: Maharashtra (PM).
09/26/14      update to Canada prov.: Newfoundland (PM).
09/25/14      updates to Georgia: Abkhazia (Pres.), Ukraine prov.: Khmel'nyts'kiy (Gov.)
09/23/14      updates to Canada prov.: Ontario (Lt. Gov.), Malay state: Selangor (PM).
09/22/14      updates to Fiji (PM), Poland (PM), Vanuatu (Pres.)
09/19/14      update to Russia rep.: Komi (PM).
09/18/14      updates to Slovenia (PM), Uganda (PM), Ukraine prov.: Luhans'k (Gov.); 
                United Kingdom: Scotland referendum rejects independence 55.3% to 44.7%. 
09/16/14      updates to UN (Gen. Asmb. Pres.), India state: Mizoram (Gov.), Ukraine prov.:
                     Kirovohrad, Sumy and Zakarpattya (Gov.), Wake Island (Gov.)             
09/15/14      updates to Canada prov.: Alberta (PM), India state: Manipur (Gov.),
                French Polynesia (Asmb. Pres.), Ukraine prov.: Chernihiv (Gov.)
09/13/14      update to Uganda kgdm.: Busoga (king).
09/12/14      updates to Montserrat (PM), French Polynesia (Pres.).
09/11/14      update to UNASUR (Secy.-gen.)
09/09/14      updates to Russia oblast: Bryansk (Gov.), Ukraine oblast: Ivano-Frankivs'k
                and Kherson (Gov.)
09/08/14      update to Iraq (PM).
09/06/14      update to Libya (rebel PM).
09/05/14      updates to French Polynesia (Pres.), India state: Kerala (Gov.)
09/04/14      updates to India state: Rajasthan (Gov.), Solomon Islands prov.: Rennell &
                Bellona (PM), Saint Pierre & Miquelon (Pref.)
09/03/14      update to Kosovo (KFOR Cmdr.)
09/02/14      updates to Vanuatu (Pres.), Mayotte (Pref.), Réunion (Pref.), Wallis &
                Futuna: Uvea (King).
09/01/14      updates to Australia state: South Australia (Gov.), Bonaire (Neth. Rep.), 
                India state: Karnataka (Gov.), UN (High Com. Human Rights), Greece regions:
                Anatoliki Makedonia kai Thraki, Attiki, Dytiki Makedonia, Ionia Nisia,
                Notio Aigaio, Sterea Ellada and Voreio Aigaio (Gov.), Bosnia: Brcko (Intl.
08/31/14      update to India state: Goa (Gov.)
08/30/14      update to India state: Maharashtra (Gov.)
08/28/14      update to Turkey (Pres. and PM).
08/27/14      update to Martinique (Pref.)
08/26/14      updates to St Helena: Ascension (Admin.), Afghanistan (ISAF Cmdr.), France
                reg.: Languedoc-Roussillon (Pres.)
08/25/14      updates to Thailand (PM).
08/23/14      update to Mayotte (Pref.)
08/24/14      update to India state: Maharashtra (Gov.)
08/20/14      updates to Mauritania (PM), Kazakhstan prov.: Almaty (Gov.), SICA (Sec.-gen.)
08/18/14      updates to New Caledonia (High Com.), Ukraine oblast: Kherson (Gov.)
08/15/14      updates to British Virgin Is. (Gov.), Pitcairn (Gov.)
08/14/14      updates to Antigua & Barbuda (Gov.-gen.), Central African Republic(PM),
                Ukraine oblast: L'viv (Gov.), Philippines: Cordillera (RDC Chair.)
08/13/14      update to Orthodox Church of Ukraine (Metrop.)
08/11/14      update to Cyprus: UN Buffer Zone (Comdr).
08/08/14      update to India states: Mizoram and Rajasthan (Gov.)
08/07/14      update to India state: Goa (Gov.)
08/06/14      update to Bulgaria (PM).
08/05/14      update to Libya (Head of State).
08/01/14      update to British Virgin Is. (acting Gov.)
07/31/14      update to Ukraine (PM).
07/30/14      update to U.S. govt.: Veterans Affairs (Secy.)
07/29/14      update to Australia state: Queensland (Gov.)
07/28/14      updates to U.S. govt.: HUD (Secy.), Ukraine prov.: Mykolayiv (Gov.)
07/27/14      update to India state: Haryana (Gov.)
07/25/14      updates to Belgium reg.: Flanders (Min.-Pres.), India state: Chhattisgarh
07/24/14      updates to Iraq (Pres.), Israel (Pres.), Rwanda (PM), Ukraine (PM), India
                state: West Bengal (Gov.), UNIFIL (Cmdr.), Ukraine prov.: Volyn' (Gov.)
07/22/14      updates to Peru (PM), India state: Uttar Pradesh (Gov.), Belgium reg.:
                Wallonia (Min.-Pres.), Ukraine prov.: Zhytomyr (Gov.) U.S. city:
                San Antonio (Mayor).
07/21/14      update to India state: Tripura (Gov.)
07/20/14      update to Japan pref.: Shiga (Gov.)
07/19/14      update to India state: Nagaland (Gov.)
07/17/14      update to India state: Puducherry (Lt. gov.)
07/16/14      update to India state: Gujarat (Gov.)
07/14/14      update to Andean Comm. (Parl. Pres.)
07/15/14      update to Nigeria state: Adamawa (Gov.)
07/12/14      update to India state: Goa (Gov.)
07/09/14      updates to Australia state: Tasmania (Gov.), U.S. govt.: USCIS (Dir.)
07/08/14      updates to The Bahamas (Gov.-gen.) and Senegal (PM).
07/07/14      updates to Australia state: Tasmania (Gov.), India state: Gujarat (Gov.)
07/05/14      update to Orthodox Church of Ukraine (Metrop.)
07/04/14      updates to Guinea-Bissau (PM), India state: West Bengal (Gov.)
07/02/14      update to OSCE (Parl. Pres.)
07/01/14      updates to Panama (Pres.); U.S. cities: Long Beach CA, Newark NJ and
                Trenton NJ (Mayors); IPU (Secy.-gen.); Swiss cantons: Basel-Land, Nidwalden,
                Obwalden, and Schwyz; Australia state Western Australia (Lt. Gov.);
                EU (Parl. Pres.), WCO (Council Chr.), Norfolk Island (Admin.);
                     South Korea prov.: Gyeonggi, Gyeongsangnam, Jeollabuk, Jeollanam, Jeju (Gov.)
                and Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, Gwangju, Incheon and Sejong (Mayor).
06/30/14      updates to Belgium reg.: German Community (Min.-pres.), Myanmar reg.: Rakhine
06/28/14      update to India states: Karnataka and Tripura (Gov.)
06/27/14      update to India state: Nagaland (Gov.)
06/25/14      update to Ukraine reg.: Kyiv city (Mayor).
06/24/14      updates to Finland (PM), U.S. city: Bismarck (Mayor).
06/23/14      updates to Guinea-Bissau (Pres.), India states: Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh
                (Gov.), Czech region: Stredoceský (Gov.)
06/20/14      updates to Mexico state: Michoacán (Gov.), Kazakhstan prov.: Karaganda (Gov.);
                     U.S. city mayor election: Bismarck, ND: Mike Seminary is elected unopposed;
06/19/14      updates to Spain (King), Myanmar state: Rakhine (CM), U.S. govt.: NEA (Dir.)
06/18/14      update to EU (Parl. Pres.)
06/15/14      updates to Slovakia (Pres.), Church of Sweden (Archbsp.)
06/13/14      updates to Antigua and Barbuda (PM), Italy region: Abruzzo (Pres.).
06/09/14      updates to Libya (PM), Italy region: Piemonte (Pres.), U.S. govt.: HHS (Secy.)
06/08/14      updates to Egypt (Pres.), India state: Andhra Pradesh (CM), Saipan (Mayor).
06/07/14      update to Ukraine (Pres.)
06/05/14      update to New Caledonia (Pres. of Govt.)
06/03/14      update to Danube Comm. (Pres) and U.S. cities elections: Long Beach, CA:
                Robert Garcia (Dem.) defeats Damon Dunn (Ind.), 52.12%-14.88%; San José, CA:
                Dave Cortese (Dem.), Sam Liccardo (Dem.), Madison Nguyen (f) (Dem.),
                Pierluigi Oliverio (Dem.), and Rose Herrera (f)(Dem.) win 30.18%-25.34%-20.9%
                -9.81%-6.11%; a runoff between Cortese and Liccardo to be held on 4 Nov 2014.
06/02/14      updates to Abkhazia (PM); India state: Telangana (Gov., CM); Indonesia
                prov.: Lampung (Gov.); Swiss canton: Bern; U.S. city: Saipan (Mayor).
06/01/14      updates to El Salvador (Pres.) and Swiss cantons: Neuchâtel, Sankt Gallen,
                Thurgau and Uri.
05/31/14      updates to Malawi (Pres.), Abkhazia (Pres.), Knights of Malta (Gnd Chanc.)
05/30/14      updates to Kosovo (Serbia Pref.), U.S. govt.: Veterans Affairs (Secy.),
                U.S. Coast Guard (Comdt.)
05/28/14      update to Malaysia state: Perak (Sultan).
05/27/14      updates to Kazakhstan prov.: Aqmola/Akmola, Soltüstik Qazaqstan (Gov.)
05/26/14      update to India (PM).
05/25/14      updates to Lebanon (Pres.), South African prov.: Eastern Cape, Gauteng,
                and North West (PM).
05/24/14      update to India state: Nagaland (CM).
05/22/14      updates to Thailand (PM), India state: Gujarat (CM).
05/20/14      update to India state: Bihar (CM).
05/19/14      update to Bermuda (PM).
05/18/14      update to U.S. govt.: TVA (Chair.)
05/15/14      update to Vanuatu (PM).
05/13/14      update to Canada prov.: Nunatsiavut (PM), U.S. city mayor elections: Newark,
                NJ: Ras Baraka (Dem.) defeats Shavar Jeffries (Dem.) 53.7% to 46.04%;
                Trenton, NJ: Eric Jackson (Dem.) wins 30.16%, Paul Perez (Dem.) 21.31%,
                Walker Worthy (Dem.) 15.44%, Jim Golden (Dem.) 15.05%, W. Oliver Leggett
                (Dem.) 9.09%, and Kathy McBride (f)(Dem.) 8.32%, in runoff on 10 Jun 2014,
                Jackson defeats Perez 55.75%-44.14%
05/12/14      updates to Malaysia state: Terengganu (PM), Russia reg.: Krasnoyarsk (Gov.)
05/10/14      update to Ukraine prov.: Luhans'k (Gov.)
05/08/14      update to Costa Rica (Pres.)
05/07/14      update to Thailand (PM).
05/06/14      updates to Ukraine prov.: Odessa (Gov .), U.S. city election: Norfolk, VA
                Mayor Paul D. Fraim (Dem.) is re-elected defeating Michael Muhammad (Dem.)
                and Jane Bethel (f)(Dem.), 71.05%-16.14%-11.81%.
05/04/14      updates to Libya (PM), Swiss cantons: Glarus, Nicaragua region: 
                Atlántico Norte (Coor.)
05/02/14      updates to Colombo Plan (Secy.-gen.), Guadeloupe (Reg. Council Pres.)
05/01/14      updates to OECS (Secy-gen.), Swiss cantons: Valais and Zurich.
04/29/14      updates to Falklands (Gov.), Italy region: Calabria (Pres.)
04/28/14      update to Algeria (PM).
04/27/14      update to Serbia (PM).
04/24/14      update to U.S. city: Jackson, MS (Mayor).
04/23/14      update to Canada prov.: Quebec (PM).
04/21/14      update to France region: Poitou-Charentes (Pres.)
04/17/14      update to Australia state: New South Wales (PM).
04/16/14      update to Madagascar (PM).
04/15/14      update to Pakistan prov.: Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (Gov.)
04/14/14      updates to Crimea (Gov.) and Sevastopol (Gov.)
04/13/14      update to Armenia (PM).
04/10/14      update to Spain reg.: Murcia (Pres.)
04/09/14      updates to Mali (PM), U.S. city: Charlotte, NC (Mayor).
04/08/14      update to U.S. city: Jackson, MS: Chokwe Antar Lumumba (Dem.), Tony Yarber
                (Dem.), Melvin Priester Jr. (Dem.), Margaret Barrett-Simon (f)(Dem.), 
                John Horhn (Dem.), Harvey Johnson (Dem.), and Regina Quinn (f)(Dem.) win
                31.09%-31.06%-14.85%-10.76%-5.02%-4.48%-2.28%; in a runoff on 22 Apr 2014
                Yarber defeats Lumumba, 53.84%-46.16%.
04/05/14      update to Palau state: Airai (Gov.)
04/04/14      updates to Malta (Pres.), Brazil states: Amazonas, Minas Gerais, Pernambuco,
                Piauí, Rio de Janeiro, Roraima and Tocantins (Gov.)
04/02/14      updates to Kazakhstan (PM), Russia admin.: Volgograd (Gov.), Swiss canton:
                Ticino, and U.S. govt.: NSA (Dir.)
04/01/14      updates to France (PM) and San Marino (Capt.-Reg.), and SEGIB (Secy.-gen.);
                U.S city: Washington, DC (primary): Muriel Bowser (f)(Dem.) defeats Mayor
                Vincent C. Gray (Dem.), Tommy Wells (Dem.), Jack Evans (Dem.), Andy Shallal
                (Dem.) and Vincent Orange (Dem.), 44.24%-33.3%-12.55%-4.98%-3.27%-1.89%
03/31/14      updates to Australia state: Tasmania (PM), Norway: Jan Mayen (Mgr.),
                Syrian Orthodox Church (Patr.), U.S. govt.: NSF (Dir.)
03/30/14      update to UNRWA (Comm.-gen.)
03/28/14      updates to Australia (Gov.-gen.), ECOWAS (Chair.)
03/27/14      update to Ethiopia reg.: Oromiya (Pres.)
03/25/14      update to Taiwan (ROC) prov.: Fukien (Gov.)
03/26/14      updates to Estonia (PM), Kyrgyzstan (PM), U.S. mayors: Charlotte (Mayor),
                Bosnia canton: Tuzla (PM).
03/23/14      update to Canada prov.: Alberta (PM).
03/21/14      updates to Russia: Crimea annexed, Ukraine prov.: Chernivtsi (Gov.),
                and Syrian Orthodox Church (Patr.)
03/20/14      update to Bosnia canton: Sarajevo (PM).
03/17/14      updates to Nigeria state: Anambra (Gov.), Russia reg.: Novosibirsk (Gov.)
03/16/14      update to U.S. govt.: ICE (Dir.)
03/15/14      update to Ukraine prov.: Cherkasy, Chernivtsi, Khmel'nyts'kiy (Gov.)
03/14/14      update to Algeria (PM).
03/13/14      update to Italy region: Sardegna (Pres.)
03/12/14      update to Guernsey (PM).
03/11/14      updates to Chile (Pres.), Libya (PM), India state: Kerala (Gov.), Chile prov.:
                     Antártica Chilena, Isla de Pascua (Gov.), U.S. city: Santa Fe, NM (Mayor);
                Poland prov.: Dolnoslaskie, Lubelskie, Slaskie, Zachodniopomorskie (Gov.)
03/10/14      updates to Bosnia-Hercegovnia (Pres.), Indonesia prov.: Maluku (Gov.)
03/08/14      update to Russia rep.: Udmurtia (PM).
03/07/14      updates to Somalia: South-West State (Pres.), Ukraine prov.: Kyiv city (Mayor)
                and U.S. govt.: Customs and Border Protection (Comm.)
03/04/14      update to U.S. cities: elections: Oklahoma City, OK: Mayor Mick Cornett (Rep.)
                defeats Edward Shadid (Green), Joe Nelson (Ind.) and Phil Hughes (Ind.),
                65.7&%-32.8%-0.77%-0.69%; Santa Fe, NM: Javier Gonzales (Dem.) defeats Patti
                J. Bushee (f) (Dem.) and Bill Dimas (Dem.), 43.3%-28.7%-28%;
03/03/14      updates to U.S. city: San Diego (Mayor), Ukraine prov.: Chernihiv, Odesa,
                and Zaporizhzhya (Gov.)
03/02/14      update Ukraine prov.: Dnipropetrovsk, Donets'k, Ivano-Frankyivsk, Kharkiv,
                Kherson, Kirovohrad, Kyiv, Luhansk, L'viv, Mykolayiv, Poltava, Rivne, Sumy,
                Ternopil, Vinnytsya, Volyn, Zakarpattya and Zhytomyr (Gov.)
03/01/14      updates to Egypt (PM), Bonaire (Gov.), Malaysia state: Sarawak (Gov.),
                Indian state: Andhra-Pradesh (PM) and SAARC (Secy.-gen.)
02/28/14      update to Malaysia state: Sarawak (PM).
02/27/14      updates to Ukraine (PM) and Crimea (PM), Falkland Islands (Gov.), U.S. govt.
                 Reclamation (Comm.), Italy region: Trentino-Alto Adige (Pres.)
02/26/14      update to Russian reg.: Oryol (Gov.), U.S. city: Trenton, NJ (Mayor).
02/25/14      updates to Falkland Islands (Gov.), U.S. city: Jackson, MI (Mayor).
02/24/14      updates to Peru (PM), Ukraine city: Sevastopol (Mayor).
02/23/14      update to Ukraine (Pres.)
02/22/14      updates to Italy (PM), Ukraine (PM), Russia reg.: Nenets (Gov.),
02/21/14      update to U.S. govt.: ICE (Dir.)
02/19/14      updates to Indonesia prov.: Riau (Gov.), Russia rep.: Udmurtia (Pres.)
02/17/14      update to India state: Delhi (PM).
02/15/14      update to Lebanon (PM).
02/14/14      update to Russia reg.: Kurgan (Gov.)
02/12/14      update to Japan pref.: Tokyo (Gov.)
02/11/14      update to Nepal (PM), U.S. city election: San Diego, CA (runoff): Kevin
                Faulconer (Rep.) February 2014 defeats David Alvarez (Dem.), 54.53%-45.47%.
02/05/14      update to Ukraine prov.: Volyn (Head).
02/03/14      update to CPLP (Dir.-gen.)
02/01/14      updates to U.S. govt.: Federal Reserve (Chair.), India state: Uttarakhand (PM);
                U.S. city election New Orleans: Mayor Mitch Landrieu (Dem.) defeats Michael
                Bagneris (Dem.) and Danatus King (Dem.), 63.6%-33.3%-3.14%.
01/30/14      update to African Union (Chair.)
01/29/14      updates to to Czech Republic (PM), Tunisia (PM).
01/28/14      update to Ukraine (PM).
01/27/14      updates to Honduras (Pres.), Czech region: Plzenský (Gov.), CE (PACE Pres.)
01/25/14      updates to Madagascar (Pres.) and Central African Republic (PM), Ukraine
                prov.: Kyiv city (Head).
01/24/14      updates to Gabon (PM), Canada prov.: Newfoundland (PM).
01/23/14      updates to Central African Republic (Pres.), Pacific Community (Dir.-gen.)
01/22/14      update to Latvia (PM).
01/20/14      update to Georgia: South Ossetia (PM).
01/19/14      update to Wallis & Futuna: Uvea (PM).
01/17/14      updates to Wallis & Futuna: Tu'a (Alo)(King), Dawoodi Bohra (Leader).
01/15/14      update to Russia oblast: Chelyabinsk (Gov.)
01/12/14      update to Palau state: Ngaraard (Gov.)
01/11/14      updates to U.S. state: Virginia (Gov.), Czech-Slovak Orthodox Church (Metrop.)
01/10/14      updates to Central African Republic (Pres.), Ukraine prov.: Mykolayiv (Gov.)
01/09/14      update to Italy region: Bolzano-Alto Adige (Pres.)
01/08/14      update to Somalia: Puntland (Pres.)
01/07/14      update to Palau state: Ngchesar (Gov.)
01/06/14      updates to U.S. cities: Boston and Pittsburgh (Mayor), and U.S. govt.:
                NOAA Commissioned Corps. (Dir.)
01/03/14      update to Peru reg.: Cusco (Pres.)
01/02/14      updates to U.S. cities: Minneapolis and Toledo (Mayor), Democratic Party (CEO).
01/01/14      updates to Pitcairn (Mayor), Switzerland (Pres.), Swiss cantons: Aargau,
                Fribourg, Graubünden, Jura, Lucerne, Schaffhausen and Solothurn;
                Slovakia reg.: Banskobystricky, Trenciansky (Gov.); Denmark reg.:
                Hovedstaden, Sjælland (Chair.); Neth. prov.: Zuid-Holland (Com.); U.S.
                cities: Albany, Detroit, New York, Rochester and Seattle (Mayor), New York
                boroughs: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island (Pres.); NCC
               (Sec./Pres.); G-8 (Chair.), ICAO (Pres.), Nordic Council (Secy.-gen. and
                Pres.), OIC (Secy.-gen.), OSCE (Chair.)
12/31/13      updates to India state: Manipur (Gov.), OECS (Dir.-gen.)
12/28/13      update to India state: Delhi (PM).
12/24/13      update to Japan (Pref.): Tokyo (Gov.)
12/23/13      updates to Sudan state: Eastern Darfur (Gov.), U.S. govt.: Homeland Security
                (Secy.), IRS (Com.) and USIS (Dir.)
12/21/13      update to Somalia (PM).
12/20/13      updates to U.S. govt: Air Force (Secy.), Kazakhstan prov.: Zhambyl (Gov.)
12/19/13      updates to Ethiopia reg.: Amhara (Pres.), Ukraine prov.: Sumy (Head of Admin.)
12/14/13      update to Ukraine prov.: Kyiv city (Head of Admin.)
12/13/13      updates to India state: Rajasthan (PM), Finland reg.: Etelä-Karjala and
                Etelä-Savo (Mayor).
12/10/13      updates to Argentina prov.: Santiago del Estero (Gov.) and Swiss canton:
                Geneva (Pres.)
12/09/13      update to Bosnia-Hercegovina canton: Zenica-Doboj (PM).
12/06/13      updates to Gibraltar (Gov.), Russia rep.: Kabardino-Balkariya (Head).
12/04/13      update to Luxembourg (PM).
12/02/13      update to Brazil state: Sergipe (Gov.) and U.S. cities: Annapolis and
                Charlotte (Mayor).
12/01/13      update to U.S. city: Cincinnati (Mayor).
11/28/13      update to Colombo Plan (Secy.-gen.)
11/23/13      update to Tajikistan (PM).
11/21/13      updates to Chad (PM), U.S. govt.: USPTO (Dir.)
11/20/13      updates to Argentina (Cabinet chief) and Georgia (PM).
11/19/13      updates to Canada prov.: Nunavut (PM), Tajikistan reg.: Gorno-Badakhshan
                (Chair.) and U.S. city election: San Diego, CA: Kevin Faulconer (Rep.) wins
                43.4% of the vote, David Alvarez (Dem.) 25.6%, Nathan Fletcher (Dem.) 24.3%
                and Michael Aguirre (Dem.) 4.4%, a runoff will be held on 11 Feb 2014.
11/18/13      update to Italy region: Basilicata (Pres.)
11/17/13      updates to Georgia (Pres.) and Maldives (Pres.)
11/14/13      updates to Solomon Islands (Coord. RAMSI), Belarus prov.: Hrodno & Minsk (Gov.)
11/13/13      update to Gibraltar (Gov.)
11/09/13      update Italy region: Trento (Pres.)
11/08/13      update to Ukraine prov.: Ivano-Frankivsk and Odessa (Gov.)
11/05/13      update to U.S. election results: parties- Dem. = Democrat, Rep. = Republican,
                Cons. = Conservative Party, Grn. = Green Party, Inp. = Independence Party,
                Ind. = Independent, Libt. = Libertarian.
              Governor elections:
              - New Jersey: Gov. Chris Christie (Rep.) defeats Barbara Buono (f) (Dem.),
                Ken Kaplan (Ind.) and Steven Welzer (Ind.), 60.4%-38.1%-0.57%-0.39%;
              - Virginia: Terry McAuliffe (Dem.) defeats Ken Cuccinelli (Rep.) and Robert
                Sarvis (Libt.), 48%-45.5%-6.6%;
              Mayor elections:
              - Albany, NY: Katherine Sheehan (f)(Dem.) defeats Jesse Calhoun (Rep.),
                Theresa Portelli (f)(Grn.) and Joseph Sullivan (Cons.), 84.4%-6.58%-
              - Annapolis, MD: Michael Pantelides (Rep.) defeats Mayor Joshua Cohen (Dem.),
                with 50.4% to 49.6%;
              - Atlanta, GA: Mayor Kasim Reed (Dem.) defeats Al Bartell (Ind.), Glenn
                Wrightson (Ind.) and Fraser Duke (Ind.), 84.1%-5.35%-4.92%-4.4%;
              - Billings, MT: Mayor Tom Hanel (Rep.) defeats John McFadden (Rep.),
              - Boston, MA: Martin Walsh (Dem.) defeats John Connolly (Dem.), 51.7%-48.2%;
              - Buffalo, NY: Mayor Byron W. Brown (Dem.) defeats Sergio Rodriguez (Rep.),
              - Charlotte, NC: Patrick Cannon (Dem.) defeats Edwin Peacock (Rep.),
              - Cincinnati, OH: John Cranley (Dem.) defeats vice mayor Roxanne Qualls
                (f)(Dem.), 58.02%-41.9%;
              - Cleveland, OH: Mayor Frank G. Jackson (Dem.) defeats Kenneth A. Lanci (Dem.),
              - Detroit, MI: Michael Duggan (Dem.) defeats Benny Napoleon (Dem.) 55.1%-44.8%;
              - Houston, TX: Mayor Anise Parker (f)(Dem.) defeats Ben Hall (Dem./Rep.) and
                Eric B. Dick (Rep.), 56.8%-28.1%-10.6%;
              - Lansing, MI: Mayor Virgil Bernero (Dem.) defeats Harold Leeman (Dem.),
              - Manchester, NH: Mayor Ted Gatsas (Rep.) defeats Patrick J. Arnold (Dem.),
              - Miami, FL: Mayor Tomas Regalado (Rep.) defeats Jeff Benjamin (Ind.),
                William A. Armbrister (Ind.) and Tom Baumann (Socialist Workers Party),
              - Minneapolis, MN: Betsy Hodges (f)(Dem./DFL), leads Mark Andrew (Dem./DFL),
                Don Samuels (Dem./DFL), Cam Winton (Rep.) and Jackie Cherryhomes (Dem./DFL),
                in the first-preference vote, 38.5%-24.7%-10.2%-8.8%-4.04%, after the
                reallocation of ranked votes, Hodges defeats Andrew 49%-31%;
              - New York City, NY: Bill de Blasio (Dem.) defeats Joe Lhota (Rep.), Adolofo
                Carrión (Inp.) and Anthony Gronowicz (Grn.), 73.3%-24.28%-0.80%-0.46%;
                New York City Borough Presidents:
                - Bronx: Ruben Diaz (Dem.) defeats Elizabeth Perri (f)(Rep.), Mark
                  Escoffery-Bey (Inp.) and Carl Lundgren (Grn.), 89.37%-7.9%-1.63%-1.09;
                - Brooklyn: Eric Adams (Dem.) defeats Elias Weir (Cons.), 90.8%-9.18%;
                - Manhattan: Gale Brewer (f)(Dem.) defeats David Casavis (Rep.) and Everly
                  Brown (Job & Education Party), 82.9%-17.06%-2.62%;
                - Queens: Melinda Katz (f)(Dem.) defeats Tony Arcabascio (Rep.), 80.3%-17.1%;
                - Staten Island: James Oddo (Rep.) defeats Louis Liedy (Dem.), 69.1%-39.7%;
              - Pittsburgh, PA: William Peduto (Dem.) defeats Joshua Wander (Rep.) and Les
                     Ludwig (Ind.), 84.96%-11.55%-3.49%;
              - Rochester, NY: Lovely A. Warren (f)(Dem.) defeats Mayor Thomas Richards
                (Inp.) and Alex White (Grn.), 55.3%-39.5%-5.16%;
              - Saint Paul, MN: Mayor Chris Coleman defeats Tim Holden (Dem.) and Sharon
                Anderson (f) (Rep.), 78.7%-16.4%-3.03%;
              - Seattle, WA: Ed Murray (Dem.) defeats Mayor Mike McGinn (Dem.) 56.09%-43.08%;
              - Syracuse, NY: Mayor Stephanie Miner (f) (Dem.) defeats Ian Hunter (Cons.)
                     and Kevin Bott (Grn.), 68.89%-15.7%-15.4%;
              - Toledo, OH: D. Michael Collins (Ind.) defeats Mayor Michael Bell (Ind.),
              - Tulsa, OK (runoff)(held on 11/12/13): Mayor Dewey F. Bartlett (Rep.)
                defeats Kathy Taylor (f)(Dem.), 55.7%-44.3%.
         Tribal nation election:
          - Hopi (AZ) (held on 11/20/13)(Chairman): vice chair Herman G. Honanie defeats
            Todd Honyaoma Sr., 58%-42%.            
11/04/13      updates to Curaçao (Gov.) and U.S. govt.: FCC (Chair.)
11/01/13      updates to Mexico state: Baja California (Gov.), Norway county: Rogaland (Gov.)
10/31/13      updates to Peru (PM), Ukraine prov.: L'viv (Gov.), U.S. city: Newark, NJ
                (Mayor), Russia rep.: Kabardino-Balkariya (PM).
10/25/13      update to Parlacen (Pres.)
10/24/13      updates to Buddhist Thailand (Supr. Patr.), Libya: Barqa (PM).
10/22/13      update to Canada prov.: Nova Scotia (PM).
10/21/13      updates to Solomon Islands prov.: Western (PM), Christmas Island (Shire Pres.)
10/20/13      update to Bosnia-Hercegovina: Brcko (Intl. Super.)
10/16/13      updates to Norway (PM), Russia oblast: Ivanovo (Gov.)
10/15/13      update to Vatican City (Sec. of State).
10/14/13      update to France reg.: Haute-Normandie (Pres.)
10/09/13      update to Turks & Caicos (Gov.)
10/08/13      updates to U.S. city elections: Albuquerque, NM: Mayor Richard Berry (Rep.)
                defeats Pete Dinelli (Dem.) and Paul Heh (Rep.), 68.1%-28.7%-3.1%;
                Raleigh, NC: Mayor Nancy McFarlane (f)(Dem.) defeats Robert Weltzin (Rep.)
                and Venita Peyton (f)(Ind.), 72.9%-21.8%-5.1% 
10/07/13      updates to Ethiopia (Pres.), Sri Lanka prov.: Northern (PM).
10/03/13      updates to Sri Lanka prov.: North Western (PM), U.S. city: Mobile, AL (Mayor).
10/02/13      update to Dominica (Pres.)
10/01/13      update to San Marino (Capt.-Reg.), Norway county: Buskerud (Gov.), U.S. mayor
                election: Key West, FL: Mayor Craig Cates (Rep.) defeats Margaret Romero (f)
                (Ind.), 54.1%-45.8%.
09/30/13      updates to France reg.: Haute-Normandie (Pres.), Indonesia prov.: Maluku Utara
                (Gov.), Taiwan prov.: Fukien (Gov.)
09/27/13      update to Russia kray: Stavropol (Gov.)
09/26/13      update to Libya: Fezzan (Pres.)
09/23/13      update to St. Helena: Tristan da Cunha (Admin.)
09/19/13      update to Russia rep.: Ingushetia (PM).
09/18/13      update to Australia (PM).
09/17/13      updates to United Nations (Gen. Asmb. Pres.), Intl. Olympic Cmte.(Pres.)
09/16/13      updates to French Polynesia (High Com.), Indonesia prov.: Maluku(Gov.)
09/15/13      updates to Albania (PM), Turks & Caicos (Gov.), Netherlands prov.: Utrecht
09/14/13      update to Syria (rebel PM).
09/11/13      update to Zimbabwe (PM), Kazakhstan reg.: Baikonur (Head).
09/09/13      update to Pakistan (Pres.)
09/07/13      update to Spain region: Andalusía (Pres.)
09/06/13      updates to Cayman Islands (Gov.), Kosovo (KFOR Cmdr.) and U.S. govt.:
                Dept. of Homeland Sec. (Secy.)
09/05/13      update to Mali (PM).
09/04/13      updates to Mali (Pres.), U.S. govt.: FBI (Dir.)
09/03/13      update to Senegal (PM).
09/02/13      updates to Cyprus: Northern Cyprus (PM), Kosovo (Serbia Director).
09/01/13      updates to WTO (Dir.-gen.), SADC (Exec. Sec.), UNCTAD (Secy.-gen.)
08/30/13      update to U.S. city: San Diego (Mayor).
08/28/13      updates to Germany state: Brandenburg (PM), Somalia: Jubba Interim Adm (Chair.)
                Indonesia prov.: Jawa Tengah (Gov.)
08/27/13      update to U.S. mayor elections: Birmingham, AL: Mayor William Bell, Sr. (Dem.)
                is re-elected defeating: Adlai M. Trone (Ind.), Kamau Afrika (Dem.), Patricia
                Bell (f)(Ind.) and Stephannie Sigler Huey (f)(Ind.), 74.03%-9.76%-8.6%-3.8%
                -3.6%; Mobile, AL: Sandy Stimpson (Rep.) defeats Mayor Sam L. Jones (Dem.)
                and Doris J.W. Brown (f)(Ind.), 53.4%-46.3%-0.29% 
08/23/13      update to French Polynesia (High Com.)
08/22/13      update to South Africa prov.: KwaZulu-Natal (PM).
08/20/13      update to OSCE (High Com. on National Minorities).
08/15/13      update to Paraguay (Pres.)
08/14/13      update to Israel (Chief rabbis).
08/11/13      update to Benin (PM).
08/08/13      update to U.S. govt.: Census Bureau (Dir.)
08/05/13      update to ECCAS (Secy.-gen.)
08/03/13      update to Iran (Pres.)
08/02/13      update to U.S. govt.: UN Rep.
08/01/13      updates to Tuvalu (PM), Taiwan ROC prov.: Fukien (Gov.), U.S. govt.: ICE
                (Dir.), and CTBTO (Exec.-Sec.)
07/30/13      update to Indonesia prov.: Bangka-Belitung (Gov.)
07/29/13      update to India state: Manipur (Gov.)
07/27/13      updates to Bhutan (PM), Cook Islands (Queen's Rep.)
07/25/13      update to Russia rep.: Dagestan (PM).
07/23/13      updates to Anguilla (Gov.), U.S. govt.: Transportation Dept. (Secy.)
07/22/13      updates to Russia rep.: Dagestan (PM), Congo (Kinshasa) prov.: Équateur (Gov.)
07/21/13      update to Belgium (King).
07/20/13      update to India state: Sikkim (Gov.)
07/19/13      update to U.S. govt.: EPA (Admin.)
07/18/13      update to South Africa prov.: Limpopo (PM).
07/17/13      update to U.S. govt. PHS (Surgeon Gen.)
07/16/13      update to Egypt (PM).
07/14/13      updates to Sudan prov.: Northern Korodfan, Southern Kordofan and
                Western Kordofan (Gov.)
07/13/13      update to India state: Jharkhand (PM).
07/10/13      updates to Bosnia-Hercegovnia (Pres.), Czech Republic (PM), Moldova:
                Transdniester (PM), India terr.: Puducherry (Lt. gov.)
07/09/13      updates to India terr.: Delhi (Lt. Gov.), Ethiopia reg.: Addis Ababa (Mayor).
07/08/13      update to India states: Meghalaya (Gov.) and Andaman & Nicobar Is. (Lt. Gov.)
                and Egypt (PM).
07/03/13      update to Egypt (Pres.).
07/02/13      update to U.S. govt.: Transportation Dept. (Secy.)
07/01/13      updates to U.S.: Charlotte, Jackson, MS, Los Angeles and Jersey City (mayors),
                U.S. govt.: National Security Adv.; Malaysia: Labuan (Chr.), Danube
                Commission (Secy.-gen.), SICA (Sec.-gen.)
06/28/13      update to UNIDO (Dir.-gen.)
06/27/13      update to Australia (PM).
06/26/13      updates to Qatar (PM), U.S. govt.: Commerce Dept. (Secy.), UN Rep. (Amb.)
06/25/13      updates to Qatar (Emir) and Libya (Pres.)
06/24/13      update to French Guiana (Pref.)
06/21/13      updates to U.S. govt.: USTR (Amb.) and Air Force (Secy.)
06/15/13      update to U.S. city election: El Paso, TX (runoff): Oscar Leeser (Dem.) wins
                74.3% of the vote and Steve Ortega (Dem.) 25.7%.
06/13/13      updates to Cyprus: Northern Cyprus (PM), Pakistan prov.: Balochistan (Gov.)
06/11/13      update to Nauru (Pres.), U.S. city election: Tulsa, OK: Mayor Dewey Bartlett
                (Rep.) wins 34.6% of vote, Kathy Taylor (f)(Dem.) 41.3%, Bill Christiansen
                (Rep.) 23.4%; a runoff is scheduled for 12 Nov 2013.
06/10/13      update to U.S. city: Omaha (Mayor).
06/09/13      update to Pakistan prov.: Balochistan (PM).
06/07/13      update to Curaçao (PM).
06/06/13      updates to Palestinian Authority (PM), Pakistan prov.: Punjab (PM).
06/05/13      update to Pakistan (PM).
06/04/13      update to U.S. govt.: Maritime Admin. (Admin.), U.S. city election:
                Jackson, MSChokwe Lumumba (Dem.) defeats Richard Williams (Ind.), Francis
                P. Smith, Jr. (Ind.) and Cornelius Griggs (Ind.), 85.2%-7.4%-3.4%-2.7%
06/03/13      update to Swiss canton: Bern.
06/01/13      updates to U.S. govt.: Commerce Dept. (Secy.), Swiss cantons: Appenzell-
                Ausserrhoden, St. Gallen and Thurgau.
05/31/13      update to Pakistan prov.: Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (PM).
05/30/13      update to Pakistan prov.: Sindh (PM).
05/29/13      updates to Bulgaria (PM), Cayman Islands (PM), India state: Arunachal Pradesh
05/28/13      updates to Libya (Pres.), Swiss canton: Neuchâtel.
05/23/13      updates to Iceland (PM), South Africa prov.: Northern Cape (PM), Czech Rep.:
                Prague (Mayor), U.S. govt.: USTR (Amb.)
05/22/13      update to U.S. govt.: IRS (Comm.)
05/21/13      update to U.S. gov.: Energy Dept. (Secy.) 
05/20/13      updates to Solomon Islands prov.: Guadalcanal (PM), U.S. gov.: FCC (Chr.)
05/17/13      update to French Polynesia (Pres.)
05/15/13      update to Somalia: Jubbland (Pres.)
05/14/13      updates Indonesia prov.: Maluku Utara (Gov.), U.S. city elections: Jersey City,
                NJ: Steven Fulop (Dem.) defeats Mayor Jeremiah Healey (Dem.) 52.8%-37.8%;
                Omaha, NE: Jean Stothert (f)(Rep.) defeats Mayor Jim Suttle (Dem.)
05/13/13      updates to India state: Karnataka (PM), NATO (SACEUR).
05/11/13      update to U.S. city election: El Paso, TX: Oscar Leeser (Dem.) wins 47.4%,
                Steve Ortega (Dem.) 21.7%, Robert Cormell (Rep.) 12% and Gus Haddad 7%
                (Dem.), a runoff will be held on 15 Jun 2013; San Antonio, TX: Mayor Julián
                     Castro (Dem.) is re-elected defeating Rhett Smith (Green), Jesus G. Reyes
                     (Ind.), Michael Idrogo (Libt.), Raymond Zavala (Ind.), Irma Rosas (Ind.)(f)
                     and Sergio Falcon (Ind.), 66.5%-13.1%-6.6%-5.2%-3.3%-3.3%-1.9%; Forth Worth,
                     TX: Mayor Betsy Price (f)(Rep.) is re-elected unopposed.

05/07/13      updates to Grenada (Gov.-gen.), Belgium reg.: Brussels-Capital (PM),
                and Malay states: Malacca, Perlis (PM).
05/06/13      update to Malay states: Kedah, Kelantan (PM).
05/01/13      update to Swiss cantons: Valais and Zürich.
04/30/13      update to The Netherlands (King).
04/28/13      updates to Italy (PM), Asian Development Bank (Pres.)
04/25/13      update to Moldova (PM).
04/22/13      update to Indonesia prov.: Kalimantan Utara (Gov.)
04/17/13      update to Saint-Martin (Council Pres.)
04/16/13      updates to Ethiopia region: Gambella (Pres.), U.S. city: Topeka (Mayor).
04/19/13      update to Samaritans (High Priest).
04/12/13      updates to Czech Orthodox Church (Patr.), U.S. govt.: Interior Dept. (Secy.)
04/11/13      update to China prov.: Hunan (Gov.)
04/10/13      update to U.S. govt.: SEC (Chair.)
04/09/13      updates to Kenya (Pres., PM), Indonesia prov.: Papua (Gov.)
04/08/13      update to United Kingdom: Margaret Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher, former prime
                minister (1979-90), dies.   April 2013
04/05/13      update to Greenland (PM).
04/03/13      update to Norway: Jan Mayen (Cmdr.)
04/02/13      updates to China prov.: Henan (Gov.), U.S. city elections: St. Louis, MO: Mayor
                Francis G. Slay (Dem.) defeats James E. McNeely (Grn.), 84.1%-15.9%;
                Topeka, KS: Larry Wolgast (Dem.) defeats Mike Ogle (Libt.), 66.4%-33.6%.
04/01/13      updates to Djibouti (PM), North Korea (PM), San Marino (Capt.-Reg.) and
                ACP (Secy.-gen.), The Sudan prov.: Blue Nile (Gov.), Swiss canton: Aargau.
03/30/13      updates to Wallis and Futuna (Admin.), U.S. govt.: Customs (Comm.)
03/29/13      update to China prov.: Shandong (Gov.)
03/28/13      updates to Austria state: Kärnten (PM), Belgium prov.: Hainaut (Gov.), China
                prov.: Guangxi Zhuang and Qinghai (Gov.)
03/27/13      updates to Liechtenstein (PM), U.S. govt.: Secret Service (Dir.), China
                prov.: Anhui (Gov.), Solomon Is. prov.: Central (PM).
03/26/13      update to China reg.: Ningxia Hui (Gov.)
03/25/13      updates to Pakistan (PM), U.S. city: Detroit (manager),  China prov.:
                Heilongjiang (Gov.)
03/24/13      updates to Central African Rep. (Pres.), Russia oblast.: Vladimir (Gov.)
03/23/13      updates to Vanuatu (PM), India state: Kerala (Gov.)
03/22/13      update to U.S. govt.: NSF (Dir.)
03/21/13      updates to India states: Nagaland and Odisha (Gov.)
03/20/13      updates to Bangladesh (Pres.), Slovenia (PM), Norfolk Is. (PM).
03/19/13      updates to Syria (rebel PM), Canada prov.: Newfoundland (
03/18/13      updates to Trinidad & Tobago (Pres.), Solomon Islands prov.: Rennell and
                Bellona (PM), and AsDB (Pres.)
03/15/13      updates to China (PM), U.S. govt.: USTR (Amb.)
03/14/13      updates to China (Pres.), Nepal (PM), Tunisia (PM), Australia: Northern Terr.
03/13/13      updates to Bulgaria (PM), Vatican City (Pope), Malta reg.: Gozo (Min.),
                and Bosnia-Hercegovnia: Republika Srpska (PM).
03/11/13      update to Malta (PM).
03/08/13      updates to Czech Republic (Pres.), Venezuela (VP), and U.S. govt.: CIA (Dir.)  
03/07/13      update to Armenia prov.: Shirak (Gov.)
03/06/13      update to Australia state: Victoria (PM).
03/05/13      updates to Venezuela (Pres.), Tokelau (Ulu) and U.S city election:
                Los Angeles, CA: Eric Garcetti (Dem.) wins 32.9%, Wendy Greuel (f)(Dem.)
                29.2%, Kevin James (Rep.) 16.4%, Jan Perry (f) (Dem.) 15.9%, Emanuel
                Pleitez (Dem.) 4.1%; in runoff on 21 May 2013, Eric Garcetti wins 53.9% and
                Wendy Greuel (f) 46.1%.
03/04/13      update to Ukraine prov.: L'viv (Gov.)
03/01/13      updates to Mexico state: Jalisco (Gov.), Bolivia reg.: Beni (Gov.), Andean Com.
               (Secy.-gen.), U.S. govt.: BLM (Dir.), Netherlands prov.: Zeeland (Comm.)
02/28/13      updates to Cyprus (Pres.), Vatican City and Roman Catholic Church (Pope),
                Ethiopian Orthodox Church (Patr.), U.S. govt.: Treasury Dept. (Secy.),
                NOAA (Dir.), FTC (Chr.)
02/27/13      updates to New Caledonia (High Com. ), Sark (Pres. Chf. Pleas),  U.S.
                govt. Defense Dept. (Secy.), and Swiss canton: Ticino.
02/26/13      update to South Korea (PM).
02/25/13      update to South Korea (Pres.)
02/24/13      update to Bulgarian Orthodox Church (Patr.)
02/22/13      updates to Solomon Is. prov.: Guadalcanal (PM), U.S. govt.: Secret Service
02/20/13      updates to Grenada (PM) and Northern Mariana Is. (Gov.)
02/19/13      update to German state: Niedersachsen (PM).
02/18/13      updates to Taiwan (PM) & Fukien prov. (Gov.), and Mayotte (Pref.)
02/15/13      updates to U.S. govt.: EPA (Dir.), USGS (Dir.)
02/14/13      updates to Guadeloupe (Pref.), U.S. govt.: SSA (Com.)
02/11/13      update to Canada prov.: Ontario (PM).
02/10/13      updates to Pakistan prov.: Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (Gov.), U.S. govt.: NWS (Dir.)
02/09/13      update to Congo (Kinshasa) prov.: Kasaï Occidental
02/05/13      update to Congo (Kinshasa) prov.: Orientale (Gov.) 
02/04/13      updates to Church of England (Arch. Bshp.), Kosovo (Serbian Pref.)
02/01/13      updates to Belgium prov.: East Flanders (Gov.), Chaldean Catholics (Patr.),
                U.S. govt.: State Dept. (Secy.), USPTO (Dir.), Arctic Council (Dir.), 
                Finland reg.: Kanta-Häme (Mayor).
01/31/13      update to Russia rep.: Dagestan (PM).
01/29/13      update to China reg.: Xizang (Tibet) (Gov.)
01/28/13      update to Russia rep.: Dagestan (Pres.)
01/27/13      update to African Union (Chr.)
01/26/13      update to U.S. govt.: Treasury (Secy.)
01/25/13      update to U.S. govt.: Chief of Staff.
01/23/13      update to St. Kitts & Nevis: Nevis (PM).
01/22/13      updates to Congo (Kinshasa) prov.: Bas-Congo (Gov.), Kazakhstan prov.:
                Severo-Kazakhstan (Gov.), U.S. govt.: Labor Dept. (Secy.)
01/21/13      update to Chad (PM).
01/18/13      updates to India state: Jharkhand (PM), Coptic Catholics (Partr.)
01/17/13      update to Palau (Pres.), Central African Republic (PM), Kazakhstan prov.:
                Kzylorda (Gov.)
01/16/13      updates to U.S. state: Washington (Gov.), Germany state: Rheinland-Pfalz (Min.)
01/14/13      updates to BIOT (Com. Rep.), U.S. state: Indiana (Gov.), Pakistan prov.:
                Balochistan (PM).
01/10/13      update to Cyprus: British Base Area (Cmdr.)
01/09/13      updates to ASEAN (Secy.-gen.), Ukraine prov.: Kirovohrad (Gov.)
01/07/13      updates to U.S. state: Montana (Gov.), Greece reg.: Kentriki Makedonia (Gov.)
01/05/13      updates to U.S. state: North Carolina (Gov.), Palau state: Ngardmau (Gov.)
01/03/13      updates to American Samoa (Gov.), U.S. state: New Hampshire (Gov.), Belgium
                prov.: Hainaut (Gov.)
01/02/13      updates to St. Kitts & Nevis (Gov.-gen.), Puerto Rico (Gov) and San Juan
                (Mayor) and U.S. city: Honolulu (Mayor).
01/01/13      updates to Switzerland (Pres.), Swiss cantons: Fribourg, Graubünden, Jura,
                Lucerne, Schaffhausen, Solothurn & Zug; Palau state: Peleliu (Gov.); to APEC
                (Exec. Sec.), DLU (Secy.-gen.), G-8 (Chr.), ISO (Pres.), Norden (Pres.),
                OSCE (Chr.), UPU (Dir.-gen.); Mexico state: Tabasco (Gov.), U.S. govt.:
                TVA (CEO), and U.S. city: Portland, OR (Mayor).
12/31/12      updates to Curaçao (PM), Church of England (ArchBsp.)
12/26/12      updates to Japan (PM), U.S. govt.: NEA (Chr.)
12/25/12      updates to India state: Himachal Pradesh (PM), Pakistan prov.: Punjab (Gov.)
12/24/12      update to Ukraine prov.: Dnipropetrovsk (Gov.)
12/23/12      update to Slovenia (Pres.)
12/19/12      updates to Cayman Islands (PM), Chaldean Catholics (Patr.), China prov.:
                Jilin (Gov.)
12/18/12      update to Bermuda (PM). 
12/17/12      updates to Antioch Patriarchate (Patr.), U.S. govt.: Senate (Pres. Pro-tem) 
12/15/12      updates to Nigeria state: Kaduna (Gov.), Spain reg.: Basque Country (Pres.)
12/14/12      update to U.S. govt.: SEC (Chair.)
12/13/12      update to Lithuania (PM).
12/12/12      update to São Tomé and Príncipe (PM).
12/11/12      update to Mali (PM).
12/08/12      update to Mexico state: Chiapas (Gov.)    
12/05/12      updates to Mexico state: Distrito Fed. (Chf.), Antioch Patriarchate, and 
                SCO (Secy.-gen.)
12/04/12      updates to Montenegro (PM), Namibia (PM).
12/03/12      update to U.S. city: San Diego (Mayor).
12/01/12      update to Mexico (Pres.)
11/28/12      update to Wallis & Futuna (Asmb. Pres.)
11/27/12      update to Czech reg.: Liberecký (Gov.)
11/26/12      update to Ukraine prov.: Vinnytsya (Gov.)
11/24/12      update to Curaçao (Gov.)
11/22/12      update to Bosnia-Hercegovina: Brcko (Mayor).
11/21/12      update to Côte d'Ivorie (PM).
11/20/12      updates to Czech reg.: Stredoceský, Ustecký (Gov.)
11/15/12      updates to China (Gen. Sec.), Russia rep.: Karachayevo-Cherkisiya (PM).
11/14/12      update to Libya (PM).
11/13/12      updates to Turks & Caicos (PM), Australia: Torres Strait Is. (Chr.)
                and Amer.Orthodox Church (Metrop.) 
11/10/12      updates to Bosnia-Hercegovina (Pres.)
11/09/12      updates to Italy reg.: Sicily (Pres.), U.S. govt.: CIA (Dir.), IRS (Com.),
                Czech reg.: Moravskoslezský (Gov.)
11/08/12      updates to INTERPOL (Pres.), Russia oblast: Moscow (Gov.)
11/06/12      updates to Russia oblast: Moscow (Gov.), Portugal reg.: Azores (PM), 
                Bulgaria: Orthodox Church (Patr.); United States election results: 
                in presidential election incumbent President Barack Obama (Democrat) 
                wins re-election with about 50.8% of vote (winning 64.9 million votes
                in 26 states & District of Columbia with a total of 332 electoral votes) 
                defeating Governor Mitt Romney (Republican) with 47.3% of the vote (60.5
                million votes and 24 states with 206 electoral votes), and Gary Johnson
                (Libertarian) 0.99%, Jill Stein (Green) 0.36%, Virgil Goode (Constitution) 
                0.09%, Roseanne Barr (Peace & Freedom) 0.05%, Rocky Anderson (Justice) 0.03%,
                and Tom Hoefling (America's Party) 0.03%;
                U.S. Congress: elections to all 435 seats of the House of Representatives,
                and to 33 of 100 seats in the Senate. Republicans retain their majority in 
                the House, while Democrats keep their majority in Senate. In the House
                of Rep. Republicans will have about 234 seats and the Democrats 201 seats,
                while the Senate will be composed of 53 Democrats, and the 2 independents 
                who will caucus them, versus 45 Republicans;
              Governor elections: 
              - Delaware: Gov. Jack Markell (Dem.) is re-elected defeating Jeffrey E.
                Cragg (Rep.), Mark Andrew Perri (Green) and Jesse T. McVay (Libt.), 69.3%-
              - Indiana: Mike Pence (Rep.) defeats John R. Gregg (Dem.) and Rupert Boneham
                (Libt.), 49.7%-46.2%-3.9%;
              - Missouri: Gov. Jay Nixon (Dem.) is re-elected over Dave Spence (Rep.) and
                Jim Higgins (Libt.), 54.6%-42.6%-2.7%;
              - Montana: Steve Bullock (Dem.) defeats Rick Hill (Rep.) and Ron Vandevender 
                (Libt.), 48.9%-47.3%-3.7%;
              - New Hampshire: Maggie Hassan (f)(Dem.) defeats Ovide Lamontagne (Rep.),
                and John Babiarz (Libt.), 54.6%-42.5%-2.7%;
              - North Carolina: Pat McCrory (Rep.) defeats Walter H. Dalton (Dem.) and 
                Barbara Howe (f)(Libt.), 54.7%-43.1%-2.13%;
              - North Dakota: Gov. Jack Dalrymple (Rep.) is re-elected over Ryan M. Taylor
                (Dem./NPL), Paul Sorum (Ind.) and Roland Clifford Riemers (Ind.), 63.1%-
              - Utah: Gov. Gary R. Herbert (Rep.) is re-elected over Peter S. Cooke (Dem.),
                Ken Larsen (Libt.) and Kirk D. Pearson (Const.), 68.3%-27.7%-2.1%-1.7%;
              - Vermont: Gov. Peter Shumlin (Dem.) is re-elected over Randy Brock (Rep.), 
                Emily Peyton (f)(Ind.), Cris Ericson (f)(Marijuana Pty.) and Dave Eagle
                (Liberty Union), 57.8%-37.5%-1.9%-1.8%-0.44%;
              - Washington: Jay R. Inslee (Dem.) defeats Rob McKenna (Rep.), 51.2%-48.4%;
              - West Virginia: Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin (Dem.) is re-elected over Bill Maloney
                (Rep.), Jesse Johnson (Mountain Pty.) and David Moran (Libt.), 50.3%-45.7%-
              - American Samoa: Lolo Matalasi Moliga (Ind.) wins 33.4% of the vote, Lt. Gov.
                 Faoa Aitofele Toese Fiti Sunia (Dem.) 33.06%, Afoa Moega Lutu (Rep.) 19.3%,
                Salu Hunkin-Finau (f)(Ind.) 6.8%, Save Liuato A. Tuitele (Ind.) 5.8% and
                Tim Jones (Ind.) 1.4%. In a 20 Nov runoff, Moliga wins 52.9% and Sunia 47.06%
              - Puerto RicoAlejandro García Padilla (Popular Democratic [PDP]) defeats
                incumbent Gov. Luis Fortuño (New Progressive [PNP]), Juan Dalmau Ramírez
                (Puerto Rican Independence [PNP]) and Rafael Bernabe Party of Working People
                [PPT]), 47.7%-47.09%-2.53%-0.96%. While a Referendum supports U.S. statehood
                over sovereign association or independence, 44.9%-24.5%-4.1% & no choice 25%;
              Mayor elections:
              - Honolulu, HI
: in a runoff former acting Mayor Kirk Caldwell (Dem.) defeats
                former Gov. Ben Cayetano (Dem.), 53.3%-46.7%;
              - Portland, OR: Charlie Hailes (Dem.) defeats Jefferson Smith (Dem.),
              - Richmond, VA: Mayor Dwight C. Jones (Dem.) is re-elected over Michael K.
                Ryan, Jr. (Ind.), 71%-28%;
              - San Diego, CA
: in a runoff Bob Filner (Dem.) defeats Carl DeMaio (Rep.),
San Juan, PR: Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto (f)(PDP) defeats incumbent Mayor Jorge
                Santini Padilla (PNP), Luis Piñero González II (PIP) and José "Tito" Román
                Rivera (PPT), 50.5%-46.8%-1.54%-0.54%;
              Tribal nation election:
              - Northern Cheyenne (MT) (president): John Robinson defeats L. Jace Killsback,
              - Oglala Sioux (SD)(president)(11/7/12): Bryan Brewer defeats John Yellow 
                Bird Steele, 51.5%-48.4%;
              - United Keetoowah Cherokee (OK)(principal chief)(11/5/12): George Wickliffe is
                re-elected over Donna Faye McIntosh-Schockley (f) and Dallas Proctor,
11/05/12      update to Indonesia prov.: Papua (Gov.)
11/04/12      update to Coptic Church (Pope). 
11/02/12      updates to Canada prov.: British Columbia (Lt. gov.), Czech reg.: Pardubicky
11/01/12      update to Sweden county: Västerbotten (Gov.)
10/30/12      update to Georgia reg.: Adjaria (PM).
10/28/12      updates to Georgia reg.: Adjaria (Chrm.), Parlacen (Pres.)
10/25/12      updates to Georgia (PM), Japan pref.: Tokyo (Gov.)
10/22/12      update to Russian rep.: Bashkortostan (PM).
10/17/12      update to Somalia (PM).
10/16/12      updates to Br. Antarctic Terr. and Br. Indian Ocean Terr. (Comm.)
10/15/12      updates to African Union (Com. Chair.), Indonesia prov.: Jakarta Raya (Gov.),
                U.S. city: Juneau (Mayor).
10/13/12      update to Venezuela (VP).
10/11/12      update to Jordan (PM).
10/09/12      updates to Sealand (Princ.), U.S. govt.: BIA (Asst. Secy.)
10/08/12      update to Mozambique (PM)
10/06/12      update to U.S.: tribal election Fallon Paiute-Shoshone (NV)(chairman): George
                Len defeats incumbent chairman Alvin Moyle, 62.4%-36.8%
10/02/12      update to Christmas & Cocos Islands (Admin.)
10/02/12      update to U.S. mayor election: Juneau, AK: Merrill Sanford defeats 
                Cheryl Jebe (f) 55.5%-44.5%.
10/01/12      updates to San Marino (Capt. Reg.), ILO (Secy.-gen.), Mexico state: 
                Morelos (Gov.), U.S. govt.: NOAA Com. Corps (Dir.)
09/29/12      update to Curacao (PM).
09/26/12      update to Mexico state: Guanajuato (Gov.)
09/24/12      updates to Kazakhstan (PM), Sri Lanka prov.: North Central (PM).
09/19/12      update to Canada prov.: Quebec (PM).
09/18/12      updates to United Nations (Gen. Assem. Pres.), Sri Lanka prov.:
                 Eastern (PM), CPLP (Exec. Sec.)
09/17/12      updates to Dominica (Pres.), Spain region: Madrid (Pres.), U.S. govt.:
                Peace Corps (Dir.)
09/16/12      update to Somalia (Pres.)
09/07/12      update to Kosovo (KFOR Cmdr.)
09/05/12      update to Kyrgyzstan (PM).
09/04/12      updates to United Kingdom: N. Ireland and Wales (Sec.)
09/03/12      updates to Algeria (PM), French Polynesia (High Com.)
09/02/12      update to Unification Chuch.
09/01/12      updates to Kyrgyzstan (PM), EFTA (Secy.-gen.), IHO (Dir.), U.S. city election:
                Hagåtña, Guam: Mayor John A. Cruz is re-elected unopposed with 97.96%
08/29/12      update to New Caledonia (Cong. Pres.)
08/28/12      update to Somalia (Pres.)
08/27/12      update to Réunion (Pref.)
08/26/12      update to Non-Aligned Movement (Chr.)
08/22/12      update to Japan pref.: Yamaguchi (Pref.)
08/20/12      updates to Ethiopia (PM), Somalia (Pres.)
08/16/12      updates to Dominican Rep. (Pres.), Ethiopian Orthodox Church (Patr.)
08/14/12      updates to Somalia: Galmudug (Pres.), U.S. mayoral election: Miami-Dade, FL:
                Mayor Carlos Gimenez (Rep.) defeats Joe Martinez (Rep.), Helen Barbary
                Williams (f) (Ind.) and Denny Wood (Ind.) 54.2%-30.7%-6.3%-2.9%
08/13/12      update to ECO (Secy.-gen.)
08/11/12      update to Syria (PM).
08/10/12      updates to Libya (Pres.), Mongolia (PM), OECS (Spkr.)
08/06/12      update to Syria (PM).
08/03/12      update to Guadeloupe (Region Pres.)
08/02/12      update to Egypt (PM).
07/31/12      update to Latin Union (Secy.-gen.)
07/27/12      update to Serbia (PM).
07/25/12      updates to India (Pres.), Andean Com. (Parl. Pres.), China prov.: Beijing
07/24/12      updates to Albania (Pres.), Ghana (Pres.)
07/23/12      updates to Peru (PM) and Togo (PM).
07/21/12      update to Mauritius (Pres.)
07/12/12      updates to Indian Ocean Com. (Secy.-gen.), India state: Karnataka (CM).
07/10/12      updates to Romania (acting Pres.), France reg.: Bretagne (Pres.)
07/09/12      updates to OSCE (Assm. Pres.), U.S. govt.: NRC (Chair.), Amer.Orthodox Church.
07/04/12      update to Georgia (PM).
07/03/12      update to EBRD (Pres.)
07/02/12      update to ACTO (Secy.-gen.)
07/01/12      updates to China: Hong Kong (Chf. Ex.), World Bank (Pres.), Red Cross (Pres.)
                BSEC (Secy.-gen.), Palau state: Kayangel (Gov.), Swiss cantons: Basel-Land,
                Nidwalden, Obwalden, Schwyz, Vaud and South Korea prov.: Sejong (Mayor).
06/30/12      update to Egypt (Pres.)
06/29/12      update to Guantanamo Bay Base (U.S. Cmdr.)
06/28/12      update to Armenia prov.: Gegharkunik (Gov.) 
06/23/12      update to Syria (PM).
06/22/12      updates to Paraguay (Pres.), Pakistan (PM), Serbia: Vojvodina (Pres.), 
                Armenia prov.: Vayots Dzor (Gov.) 
06/20/12      updates to Greece (PM), Canada prov.: Nunatsiavut (Pres.) and U.S. govt.:
                Commerce Dept. (Secy.)
06/15/12      update to Mali: Azawad (Pres.)
06/12/12      updates to Germany state: Schleswig-Holstein (PM), UNASUR (Secy.-gen.)
06/08/12      update to Lesotho (PM).
06/05/12      updates to EAC (Spkr.), U.S. elections: Wisconsin governor recall: Gov. Scott
                Walker (Rep.) defeats Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (Dem.) and Hari Trivedi
                (Ind.), 53.2%-46.3%-0.6%; Fresno, CA: Mayor Ashley Swearengin (f)(Rep.)
                defeats Barbara Ann Hunt (f)(Dem.), Joe Garcia (Rep.), Rick Morse (Rep.)
                and John Worona (Rep.) 74.8%-8.64%-7.14%-4.54%-4.38%; Sacramento, CA: Mayor
                Kevin Johnson (Dem.) defeats Jonathan Michael Rewers (Ind.), Leonard Padilla
                (Ind.), Richard L. Jones (Ind.) 58.4%-23.9%-13.7%-3.9%.
06/04/12      update to Swiss canton: Bern
06/01/12      updates to Barbados (Gov.-gen.), Swiss cantons: Neuchatel, St. Gallen,
                Thurgau and Uri
05/31/12      updates to Serbia (Pres,), U.S. govt.: BLM (Dir.)
05/30/12      updates to Danube Comm. (Pres.), Russia rep.: Omsk (Gov.)
05/29/12      update U.S. govt.: NOAA NWS (Dir.)
05/28/12      update to Russia rep.: Leningrad (Gov)
05/26/12      update to Spain reg.: Asturias (Pres.)
05/24/12      updates to DLU (Secy.-gen.), Russia rep.: North Ossetia-Alania (PM), Chechnya
05/23/12      update to Bermuda (Gov.)
05/22/12      updates to Russia rep.: Karelia (Pres.), Chechnya (PM), Congo (Kinshasa)
                prov.: Bandundu (Gov.), U.S. gov.: Army Corps. Eng. (Chf.) 
05/21/12      updates to Equatorial Guinea (PM), Andorra (Fr. Rep.), Russia rep.: Mordovia
05/20/12      update to East Timor (Pres.)
05/18/12      updates to Bermuda (Gov.), Russia admin.: Irkutsk (Gov.)
05/17/12      update to Papua New Guinea new provinces: Hela, Jiwaka.
05/16/12      updates to France (PM), Greece (PM), Guinea-Bissau (PM), Haiti (PM), 
                Czech Rep. reg.: Stredocesky(Gov.) 
05/15/12      updates to France (Pres.), India state: Uttarakhand (Gov.)
05/14/12      update to Russia admin.: Sverdlovsk (Gov.)
05/12/12      updates to India state: Rajasthan (Gov.); U.S. mayoral election: Austin, TX:
                Mayor Lee Leffingwell (Dem.) defeats Brigid Shea (f)(Ind.), Clay Dafoe (Ind.)
05/11/12      updates to Guinea-Bissau (Pres.), Russia admin.: Moscow (Gov.)
05/10/12      updates to Hungary (Pres.), Russia admin.: Mordovia (Pres.), Samara (Gov.)
05/08/12      updates to The Bahamas (PM), Russia (PM).
05/07/12      updates to Russia (Pres., PM), Romania (PM).
05/06/12      update to Swiss canton: Glarus.
05/04/12      updates to India state: Goa (Gov.), Nicaragua regions: North & South (Gov.)
05/02/12      updates to Jordan (PM), Russia admin: Stavropol (Gov.)
05/01/12      updates to Guernsey (CM), Swiss cantons: Valais & Zurich; and PCA (Secy.-gen.)
04/29/12      update to Swiss canton: Appenzell-Innerrhoden.
04/28/12      updates to Russia admin.: Perm, Yaroslavl (Gov.) 
04/27/12      updates to U.S. govt.: BIA (Asst. Secy.), Palau state: Sonsorol (Gov.)
04/26/12      update to Georgia: South Ossetia (PM). 
04/23/12      update to Uganda kingdom: Bunyoro-Kitara (PM).
04/20/12      update to Russia admin.: Smolensk (Gov.) 
04/19/12      update to Georgia: South Ossetia (Pres.) 
04/18/12      update to Congo (Kinshasa)(PM).
04/17/12      update to Mali (PM).
04/13/12      update to Russia admin.: Kostroma (Gov.) 
04/12/12      updates to Mali (Pres.), Guinea-Bissau (Pres., PM), Canada prov.: Nova Scotia 
                (Lt. Gov.) and ACS (Secy.-gen.)
04/11/12      update to North Korea (First Secy.)
04/10/12      update to French Southern Antarctic Lands (Admin.-Sup.)
04/09/12      update to U.S. govt.: Comptroller of Currency.
04/07/12      update to Malawi (Pres.)
04/06/12      update to Mali: Azawad declares independence.
04/05/12      updates to Serbia (Pres.), Senegal (PM), Malawi (Pres.), Iraq: Kurdish Region
               (PM) and WFP (Exec Dir.)
04/04/12      updates to Slovakia (PM), Russia prov.: Murmansk (Gov.)
04/03/12      updates to Swiss canton: Ticino, and U.S. cities mayoral elections:
                Anchorage, AK: Mayor Dan Sullivan (Rep.) defeats Paul Honeman (Dem.)
                59.3%-38.2%; Milwaukee, WI: Mayor Tom Barrett (Dem.) defeats Edward McDonald
                (Ind.) 70.4%-28.9%; and Orlando, FL: Mayor Buddy Dyer (Dem.) defeats
                Phil Diamond (Ind.), Ken Mulvaney (Rep.) and Mike Cantone (Ind.)
04/02/12      updates to Hungary (Pres.), Senegal (Pres.), U.S. govt.: GSA (Admin.),
                and Nigeria state: Kebbi (Gov.), Zambia: Bemba (Chf.)
04/01/12      updates to San Marino (Capt.-Reg.), Saint-Martin (Council Pres.), 
                Council of Europe (Rights Com.), Norfolk Island (Admin.)
03/31/12      update to Mauritius (Pres.)
03/28/12      update to Madagascar reg.: Vatovavy Fitovinany (Chf.)
03/24/12      update to Norway: Jan Mayen (Cmdr.)
03/23/12      updates to Moldova (Pres.), Guernsey (Blf.), Russia admin.: Saratov (Gov.)
03/22/12      updates to Mali (Pres., PM), Canada prov.: Saskatchewan (Lt.-gov.)
03/18/12      updates to Germany (Pres.) and Tonga (King).    
03/17/12      updates to Coptic Church (Pope), Russia admin.: Tomsk (Gov.)
03/15/12      update to India state: Uttar Pradesh (PM).
03/13/12      updates to Côte d'Ivoire (PM), India state: Uttarakhand (PM).
03/12/12      update to SAARC (Secy.-gen.)
03/10/12      update to Bosnia-Hercegovina (Pres.)
03/09/12      update to India state: Goa (PM).
03/06/12      update to Congo (Kinshasa)(PM).
03/01/12      updates to Finland (Pres.), Bonaire (Lt. Gov.), ECOWAS (Pres.)
                and Buddhist Mongolia.
02/28/12      updates to Nigeria state: Cross River (Gov.), Russia admin.: Primorsky (Gov.)
                and ECCAS (Secy.-gen.)
02/27/12      update to Gabon (PM).
02/25/12      update to Yemen (Pres.)
02/24/12      update to Nigeria state: Kebbi (Gov.)
02/22/12      update to Nigeria state: Sokoto (Gov.)
02/17/12      updates to Germany (Pres.), ECOWAS (Chr.)
02/15/12      update to Mexico state: Michoacán (Gov.)
02/14/12      update to Nigeria state: Bayelsa (Gov.)
02/13/12      update to Mauritius: Rodrigues (Chief Exec.)
02/12/12      update to Nigeria state: Adamawa (Gov.)
02/11/12      update to Mauritius: Rodrigues (Chief Com.)
02/10/12      updates to Guinea-Bissau (PM), Slovenia (PM).
02/09/12      update to Romania (PM).
02/08/12      update to Indonesia prov.: Aceh (Gov.)
02/07/12      update to Maldives (Pres.)
02/06/12      updates to Romania (PM), Taiwan (PM), and ICJ (Pres.) 
02/01/12      updates to Falkland Islands (CE), Sweden county: Stockholm (Gov.), Kosovo 
                (EU envoy).
01/30/12      update to African Union (Comm. Chair.)
01/28/12      updates to Nigeria state: Sokoto (Gov.), UNIFIL (Comd.)
01/27/12      updates to U.S. govt: (Chief of Staff), Nigeria states: Adamawa, Bayelsa, Cross
                River, Kogi (Gov.)
01/26/12      update to Indian state: Kerala (Gov.)
01/22/12      updates to Bulgaria (Pres.), SAARC (Secy.-gen.)
01/19/12      update to Byzantine Church in America (Metrp.)
01/18/12      update to Moldova: Transdniester (PM).
01/17/12      updates to European Parl. (Pers.), Russia admin.: Volgograd (Gov.), Indonesia
                prov.: Papua Barat (Gov.)
01/16/12      update to Indonesia prov.: Gorontalo (Gov.)
01/14/12      update to Guatemala (Pres.)
01/13/12      update to Russia admin.: Arkhangelsk (Gov.)
01/12/12      update to Bosnia-Hercegovina (PM).
01/11/12      updates to Sudan states: Central Darfur, Eastern Darfur, Southern Darfur,
                and Western Darfur (Gov.)
01/10/12      updates to Marshall Islands (Pres.), U.S. state: Mississippi (Gov.)
01/09/12      update to Guinea-Bissau (Pres.)
01/05/12      update to Jamaica (PM).
01/03/12      updates to U.S. cities: Phoenix, AZ and Savannah, GA (Mayor).
01/01/12      updates to Switzerland (Pres.), Swiss cantons: Fribourg, Graubünden, Jura,
                Lucerne, Schaffhausen, Solothurn; Argentina prov: Rio Negro (Gov.); FAO
                (Secy.-gen.); OSCE (Chr.); Nordic Council (Pres.); EU: EIB (Pres.);
                IMO (Secy.-gen.); MERCOSUR (Dir.); National Council of Churches (Pres.,
                Gen.-Secy.) and Bonaire (Lt. Gov.), U.S. govt.: USPTO (Dir.).
12/31/11      update to PCA (Secy-gen.)
12/30/11      update to Moldova: Transdniester (Pres.)
12/24/11      update to Tunisia (PM).
12/23/11      updates to Croatia (PM), Russia rep.: Chuvashia (PM).
12/22/11      update to Philippines reg.: Muslim Mindanao (Gov.)
12/21/11      update to Spain (PM).
12/17/11      update to North Korea (Gen. Sec.)
12/15/11      update to Russia fed. district: Privolzhsky (Plenp.)
12/14/11      updates to Papua New Guinea (PM), Russia: Vologda (Gov.)
12/13/11      updates to Malaysia (King), Tunisia (Pres.).
12/12/11      updates to ICCt (Pres. State Parties), St.-Martin, St.-Barthelemy and
                St. Pierre & Miquelon (Pref.), China prov.: Anhui (Gov.) 
12/11/11      update to Peru (PM).
12/10/11      updates to Argentina (Cabinet Chf.), Georgia: South Ossetia (Pres.), 
                Argentina prov.: Chubut, Córdoba, Jujuy, Río Negro, and San Luis (Gov.) 
12/09/11      updates to Gibraltar (PM), Russia rep.: Chuvashia (PM).
12/07/11      updates to Egypt (PM), Yemen (PM) and Swiss canton: Geneva.
12/06/11      updates to Belgium (PM), U.S. govt.: FAA (Admin.)
12/05/11      update to U.S. city: Raleigh (Mayor).
12/04/11      update to Kuwait (PM).
12/03/11      update to Guyana (Pres.)
12/01/11      updates to Kyrgyzstan (Pres., PM), Mexico state: Coahuila (Gov.)
11/30/11      update to Saint Lucia (PM).
11/29/11      update to Morocco (PM).
11/25/11      update to Finland: Aland Is. (PM).
11/24/11      update to Libya (PM).
11/18/11      update to Jersey (PM).
11/16/11      updates to Italy (PM), Solomon Islands (PM). 
11/15/11      update to Nauru (Pres.)
11/11/11      updates to Greece (PM) and Ireland (Pres.)
11/10/11      update to Nauru (Pres.)
11/09/11      updates to British Virgin Islands (PM), Bosnia canton: Hercegovina-Neretva (PM)
11/08/11      updates to Ukraine: Crimea (PM), U.S elections:  
              Governor elections: 
              - Kentucky: Gov. Steve Beshear (Dem.) re-elected defeating David Williams
                (Rep.) and Gatewood Galbraith (Ind.) 55.6%-35.4%-9%;
              - Mississippi: Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant (Rep.) defeats Johnny DuPree (Dem.)
              Mayor elections:
              - Akron, OH:  Mayor Don Plusquellic (Dem.) defeats Jennifer Hensal (f)(Rep.)
              - Baltimore, MD: Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (f)(Dem.) defeats Alfred V.
                Griffin (Rep.) 86.7%-13.3%;
              - Boise, ID: Mayor David Bieter (Dem.) defeats David Hall (Ind.) 74.2%-25.7%;
              - Charlotte, NC: Mayor Anthony Foxx (Dem.) defeats Scott Stone (Rep.)
              - Charleston, SC: Mayor Joe Riley (Dem.) defeats William Dudley Gregorie (Rep.)
                David Farrow (Libt.) and Craig Jelks (Ind.) 67.2%-26.6%-3%-1.7%;
              - Columbus, OH: Mayor Michael B. Coleman (Dem.) defeats Earl W. Smith (Rep.) 
              - Des Moines, IA: Mayor Frank Cownie (Dem.) is re-elected unopposed;
              - Hartford, CT:  Mayor Pedro Segarra (Dem.) wins 81.3% defeating J. Stanley
                McCauley (Dem.) 9.6%, Edwin Vargas (Dem.) 7.3% and Patrice Smith (Ind.) 1.6%;
              - Houston, TX: Mayor Annise Parker (Dem.) defeats Jack O'Connor (Rep.),
                Fernando Herrera (Rep.) and Dave Wilson (Dem.) 50.8%-14.6%-14.2%-11.8%;
              - Indianapolis, IN: Mayor Greg Ballard (Rep.) defeats Melina Kennedy (Dem.)
                and O.D. Bowen (Libt.), 51.3%-47.1%-1.4%;
              - Manchester, NH: Mayor Ted Gatsas (Rep.) defeats Chris Herbert (Dem.) 
              - Philadelphia, PA: Mayor Michael Nutter (Dem.) defeats Karen Brown (f)(Rep.)
                and Wali Rahman (Ind.), 74.6%-21.6%-3.6%;
              - Phoenix, AZ (runoff): Greg Stanton (Dem.) defeats Wes Gullett (Rep.)
              - Salt Lake City, UT: Mayor Ralph Becker (Dem.) defeats J. Allen Kimball
                (Rep.) 73.5%-26.5%;
              - San Francisco, CA: Mayor Edwin M. Lee (Dem.) leads John Avalos (Dem.), 
                Dennis Herrera (Dem.), David Chiu (Dem.), Leland Yee (Dem.), Jeff Adachi
                (Dem.) and Bevan Dufty (Dem.) 31.7%-20.1%-13.7%-9.2%-6.7%-5.8%-3.8%, in the 
                instant runoff Lee defeats Avalos 61%-39%;
              - Savannah, GA: Edna B. Jackson (f)(Dem.) wins 36.6%, Jeff Felser (Dem.) 23.5%,
                Regina Thomas (f)(Dem.) 15%, Ellis Cook (Rep.) 12.7% and Floyd Adams (Dem.)
                11%, in 12/6/11 runoff Jackson defeats Felser 54%-46%.
11/04/11      updates to China prov.: Guangdong (Gov.), terror group FARC (Cmdr.)
11/02/11      updates to Madagascar (PM), Ukraine prov.: L'viv, Zaporizhzhya (Gov.)
11/01/11      updates to Barbados (Gov.-gen.), European Union (ECB).
10/31/11      updates to Armenia prov.: Yerevan (Mayor), Australia: Northern Terr. (Admin.),
                PARLACEN (Pres.)
10/29/11      update to Saint Helena (Gov.)
10/27/11      updates to Saint Helena: Ascension (Admin.), Canada prov. Northwest Terr.
                (PM), South Korea prov. Seoul (Mayor).
10/24/11      update to Jordan (PM).
10/23/11      update to Jamaica (PM).
10/22/11      update to U.S. state: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (Rep.) wins 65.8% of the 
                vote and Tara Hollis (f)(Dem.) 17.9%. 
10/21/11      updates to U.S. govt.: Commerce Dept. (Secy.), Australia state: South Australia
10/19/11      updates to IPU (Pres.), Cherokee Nation (Prncp. Chf.)
10/18/11      updates to Haiti (PM), Christmas Island (Council Pres.)
10/14/11      update to Uganda: Ankole (King).
10/12/11      updates to Wallis & Futuna: Uvea (PM), Netherlands prov.: Limburg (Gov.) 
10/11/11      updates to Isle of Man (PM), U.S. city: Raleigh, NC: Nancy McFarlane (f)(Ind.)
                      wins 61.1% beating Billie Jean Redmond (f)(Rep.) 29.5% and Randall Williams
               (Rep.) 9.2%; Cherokee Nation (OK): Bill John Baker defeats Prin. Chief Chad
                Smith 53.9% to 46%
10/07/11      updates to Rwanda (PM), Canada prov.: Alberta (PM).
10/04/11      update to U.S. state: West Virginia: acting Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin (Dem.) is
                elected with 49.6%, Bill Maloney (Rep.) wins 46.9%; U.S. city: Key West, FL:
                Mayor Craig Cates (Rep.) wins 70.2% and Margaret Romero (Ind.) 27.4% and
                Carie Noda (f)(Ind.) 2.3%.
10/03/11      updates to Denmark (PM), Nordic Council (Pres.)
10/01/11      updates to San Marino (Capt.-Reg.), Vatican City (Pres. Pont. Comsn.)
09/30/11      update to U.S. govt.: Joint Chiefs (Chrm.)
09/27/11      updates to Montserrat (PM), Georgia: Abkhazia (PM).
09/26/11      update to Jersey (Lt. Gov.)
09/23/11      updates to Zambia (Pres.), St. Helena (Gov.), U.S. govt.: Navy (CNO)
09/21/11      update to Sudan: Darfur (Chrm.)
09/20/11      update to Sweden county: Stockholm (Gov.)
09/19/11      update to Mexico state: Nayarit (Gov.)
09/16/11      update to Mexico state: Estado de México (Gov.)
09/14/11      update to Bosnia-Hercegovina: Brcko (Mayor). 
09/13/11      update to United Nations (Gen. Amb. Pres.)
09/12/11      update to Turks & Caicos (Gov.)
09/11/11      updates to France reg.: Guadeloupe (Pref.), India state: Uttarakhand (CM)
09/09/11      updates to Cape Verde (Pres.), Kosovo (KFOR).
09/08/11      update to India state: Goa (Gov.)
09/07/11      update to U.S. govt.: Army (CoS.)
09/06/11      update to U.S. govt.: CIA (Dir.) 
09/04/11      update to India states: Jharkhand, KeralaMadhya Pradesh (Gov.)
09/03/11      update to São Tomé & Príncipe (Pres.)
09/02/11      updates to Japan (PM), India state: Mizoram (Gov.), Sudan state: Blue Nile
09/01/11      updates to Singapore (Pres.), India state: Tamil Nadu (Gov.)
08/31/11      updates to New Zealand (Gov.-gen.), U.S. govt: ATF (Dir.)
08/29/11      update to Nepal (PM).
08/27/11      update to China prov.: Hebei (Gov.)
08/25/11      update to Pakistan: Azad Kashmir (Pres.)
08/23/11      updates to Libya (Pres., PM), U.S. city: Birmingham, AL: Mayor William Bell
                (Dem.) re-elected with 88.96% vs. Kamau Afrika 3.4%, Patricia Bell (f) 3.66%,
                T.C. Cannon 1.47%, Harry Turner, Jr. 1.59% and Willis Hendrix 0.88%;
                Montgomery, AL: Mayor Todd Strange (Rep.) is re-elected over Hobson Cox
               (Dem.) 81%-19%.
08/22/11      updates to Turks & Caicos (Gov.), Russia prov.: Saint Petersburg (Gov.)
08/17/11      update to Ukraine: Crimea (PM).
08/15/11      updates to Canada prov.: Prince Edward Island (Lt. gov.), CARICOM (Secy.-gen.),
                and Colombo Plan (Secy.-gen.)
08/14/11      update to Cherokee Nation (Prncp. Chf.)
08/10/11      update to German state: Saarland (Min.-pres.)
08/08/11      updates to Thailand (PM), U.S. govt.: Mint (Dir.), Tibet exile (PM).
08/05/11      update to Andean Parliament (Pres.)
08/04/11      update to India state: Karnataka (CM).
08/03/11      update to Kosovo (UNMIK).
08/02/11      updates to Papua New Guinea (PM), Norway: Jan Mayen (Chf.)
08/01/11      update to U.S. govt.: Commerce Dept. (Secy.)
07/29/11      update to Russia rep: Tula (Gov.)
07/28/11      updates to Peru (Pres., PM), Armenia prov.: Lori (Gov.)
07/27/11      update to Micronesia state: Chuuk (Gov.)
07/26/11      updates to Mayotte (Pref.), Pakistan: Azad Kashmir (PM).
07/25/11      update to Vietnam (Pres.)
07/22/11      update to Kazakhstan prov.: Aktobe (Gov.)
07/21/11      update to Spain reg.: Valencia (Pres.)
07/18/11      updates to Afghanistan (ISAF), U.S. city: Denver (Mayor), France: Haute-Corse
07/16/11      update to Spain reg.: Asturias (Pres.)
07/14/11      update to Spain reg.: Aragón (Pres.)
07/12/11      updates to Ukrine prov.: Donetsk (Gov.), U.S. city: Fort Worth (Mayor).
07/10/11      update to Bosnia-Hercegovina (Pres.)
07/09/11      update: independence of South Sudan (Pres.)
07/08/11      update to Latvia (Pres.), Spain reg.: Extemadura (Pres.), U.S. govt.: FDIC
07/06/11      updates to Swiss canton: Nidwalden and U.S. city: Las Vegas (Mayor).
07/05/11      update to IMF (Mang. Dir.)
07/04/11      update to Mayotte (Pref.)
07/01/11      updates to Arab League (Secy.-gen.), OSCE (Secy.-gen.), U.S. cities:
                Jacksonville, Miami-Dade (Mayor), U.S. govt. Defense Dept. (Secy.), CIA
               (Dir.), Australia state: Western Australia (Gov.), Swiss cantons: Basel-Land
               and Obwalden, Kosovo (UNMIK Admin.), Spain reg.: Navarre (Pres.)
06/30/11      updates to Western European Union (dissolved), U.S. govt.: FWS (Dir.)
06/29/11      update to Cocos Islands (Shire Pres.)
06/27/11      update to Spain reg.: Cantabria (Pres.)
06/26/11      update to Vanuatu (PM).
06/25/11      updates to Spain: Menorca (Pres.) & Mallorca (Pres.), U.S. city: Dallas (Mayor)
06/22/11      updates to Finland (PM), Spain reg.: Castille-La Mancha (Pres.)
06/21/11      update to Portugal (PM).
06/19/11      update to Somalia (PM).
06/18/11      updates to Spain: Baleares (Pres.) and Aran (Synd.)
06/17/11      update to Indonesia prov.: Sulawesi Tengah (Gov.) 
06/16/11      updates to Vanuatu (PM), Russia admin.: Tver (Gov.)
06/14/11      updates to Greece: Mount Athos (Protos).
06/13/11      update to Lebanon (PM).
06/16/11      update to French Guiana (Pref.)
06/11/11      update to Canada prov.: Yukon (PM).
06/09/11      update to U.S. govt: Solicitor General.
06/08/11      update to China prov.: Jiangxi (Gov.)
06/07/11      updates to Ukraine: Sevastopol, Sudan: Abyei (Chair), U.S. city: Las Vegas, NV:
                Carolyn Goodman (f)(Ind.) wins 60.5% and Chris Giunchigliani (f)(Dem.) 39.4%;
                     Denver, CO: Michael Hancock (Dem.) defeats Chris Romer (Dem.) 58%-42%.
06/06/11      update to WMO (Pres.)
06/03/11      update to U.S. govt.: American Battle Monuments Commission (Chair.)
06/01/11      update to Swiss cantons: Appenzell-Ausserrhoden, Bern, Neuchâtel, St. Gallen,
                Thurgau. and Malaysia: Labuan (Chr.)
05/29/11      updates to Georgia: Abkhazia (Pres.), Nigeria states: Borno, Gombe, Imo
                Kano, Kwara, Nasarawa, Ogun, Oyo, Zamfara (Gov.)
05/28/11      update to Benin (PM).
05/26/11      updates to Comoros (Pres.), Syro-Malabar Catholic Church (Mjr. Arch.-Bsp.)
05/24/11      update to Uganda (PM), U.S. city: Miami-Dade, FL: Julio Robaina (Rep.) wins
                33.7% and Carlos Gimenez (Rep.), Marcelo Llorente (Rep.), Luke Campbell
               (Dem.), Roosevelt Bradley (Dem.) 28.8%-14.8%-11.1%-3.8%; in runoff on 6/28/11
                Gimenez defeats Robaina 51.1%-48.9% 
05/23/11      update to Comoros: Grand Comore, Anjouan (Gov.)
05/20/11      update to India state: West Bengal (CM).
05/19/11      update to Russia rep.: Bashkortostan (PM).
05/18/11      updates to IMF (Mng. Dir.), India state: Kerala (CM).
05/17/11      update to U.S. city: Jacksonville, FL: Alvin Brown (Dem.) wins 50.4%
                defeating Mike Hogan (Rep.) with 49.6%.
05/16/11      updates to India states: Tamil Nadu & Puducherry (CM), U.S. city: Chicago
05/14/11      updates to Haiti (Pres.), U.S. cities: Dallas, TX: Mike Rawlings (Dem.) wins
                40.9% of vote, David Kunkle (Dem.) 31.9% and Ron Natinsky (Rep.) 25.1%. 
                in 6/18/11 runnoff Rawlings defeats Kunkle 55.8%-44.2%; San Antonio, TX:
                Mayor Julián Castro (Dem.) defeats Will McLeod (Ind.) and Rhett R. Smith
                (Dem.) 81.4%-6.7%-5.1%; Fort Worth, TX: Betsy Price (f)(Rep.), Jim
                Lane (Dem.), Cathy Hirt (f) (Ind.) and Dan Barrett (Dem.) win 43.28%-26.29%-
                21.37%-8.3%, in runoff on 6/18/11, Price defeats Lane 55.92% to 44.08%.
05/13/11      update to Vanuatu (PM).
05/12/11      updates to Andorra (PM), German state: Baden-Württemberg (Min.-pres.),
                and Australia: Capital Terr. (CM).
05/10/11      update to Bosnia-Hercegovnia canton: Central Bosnia (PM).
05/09/11      update to Swiss canton: Zurich
05/07/11      update to U.S. govt.: Fed. Bureau of Prisons (Dir.)
05/04/11      update to U.S.: Democratic Natl. Cmte. (Chr.) 
05/03/11      update to U.S. city: Denver, CO: Chris Romer (Dem.) wins 28.5% of vote, Michael
                Hancock (Dem.), James Mejia (Dem.) and Doug Linkhart (Dem.) 27.1%-25.7%-9.4%.
                in runoff on 6/7/11 Hancock wins 58% and Romer 42%.
05/02/11      update to U.S. city: Kansas City (Mayor).
05/01/11      updates to Swiss canton: Valais, Caribbean Development Bank (Pres.), 
                 U.S. announces al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has been killed.
04/28/11      update to Andorra (Gen. Syn.)
04/25/11      update to East African Com. (Secy.-gen.)
04/24/11      update to Vanuatu (PM).
04/19/11      updates to Cuba (Pty. Gen. Secy.), German state: Sachsen-Anhalt (PM).
04/18/11      updates to Burkina Faso (PM), Russia rep.: Kabardino-Balkariya (PM).
04/15/11      updates to Guernsey (Lt.-gov.), Bosnia canton: Posavina (PM).
04/14/11      updates to Syria (PM), Swiss canton: Ticino (Pres.)
04/13/11      update to Kazakhstan prov.: Almaty (Gov.)
04/11/11      updates to Côte d'Ivoire (rival Pres., PM), United States Army (CoS), 
                U.S. city: Rochester, NY (Mayor), China prov.: Fujian (Gov.), Azores and
                Madeira (Rep.)
04/08/11      update to Montserrat (Gov.), Australia state: Victoria (Gov.)
04/07/11      updates to Niger (Pres., PM), Kosovo (Pres.) and Isle of Man (Lt.-gov.)
04/05/11      updates to Mexico states: Baja California Sur & Quintana Roo (Gov.), Sumbawa
               (Sultan), U.S.: Democratic Natl. Cmte. (Chr.) 
04/04/11      updates to France region: Corsica (Pref.), Russia rep.: Kabardino-Balkariya
04/03/11      update to Mali (PM), Somalia state: Azania (Pres.).
04/01/11      updates to San Marino (Capt.-Reg.), French Polynesia (Pres.), Greenland (High
                Com.), Swiss canton: Aargau (Ldm.) Mexico states: Guerrero & Hidalgo (Gov.)
                and U.S. city: Tampa (Mayor), Syro-Malabar Catholic Church (Mjr. Arch.-Bsp.),
                and GCC (Secy.-gen.)
03/31/11      update Mayotte becomes a French overseas département.
03/30/11      updates to Kosovo (Pres.), Martinique (Pref.), Myanmar (Burma)(Pres.)
                Myanmar Regions (Chief min.)
03/29/11      update to U.S. city: Rochester, NY: Thomas Richards (Dem.) wins 49.05% of vote,
                ex-mayor Bill Johnson (Working Families) 42.2% and Alex White (Grn.) 8.7%.
03/28/11      updates to Australia state: New South Wales (PM) and Ukrainian Greek Catholic
                Church (Patr.)
03/23/11      update to Russia rep.: Chuvashia (PM).
03/19/11      update to Peru (PM).
03/18/11      update to U.S. city: Miami-Dade County (Mayor).
03/17/11      update to Bosnia-Hercegovina: Bosnia & Hercegovina Fed. (Pres, PM).
03/15/11      update to Maronite Catholic Church (Patr.), U.S. city Miami-Dade, FL: voters
                approve a vote to remove Mayor Carlos Alvarez (Rep.) by 88.1% to 11.9%.
03/14/11      update to Canada prov.: British Columbia (PM).
03/11/11      updates to Russian rep.: Karachayevo-Cherkessia (PM), UNASUR (Secy.-gen.)
03/10/11      update to Russian rep.: Ingushetia (PM).
03/09/11      update to Ireland (PM).
03/07/11      updates to Egypt (PM), German state: Hamburg (Mayor).
03/05/11      update to Libya (opposition govt.)
03/03/11      updates to New Caledonia (Pres.), Montserrat (Gov.) 
03/02/11      update to Congo (Kinshasa) prov.: Kasaï Occidental (Gov.)
03/01/11      updates ACTO (Secy. Gen.), SAARC (Secy.-gen.), U.S. city: Tampa, FL: Rose
                Ferlita (f)(Rep.) wins 25.9% of the vote, Bob Buckhorn (Dem.) 23.5%, Dick
                Greco (Dem.) 22.6%, Ed Turanchik (Dem.) 19.4% and Thomas Scott (Dem.) 8.6%.
                In runoff held on 3/22/11, Buckhorn wins 62.9% and Ferlita 37.1%. 
02/28/11      update to Bosnia canton: Zenica-Doboj (PM).
02/27/11      update to Tunisia (PM).
02/26/11      updates to Russian rep.: Karachayevo-Cherkessia (Pres.), U.S. city: Dallas
02/25/11      update to Russian admin.: Kamchatka (Gov.) 
02/22/11      update to Kosovo (Pres.); U.S. cities (Mayor results)
              - Chicago, ILRahm Emanuel (Dem.) wins 55.2% of the vote, Gery Chico (Dem.) 
                24%, Miguel del Valle (Dem.) 9.3%, and Carol Moseley Braun (f)(Dem.) 9%;
              - Kansas City, MO: Mike Burke (Dem.), Sly James (Dem.) each win 26% of vote
                Mayor Mark Funkhouser 20.7% (Dem.), Jim Rowland 13.4%, Deb Hermann (f) 11.1%.
                In runoff held on 3/22/11, James wins 54.3% and Burke 45.6%.
02/15/11      update to Japan pref.: Aichi (Gov.)
02/11/11      update to Egypt (Pres.)
02/10/11      updates to Pakistan prov.: Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (Gov.), Bosnia canton: Tuzla (PM)
02/09/11      update to Jordan (PM).
02/08/11      update to Russia rep.: Kalmykia (PM). 
02/06/11      update to Nepal (PM).
02/03/11      update to Bosnia-Hercegovina: Republika Srpska (PM).
02/02/11      update to Venezuela state: Apure (Gov.)
02/01/11      updates to Mexico state: Puebla (Gov.), Pakistan prov: Gilgit-Baltistan (Gov.)
01/31/11      updates to Egypt (PM), Bosnia canton: Una-Sana (PM).
01/30/11      update to African Union (Chair.)
01/25/11      updates to U.S. govt.: US Mint (Dir.), U.S. city election: Omaha, NE: vote to
                     remove Mayor Jim Suttle (Dem.) is defeated by 51.1% to 48.9%.
01/24/11      updates to French Polynesia (High Com.), Australia state: Tasmania (PM).
01/20/11      update to Japan pref.: Miyazak
i (Gov.)
01/19/11      update to Vietnam (Secy.-gen.)
01/18/11      updates to U.S. state: Pennsylvania (Gov.), U.S. city: Rochester, NY (Mayor).
01/17/11      update to U.S. state: Alabama (Gov.)
01/15/11      updates to Tunisia (Pres.), Mexico state Tlaxcala (Gov.), U.S. state:
                Tennessee (Gov.)
01/14/11      updates to Tunisia (Pres.) and U.S. state: Iowa (Gov.), U.S. govt.: US Mint
01/13/11      updates to Pakistan prov.: Punjab (Gov.), U.S. govt.: Chief of Staff.,  
                Bosnia-Hercegovina canton: Sarajevo (PM).
01/12/11      updates to U.S. state: South Carolina (Gov.), Mauritius: Rodrigues (Com.)
01/11/11      updates to U.S. state: Colorado, U.S. cities: Denver and San Francisco (Mayor)
                and Navajo Nation (Pres.), Solomon Islands prov.: Malaita (PM), 
                Micronesia state: Kosrae (Gov.)
01/10/11      updates to U.S. states: Georgia, Kansas, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Oregon (Gov.),
                U.S. govt.: US Mint (Dir.), Nigeria state: Delta (Gov.), Solomon Islands
                prov.: Temotu (PM).
01/08/11      update to U.S. state: South Dakota (Gov.)
01/06/11      updates to U.S. state: Vermont (Gov.), U.S. city: Oakland (Mayor).
01/05/11      updates to U.S. states: Connecticut and Maine (Gov.), U.S. govt.: House of Rep.
01/04/11      updates to U.S. states: Florida and Rhode Island (Gov.), Pakistan prov.:
                Punjab (Gov), Mexico state: Coahuila (Gov.), Br. Indian Ocean Ter. (UK Cmdr.)
01/03/11      update to Guam (Gov.), U.S. states: California, Minnesota, Nevada, Wisconsin,
                and Wyoming (Gov.), U.S. cities: Louisville and Providence (Mayor).
01/02/11      update to U.S. city: Washington, DC (Mayor).
01/01/11      updates to Brazil (Pres.), Switzerland (Pres.), Peru: Lima (Mayor) and Regions
                (Pres.); Swiss cantons: Fribourg, Graubünden, Jura, Lucerne,
                Schaffhausen, Solothurn, Zug; Mexico states: Sinaloa and Tamaulipas (Gov.);
                U.S. states: Michigan, New Mexico, New York (Gov.), U.S. city: Rochester, NY
                (Mayor).; Palau state: Angaur (Gov.); Greece: Regions (Gov.); CARICOM
                (Secy.-gen.), ISO (Pres.), OSCE (Chr.), Nordic Council (Pres.), 
                Mediterranean Parl. (Pres.) and Malaysia state: Sabah (Head of State).   
12/31/10      updates to Uganda kingdom: Tooro (PM), U.S. govt.: Marshals Serv. (Dir.)
12/30/10      update to Moldova (Pres.)
12/29/10      update to Montenegro (PM).
12/28/10      updates to Belarus (PM) and Moldova (Pres.)
12/27/10      update to Spain reg.: Catalonia (Pres.)
12/25/10      update to Taiwan: SinbeiTaichung and Tainan (Mayors).
12/24/10      updates to Guinea (PM) and Tuvalu (PM).
12/23/10      update to Laos (PM).
12/22/10      update to Tonga (PM).
12/21/10      updates to Guinea (Pres.), Ukraine prov.: L'viv, Ternopil (Gov.)
12/20/10      update to Papua New Guinea (Gov.-gen.)
12/17/10      updates to Kyrgyzstan (PM), Canada prov. Yukon (Com.) and
                Armenia prov.: Yerevan (Mayor), Solomon Islands prov.: Central, Isabel (PM).
12/16/10      update to China prov.: Hubei (Gov.)
12/13/10      update to Papua New Guinea (Gov.-gen.)
12/11/10      update to Venezuela state: Guárico (Gov.)
12/08/10      update to China prov.: Jiangsu (Gov.)
12/07/10      updates to U.S. state: North Dakota (Gov.), Oglala Sioux (Pres.), Cheyenne
                River Sioux (Chair.)
12/06/10      updates to U.S. state: Hawaii (Gov.), U.S. govt.: Postal Service.
12/05/10      update to The Sudan: Darfur Region (Chr.)
12/04/10      update to Côte d'Ivoire (Pres., PM in opposition).
12/03/10      updates to Canada prov.: Newfoundland and Labrador (PM) and Latin American
                Parliament (Parlatino) (Pres.)
12/02/10      updates to Vanuatu (PM) and Australia state: Victoria (PM).
12/01/10      updates to Mexico states: AguascalientesOaxacaVeracruz (Gov.), Japan 
                pref.: Ehime (Gov.), Swiss canton: Geneva (Pres.)
11/30/10      update to Cook Islands (PM).
11/25/10      update to India state: Andhra Pradesh (CM). 
11/19/10      update to South Africa prov.: North-West (PM).
11/16/10      update to Ukraine prov.: Kyiv city.
11/15/10      updates to Bosnia: Republika Srpska (Pres.), U.S. state: West Virgina (Gov.)
11/11/10      update to India state: Maharashtra (PM).
11/10/10      updates to Bosnia-Hercegovina (Pres.), France reg.: Languedoc-Roussillon
                (Pres.), Nigeria state: Delta (Gov.) and Ukraine prov.: Luhansk (Gov.)
11/04/10      updates to French Antarctic Terr. (Admin.), Br. Sovereign Base Areas (Admin.)
11/03/10      update to Tanzania: Zanzibar (Pres.)
11/02/10      update to New Caledonia (High Com.)
11/02/10      United States election results: In the U.S. House of Representatives -
                the Republicans win control, they will have 242 of the 435 seats
                and the Democrats 193 (previous balance was 256 Democrats vs.
                179 Republicans). In the Senate - Democrats retain control with 53 seats
                (incl. 2 independents caucusing with them) and the Republicans 47 seats
                (incl. 1 independent caucusing with them)(the previous balance was 59
                Democrats vs. 41 Republicans);
              Governor elections: 
              - Alabama: Robert Bentley (Rep.) defeats Ron Sparks (Dem.), 57.9%-42.1%;
              - Alaska: Gov. Sean Parnell (Rep.) defeats Ethan Berkowitz (Dem.), Don Wright
                (AK Indep. Pty) and Billy Toien (Libt.), 58.9%-38.3%-1.9%-1.0%;
              - Arizona:  Gov. Jan Brewer (f)(Rep.) defeats Attny.-gen. Terry Goddard
                (Dem.), Barry Hess (Libt.) and Larry Gist (Grn.), 54.7%-42.2%-2.2%-0.9%;
              - Arkansas: Gov. Mike Bebe (Dem.) defeats Jim Keet (Rep.), Jim Lendall (Grn.),
              - California: ex-Gov. Jerry Brown (Dem.) defeats Meg Whitman (f)(Rep.), 
                Chelene Nightingale (f)(Amer. Indep.) and Dale Ogden (Libt.),
              - Colorado: Mayor John Hickenlooper (Dem.) defeats Tom Tancredo (Const.), Dan
                Maes (Rep.) and Jaimes Brown (Libt.), 50.7%-36.8%-11.1%-0.7%;
              - ConnecticutMayor Dan Malloy (Dem.) defeats Thomas Foley (Rep.) and Tom
                Marsh (CT Indep. Pty) with 49.6%-48.9%-1.5%;
              - Florida: Rick Scott (Rep.) defeats
CFO Alex Sink (f) (Dem.), Peter Allen
                (Ind.), C.C. Reed (Ind.), Michael Arth (Ind.), Daniel Imperato (Libt.)
              - Georgia: Nathan Deal (Rep.) defeats ex-Gov. Roy Barnes (Dem.) and John Monds
                (Libt.), 52.9%-43.1%-4%;
              - Hawaii
Neil Abercrombie (Dem.) defeats Lt.Gov. James R. "Duke" Aiona (Rep.),
                Daniel Cunningham (Free Energy Pty.) and Tom Polland (Ind.),
              - Idaho: Gov. Butch Otter (Rep.) defeats Keith Allred (Dem.), Jana Kemp (f)
                (Ind.), Ted Dunlop (Libt.) and Pro-Life (=Marvin Richardson)(Const.),
              - Illinois: Gov. Pat Quinn (Dem.) defeats Bill Brady (Rep.),
Scott Lee Cohen
                (Indep.) and Rich Whitney (Grn.) with 46.6%-46.1%-3.6%-2.7%;
              - Iowa: ex-Gov. Terry Branstad (Rep.) defeats 
Gov. Chet Culver (Dem.) and
                Jonathan Narcisse (Ind.) and Eric Cooper (Libt.), 53%-43.3%-1.8%-1.3%; 
              - Kansas: Sen. Sam Brownback (Rep.) defeats Tom Holland (Dem.), Andrew Gray
                (Libt.) and Ken Cannon (Ref.), 63.4%-32.1%-2.7%-1.8%; 
              - Maine: Paul LePage (Rep.) defeats Eliot Cutler (Ind.), Libby Mitchell (Dem.),
                and Shawn Moody (Ind.), 38.3%-36.5%-19.1%-5.1%;
              - Maryland: Gov. Martin O'Malley (Dem.) defeats ex-Gov. Robert Ehrlich (Rep.),
                Susan Gaztanaga (f)(Libt.) & Maria Allwine (f) (Grn.), 55.8%-42.3%-0.8%-0.6%;
              - Massachusetts: Gov. Deval Patrick (Dem.) defeats Charles Baker Jr. (Rep.), 
                Tim Cahill (Ind.) and Jill Stein (f)(Grn.), 48.4%-42.1%-8.0%-1.4%;
              - Michigan: Rick Snyder (Rep.) defeats Mayor Virg Bernero
(Dem.), Ken
                Proctor (Libt.) and Harley Mikkelson (Grn.), 58.1%-39.9%-0.7%-0.7%;
              - Minnesota: Mark Dayton (Dem.) defeats Tom Emmer (Rep.), Tom Horner (MN Indep.
                Pty), Chris Wright (GRP), Farheen Hakeen (Grn.), 43.7%-43.2%-11.9%-0.4%-0.3%;
              - Nebraska: Gov. Dave Heineman (Rep.) defeats Mike Meister (Dem.) 74.3%-25.7%; 
              - Nevada: Brian Sandoval (Rep.) defeats Rory Reid (Dem.) and Eugene Disimone
                (Ind.), 53.4%-41.6%-0.9% with 1.7% voting for none of the above;
              - New Hampshire: Gov. John Lynch (Dem.) defeats John Stephen (Rep.) and John
                Babiarz (Libt), 52.6%-45.1%-2.3%;
              - New Mexico: Susana Martinez (f)(Rep.) defeats Lt.Gov. Diane Denish (f)(Dem.)
              - New York: Attny.-Gen. Andrew Cuomo (Dem.) defeats Carl Paladino (Rep.), 
                Howie Hawkins (Grn.), Warren Redlich (Libt.), Kristin Davis (f)
                (Anti-Prohibition Pty.), Charles Barron (Freedom Pty.) and Jimmy McMillan
                (Rent Is Too Damn High Pty.), 61.4%-34.1%-1.4%-1.1%-0.6%-0.5%-1%;
              - Ohio: John Kasich (Rep.) defeats
Gov. Ted Strickland (Dem.) and Ken Matesz
                (Libt.) and Dennis Spisak (Grn.), 49.4%-46.7%-2.4%-1.5%;
              - Oklahoma: Mary Fallin (f)(Rep.) defeats Lt.Gov. Jari Askins (f)(Dem.),
              - Oregon: ex-Gov. John Kitzhaber (Dem.) defeats Chris Dudley (Rep.), Greg Kord
                (Const.) and Wes Wagner (Libt.) with 49.2%-48.1%-1.4%-1.3%;
              - Pennsylvania: Attny.-Gen. Tom Corbett (Rep.) defeats Dan Onorato (Dem.),
              - Rhode Island: Sen. Lincoln Chafee (Ind.) defeats John Robitaille (Rep.), 
                Frank Caprio (Dem.) and Ken Block (Mod.), 36.1%-33.6%-23%-6.5%;
              - South Carolina: Nikki Haley (f)(Rep.) defeats Vincent Sheheen (Dem.) and
                Morgan Reeves (Grn.), 51.4%-47.1%-1.5%;
              - South Dakota: Lt.Gov. Dennis Daugaard (Rep.) defeats
Scott Heidepriem (Dem.),
              - Tennessee: Mayor Bill Halsam (Rep.) defeats Mike McWherter (Dem.), Carl
                Whitaker (Ind.), Brandon Dodds (Ind.) and Bayron Binkley (Ind.),
              - Texas: Gov. Rick Perry (Rep.) defeats Bill White (Dem.), Kathie Glass (f)
                (Libt.) and Deb Shafto (f)(Grn.), 55.1%-42.3%-2.2%-0.4%;
              - Utah: Gov. Gary Herbert (Rep.) defeats Mayor Peter Corroon (Dem.),
                Farley Anderson (Ind.) and Andrew McCullough (Libt.), 64.2%-31.8%-2%-2%;
              - Vermont: Peter Shumlin (Dem.) defeats Lt.Gov. Brian Dubie (Rep.), Dennis
                Steele (VT Indep. Pty) and Cris Ericson (f)(Ind.), 49.6%-47.8%-0.8%-0.8% (as
           no candidate wins 50% +1 the state legislature picks Gov. 6 Jan. 2011, it
           elects Shumlin by 145 votes 28 votes for Dubie);
              - Wisconsin: Scott Walker (Rep.) defeats Mayor Tom Barrett (Dem.) and James
                Langer (WI Indep. Pty.) and James James (Common Sense) 52.3%-46.6%-0.5%-0.4%;
              - Wyoming: Matthew Mead (Rep.) defeats Leslie Petersen (f)(Dem.) and Mike
                Wheeler (Libt.), 71.6-25.1%-3.3%;
              Territory governors: 
              - Guam: Eddie Baza Calvo (Rep.) defeats ex.-Gov. Carl T. Gutierrez (Dem.),
              - Virgin Islands: Gov. John deJongh (Dem.) defeats ex.-Lt.Gov. Kenneth E. Mapp
                (Ind.), 56.2%-43.5%;
              Mayor elections: 
              - Louisville, KY: Greg Fischer (Dem.) defeats Hal Heiner (Rep.), Nimbus Couzin
                (Ind.) and Jerry Mills (Ind.), 51%-48.6%-0.2%-0.2%;
              - Oakland, CA: Don Perata (Dem.), Jean Quan (f)(Dem.), Rebecca Kaplan (f)(Dem.)
                Joe Truman (Ind.), Marcie Hodge (f)(Dem.), Terence Candell, Don Macleay, and
                Greg Harland, receive 35.1%-24.1%-20.9%-11.8%-2.4%-1.8%-1.3%-0.89%; in ranked
                choice results: Jean Quan (f)(Dem.) defeats Don Perata (Dem.), 50.98%-19.02%;
              - Providence, RI: Angel Taveras (Dem.) defeats Jonathan P. Scott (Ind.),
              - Shreveport, LA: Mayor Cedric B. Glover (Dem.) defeats Bryan Woolsey (Rep.)
              - Washington, DC: Vincent C. Gray (Dem.) defeats Carlos Allen (Ind.),
                Faith (f)(Grn.), Omari Musa (SWP) and write-in votes (mostly for current
                Mayor Adrian Fenty [Dem.]), 73.9%-1.6%-1.09%-0.54%-22.7%.
              Tribal elections:
              - Navajo Nation (president): Vice Pres. Ben Shelly defeats Lynda Lovejoy (f),
              - Cheyenne River Sioux (chairman): Kevin C. Keckler defeats Derek Bartlett,
              - Oglala Sioux (president): ex-Pres. John Yellow Bird Steel defeats Pres.
                Theresa Two Bulls (f), 51%-48.9%;
              - Pueblo of Zuni (governor)(held 14 Dec 2010): ex-Gov. Arlen Quetawki defeats
                Gov. Norman Cooeyate 53%-47%.
11/01/10      updates to Somalia (PM) and Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church (Cathol.)
10/29/10      update to Bermuda (PM).
10/28/10      update to Parlacen (Pres.) 
10/27/10      updates to United Arab Emirates: Ras al-Khaimah (ruler), UNASR (Secy.-gen.)
                and Nigeria state: Osun (Gov.)
10/24/10      updates to Russia Rep.: Kalmykia (Pres.), French reg.: Languedoc-Roussillon
10/23/10      update to Barbados (PM).
10/22/10      update to U.S. govt.: Marine Corps (Comdt.)
10/21/10      updates to Russia admin.: Moscow (Mayor), US gov. National Security Adv.
10/18/10      update to US gov. National Science Foundations (Dir.)
10/16/10      updates to Falkland Islands (Gov.), Nigeria state: Ekiti (Gov.), and
                Uganda kingdom.: Tooro (PM)
10/14/10      update to The Netherlands (PM).
10/12/10      update to Canada prov.: New Brunswick (PM).
10/11/10      update to U.S. city: Honolulu (Mayor).
10/10/10      Netherlands Antilles dissolves into 2 autonomous countries Curaçao (Gov., PM)
                and St. Maarten (Gov., PM), as Bonaire, Saba & St. Eustatius become special
                municipalities of Netherlands.
10/04/10      update to Mexico state: Chihuahua (Gov.)
10/01/10      updates to Canada (Gov.-gen.), South Korea (PM), San Marino (Capt.-Reg.),
                Belgium region: Brussels-Capital (Gov.)
09/29/10      update to Tuvalu (PM).
09/28/10      updates to Russia admin.: Kaliningrad (Gov.), Moscow (Mayor). 
09/27/10      update to Kosovo (Pres.)
09/24/10      update to Somalia (PM).
09/23/10      update to U.S. Naval Base Guantanamo Bay (Cmdr.)
09/22/10      update to Bosnia-Hercegovina: Brcko (Intl. Superv.)
09/18/10      update U.S. mayor election result: Honolulu, HI: Peter B. Carlisle (Ind.) 
                defeats acting mayor Kirk Caldwell (Dem.), Panos Prevedouros (Rep.),
                and Rod Tam (Dem.) 41.2%-36.6%-19.4%-1.5%. 
09/16/10      update to Bosnia-Hercegovina canton: West Hercegovina (PM).
09/15/10      updates to Mexico state: Durango (Gov.), Pakistan prov.: Gilgit-Baltistan
                (Gov.), Saint Helena: Tristan da Cunha (Admin.) 
09/14/10      updates to Peru (PM), United Nations (Gen. Asb. Pres.), U.S. mayor election
                result: Washington, DC (primary): Vincent C. Gray (Dem.) defeats Mayor 
                Adrian Fenty (Dem.) and Leo Alexander (Dem.) 53.1%-45.6%-0.65%.
09/13/10      update to Malaysia state: Kelantan (Sultan).
09/12/10      update to Mexico state: Zacatecas (Gov.)
09/11/10      updates to India state: Jharkhand (CM), Venezuela state: Guárico (Gov.) 
09/09/10      updates to Czech Rep. reg.: Plzenský (Gov.), Russia admin.: Novosibirsk (Gov.)
09/06/10      update to Chile: Easter Island (Gov.)
09/05/10      update to Japan pref.: Kagawa (Gov.)
09/01/10      updates to Council of Baltic States (Dir.-gen.), Japan pref.: Nagano (Gov.),
                and Kosovo (KFOR).
08/31/10      update to Germany state: Hessen (PM).
08/29/10      update to Russia rep.: Chuvashia (Gov.)
08/27/10      update to China prov.: Heilongjiang (Gov.)
08/25/10      updates to Solomon Islands (PM), Germany state: Hamburg (Mayor).
08/20/10      update to British Virgin Islands (Gov.)
08/19/10      update to Indonesia prov.: Kepulauan Riau (Gov.)
08/15/10      update to Indonesia prov.: Sumatera-Barat (Gov.)
08/14/10      update to São Tomé and Príncipe (PM).
08/12/10      update to Suriname (Pres., VP).
08/11/10      update to South Korea (PM).
08/09/10      update to U.S. govt.: DNI.
08/07/10      update to Colombia (Pres.)
08/06/10      update to Hungary (Pres.), Poland (Pres.)
08/03/10      update to Indonesia prov.: Jambi (Gov.)
08/02/10      update to Bosnia-Hercegovina: Brcko (Int. Sup.) 
07/29/10      updates to Pakistan: Azad Kashmir (PM), China prov.: Gansu and Hunan (Gov.)
07/27/10      update to Somaliland (Pres.)
07/25/10      update to OPCW (Dir.-gen.)
07/24/10      update to Lutheran World Fed. (Pres.)
07/22/10      update to Congo (Kinshasa) prov.: Sud-Kivu (Gov.)
07/20/10      update to U.S. city: Honolulu (Mayor).
07/15/10      update to Russia rep.: Bashkortostan (Pres.)
07/13/10      update to Czech Republic (PM).
07/12/10      updates to Wallis and Futuna (Admin.), Congo (Kins.) prov.: Sud-Kivu (Gov.)
07/10/10      update to OSCE (Parl. Pres.)
07/08/10      updates to Poland (Pres.) and Slovakia (PM).
07/04/10      updates to U.S. city: Trenton (Mayor), Afghanistan (ISAF).
07/03/10      update to Wallis and Futuna: Sigave (King).
07/01/10      updates to Germany state: Niedersachsen (Min.-Pres.), Swiss cantons:
                Basel-Land, NidwaldenObwalden and Schwyz, U.S. govt.: TSA (Dir.)  
                South Korea prov.: Chungcheongbuk, Chungcheongnam, Gangwon, Gyeongsangnam,
                Jeju (Gov.) and Daejon, Gwangju, Incheon (Mayor); Netherlands prov.:
                Noord-Holland (Gov.)
06/30/10      updates to Germany (Pres.) and The Philippines (Pres.)
06/28/10      update to U.S. govt.: Senate (Pres. Pro.)
06/25/10      updates to Seventh-day Adventists (Pres.), U.S. city: Hartford (Mayor).
06/24/10      update to Australia (PM).
06/23/10      updates to Afghanistan (ISAF), British Indian Ocean Terr. (USNSF Diego Garcia)
06/22/10      update to Finland (PM).
06/18/10      updates to Russia rep.: Sakha (PM), Ukraine prov.: Kherson (Gov.)
06/16/10      update to Ukraine prov.: Ternopil (Gov.)
06/15/10      update to Russia admin.: Orenburg (Gov.)
06/14/10      update to Russia admin.: Rostov (Gov.)
06/10/10      updates to Papua New Guinea: Bougainville (Pres.), Byzantine Catholic Church
                in America (Metrop.)
06/08/10      updates to Japan (PM) and U.S. mayor election results: Bismarck, ND
                Mayor John Warford (Rep.) defeats Steve Schwab 74.9%-24.8%; San José, CA:
                Mayor Chuck Reed (Dem.) defeats Thomas Nguyen (Dem.), Susan Barragan
               (f)(Ind.) and Bill Chew (Ind.) 76.6%-9.8%-8.2%-5.2%.
06/07/10      updates to North Korea (PM), Sweden county: Östergötland (Gov.) 
06/03/10      update to Pitcairn (Gov.)
06/02/10      update to Ukraine prov.: Vinnytsya (Gov.)
06/01/10      updates to Swiss cantons: Bern, Neuchâtel, Sankt Gallen, Thurgau, Uri; and
                U.S. govt.: NSF (Dir.), Norway countty: Hordaland (Gov.) 
05/31/10      updates to Germany (Pres.), Greece: Athos (Pref.), Canada prov.: Nunavut (Com.)
                and Sint Maarten (Lt. Gov.)
05/30/10      update to Bolivia departments: Beni, Chuquisaca, Cochabamba, La Paz, Oruro,
                Pando, Potosí, Santa Cruz, Tarija (Gov.)
05/29/10      update to Hungary (PM).
05/28/10      updates to U.S. govt.: National Intelligence (Dir.), Canada prov.:
                 Northwest Territories (Com.), and  UNPO (Pres.).
05/26/10      update to Trinidad & Tobago (PM).
05/25/10      updates to U.S. govt.: Coast Guard (Cmdt.), Sudan states: Lakes, Upper Nile,
                Warrap, Western Equatoria (Gov.)
05/22/10      update to Seborga (Prnc.)
05/20/10      update to Belarus prov.: Minsk (Gov.) 
05/19/10      update to Nigeria state: Kaduna (Gov.) 
05/18/10      update to U.S. govt.: TVA (Chr.)
05/17/10      update to Cyprus: Northern Cyprus (PM).
05/13/10      update to Canada: Nunatsiavut (FM).
05/11/10      updates to United Kingdom (PM) and Canada prov.: Alberta (Lt. Gov.)
                U.S. mayor election results: Newark, NJ: Mayor Cory Booker (Dem.) is 
                re-elected over Clifford Minor (Dem.) and Yvonne Garrett-Moore (f)(Ind.)
                59.1%-35.2%-4.4%; Trenton, NJ: Tony Mack (Dem.), Manny Segura (Dem.) and
                Eric Jackson (Dem.) receive 21.6%-17.07%-17.05%, in runoff held on 6/15/10
                Mack defeats Segura 62%-38%.
05/08/10      update to Costa Rica (Pres.)
05/09/10      update to Svetambara (Acarya).
05/05/10      update to Nigeria (Pres.)
05/07/10      update to Andean Community (Sec.-gen.) 
05/04/10      updates to Nicaragua reg.: Atlántico Norte (Gov.), UNASUR (Sec.-gen.) and 
                U.S. mayor election results: Norfolk, VA: Mayor Paul D. Fraim (Dem.)
                is re-elected over Daun S. Hester (f)(Dem.) 63%-30%.
05/03/10      updates to U.S. city: New Orleans (Mayor), Sudan states: Gadaref, Kassala
                Northern Kordofan, River Nile, Western Darfur and White Nile (Gov.)
05/02/10      update to Swiss canton: Glarus.
05/01/10      updates to UNICEF (Dir.), Swiss cantons: Valais and Zürich.
04/28/10      updates to Russia rep.: Kalmykia (PM), Karachayevo-Cherkessia (PM).
04/25/10      update to Swiss canton: Appenzell-Innerrhoden.
04/23/10      update to Cyprus: Northern Cyprus (Pres., PM).
04/22/10      updates to Russia admin.: Tatarstan (PM), Chelyabinsk (Gov.)
04/21/10      update to Sri Lanka (PM) and prov.: Sabaragamuwa (Gov.)
04/20/10      update to India state: Meghalaya (CM).
04/19/10      updates to Brazil: Distrito Fed. (Gov.), Italy region: Campania, Umbria (Pres.)
04/17/10      update to United Church of Christ (Pres.)
04/16/10      updates to Italy region: Lazio (Pres.), Tuvalu (Gov.-gen.)
04/14/10      updates to The Bahamas (Gov.-gen.), Italy region: Calabria (Pres.)
04/13/10      updates to Swiss canton: TicinoItaly region: Veneto (Pres.)
                U.S. mayor election result: Long Beach, CA: Mayor Bob Foster (Dem.)
                is re-elected over Stevie Merino (f)(Socialist) 83.8%-16.1%.
04/12/10      update to Tristan da Cunha (Chf. Islander).
04/10/10      updates to Poland (Pres.), Canada prov.: Nunavut (Com.)
04/07/10      update to Kyrgyzstan (Pres., PM)
04/06/10      updates to Ukraine prov.: Cherkasy, Kirovohrad, Sumy, Ternopil
                Vinnytsya and Sevastopol (Gov.), Nigeria: Capital Terr. (Min.)
04/02/10      updates to Brazil states: Piaui, São Paulo (Gov.) and Russia rep.: Chuvashia
04/01/10      updates to San Marino (Capt. Reg.), Brazil state: Paraná (Gov.), and 
                Sint Eustatius (Gov.)
03/31/10      updates to Brazil states: Amazonas, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais,  
                 Rio Grande do Norte, Rondônia (Gov.) 
03/30/10      update to Brazil state: Amapá (Gov.)
03/29/10      update to Monaco (PM).
03/27/10      update to U.S. govt.: Customs & Border (Comm.)
03/26/10      updates to Ukraine prov.: Ivano-Frankyivsk, Poltava and Volyn (Gov.)
03/25/10      updates to France reg.: Corsica (Pres.) and Russia rep.: Tatarstan (Pres.)
03/24/10      update to Norfolk Island (PM).
03/23/10      update to Pakistan prov.: Gilgit-Baltistan (Gov.)
03/19/10      update to Norway county: Vestfold (Gov.)
03/18/10      updates to Nigeria: Capital Terr. (Min.) and Ukraine prov.: Chernivtsi,
                Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Kherson, Khmelnytsky, Kyiv, Luhansk,
                Mykolayiv, Odessa, Rivne, Zakarpattya, Zaporizhzhya, and Zhytomyr (Gov.)
                and Nigeria: Adamawa (ruler).  
03/17/10      update to Ukraine: Crimea (Pres., PM).
03/13/10      update to Kazakhstan: Aqmola (Gov.)
03/11/10      updates to Chile (Pres.) and Ukraine (PM), Pakistan: Islamabad Terr. (Chf.)
03/06/10      updates to Bosnia-Hercegovina (Pres.), Mauritius: Rodrigues (CE)
03/05/10      update to Chad (PM).
03/04/10      update to Ukraine (PM).
03/03/10      update to British Indian Ocean Terr. (Com. Rep.)
03/02/10      updates to Japan pref.: Nagasaki (Gov.); U.S. cities (Mayor results)
              - Oklahoma City, OK: Mayor Mick Cornett (Rep.) re-elected over Steve Hunt
                (Ind./Dem.), 58.3%-41.7%;
              - Santa Fe, NM : Mayor David Coss (Dem.) defeats Asenath Kepler (f) (Rep.)
                and Miguel Chavez (Dem.), 58%-34%-8%.
03/01/10      updates to Uruguay (Pres.), Russia admin.: Khanty-Mansi (Gov.),
                and ACP (Secy.-gen.)
02/26/10      update to Taiwan: Taiwan (Gov.)
02/25/10      updates to Ukraine (Pres.), Russia admin.: Yevreyskaya (Gov.)
02/23/10      updates to Niger (PM), Brazil state: Distrito Federal (Gov.)
02/20/10      updates to Russia rep.: Dagestan (Pres.), U.S. govt.: Fish & Wildlife Serv.
02/18/10      updates to Croatia (Pres.), Niger (Pres., PM).
02/16/10      updates to Anguilla (PM), ECOWAS (Pres., Chr.)
02/15/10      update to Reunion (Pref.); U.S. tribal election: Nooksack, WA: chairman Robert
                Kelly defeats George Adams, 46.25%-45.71%
02/12/10      update to Ukraine prov.: Rivne (Gov.)
02/11/10      update to Brazil state: Distrito Federal (Gov.)
02/10/10      update to Germany state: Baden-Württemberg (PM).
02/07/10      update to U.S. govt.: General Services (Adm.)
02/06/10      update to U.S. (Mayor results): New Orleans, LA: Mitch Landrieu (Dem.) defeats
                Troy Henry (Dem.), John Georges (Dem.) and Robert Couhig (Rep.) 65.52%-
02/05/10      updates to Angola (PM), Ukraine prov.: Kharkiv (Gov.)
02/04/10      updates to Ukraine prov.: Dnipropetrovsk (Gov.), U.S. city: Baltimore (Mayor).
02/03/10      update to the Samaritans (High Preist).
01/31/10      update to African Union (Chr.)
01/28/10      update to Lebanon: UNIFIL (Cmdr.)
01/27/10      update to Honduras (Pres.)
01/26/10      updates to Guinea (PM), Libya (Pres.), Venezuela (VP), U.S. 
                city: Birmingham (Mayor), Belarus admin.: Hrodno (Gov.).
01/25/10      updates to India state: Himachal Pradesh (Gov.), Council of Europe (Parl Pres.)
01/24/10      update to India state: West Bengal (Gov.)
01/23/10      updates to Malaysia: Johore (Sultan), Serbian Orth. Church (Patr.), 
                India state: Chhattisgarh (Gov.)
01/22/10      updates to India states: JharkhandPunjabMaharashtra (Gov.) and
                Wallis and Futuna: Tua (Alo) (king).
01/19/10      updates to U.S. state: New Jersey (Gov.), Russia admin.: Krasnoyarsk (Gov.)
                and Severo-Kavkazsky (Plen.);
                - U.S. Senate: special election for seat of former Sen. Edward Kennedy (Dem.)
                Atty.-gen. Martha Coakley (Dem.) is defeated by state Sen. Scott Brown
                (Rep.) 47%-51.9%; U.S. Senate now has 59 Democrats & 41 Republicans.
01/16/10      updates to Mozambique (PM) and U.S. state: Virginia (Gov.)
01/15/10      updates to Cayman Islands (Gov.), Russia rep.: Komi (Pres.), 
                China prov.: Xizang (Tibet) (Gov.)
01/12/10      updates to China prov.: Qinghai (Gov.), Northern Marianas: Saipan (mayor). 
01/10/10      update to Russia admin.: Volgograd (Gov.)
01/05/10      updates to Palau state: Ngchesar (Gov.), U.S. city: Manchester, NH (mayor).
01/04/10      update to U.S. cities: Atlanta, Billings, Seattle and Toledo (Mayor).
01/03/10      updates to U.S. govt.: Customs (Comm.), Border Patrol (Chf.)
01/02/10      update to U.S. city: Houston (Mayor).
01/01/10      updates to Switzerland (Pres.); Denmark region: Sjælland (Chr.); 
                Swiss cantons: Fribourg, Graubünden, Jura, Lucerne, Schaffhausen
                and Solothurn; Sweden county: Gotland (Gov.); U.S. city: Syracuse (Mayor); 
                to APEC (Exec. Dir.); EU, Nordic Council (Pres.); Mercosur; OSCE (Chr.);
                SCO (Sec.-Gen.) and UNRWA (Com.-gen.); World Council of Churches (Gen. Sec.)

 Recent Additions to  

03/20/15      added Tucson, AZ to U.S. cities.
02/07/15      added U.S. Lighthouse Service to U.S. government.
12/13/14      added Fuuta Jaloo to Guinea and Timbuktu to Mali native states.
11/15/14      added annual update pages for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.
03/07/14      added 5 Districts to French Southern and Antarctic Lands.
10/01/13      added 1936-37 Aragón Council of Defense to Spain Regions.
09/16/13      added Charter Company territories to Mozambique.
04/27/13      additions to China provinces.
04/20/13      added Polish zone of occupation 1945-48 under Germany.
11/01/12      added Bank for International Settlements (BIS).
10/28/12      expanded Vanuatu with 1887-1906 U.K. & French Naval Commissioners.
10/01/12      added France's Hauteville House under Guernsey.
09/26/12      update to Albania: Saseno Island.
07/19/12      added Verapaz Belgian concession 1843-54 under Guatemala.
07/08/12      added 1873 Cantonal Revolution under Spain.
06/20/12      added Carlist governments to Spain.
06/17/12      added Pious Establishments of France in Rome and French Domain in the 
                Holy Land.
01/16/12      added Chatham Islands to New Zealand.
09/01/11      added Goa Dependencies page under Portuguese India.
07/09/11      new South Sudan and South Sudan states pages.
05/01/11      expanded Cameroon traditional states, Tanzania traditional states
                and States of Palau.
03/01/11      update Mayotte becomes a French overseas département.
02/11/11      added new Regions to Myanmar (Burma).
02/05/11      added new Regions to Greece.
01/01/11      added Dutch Language Union (Nederlandse Taalunie)(DLU).
12/28/10      added Lihou to Guernsey.
11/10/10      added Trust Terr. of Pacific Islands district administrators:
                Chuuk, Marshall Is., Mariana Islands, Palau, Ponape, Rota, and Yap.
11/03/10      added Long Beach, California to U.S. Mayors.
10/20/10      added Tadjourah and Rahayto sultanates to Djibouti.
10/15/10      update to Bolivia Departments.
10/10/10      added new separate pages for: Curaçao, Bonaire, Saba, Sint Eustatius
                and Sint Maarten.
07/31/10      added to British Indian Ocean Territory.
07/27/10      expanded Ghana: English Gold Coast 1632-1751.
07/23/10      expanded Monaco governors-general 1732-1911.
07/13/10      added Rimatara and Rurutu under French Polynesia. 
07/09/10      added Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM).
07/08/10      added International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) est.
06/15/10      added Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS).
05/30/10      began page for Saipan mayors.
05/05/10      added Council of the Baltic States (CBSS).
04/17/10      new page for Regions of Finland.
03/09/10      added International Seabed Authority (ISA).
02/25/10      added Association of Caribbean States (ACS) and Caribbean Development Bank
02/10/10      added Billings, Montana; Jackson, Mississippi; Lansing, Michigan; Manchester,
                New Hampshire; Orlando, Florida; and Trenton, New Jersey to U.S. Mayors.
09/21/09      expanded Ghana Traditional States.
09/07/09      addition to Bosnia-Hercegovnia: Serbian Autonomous Oblasts 1991-92.
07/25/09      added Cordillera Administrative Region under the Philippines.
06/01/09      added to Croatia: Kraijna constitution 1991-95.
05/25/09      added United National Environmental Programme (UNEP).
05/22/09      expanded Rodrigues under Mauritius.
05/04/09      new page begun for Counties of Liberia (incomplete).
04/22/09      added Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).
04/10/09      added Fort Worth, Texas to U.S. Mayors.
03/18/09      new page: Vermont State Government 1777-1791.
03/10/09      new page: Provinces of Belgium
02/27/09      new page: Provinces of South Korea.
02/13/09      added Latin American Parliament (Parlatino) and the Andean Parliament.
12/12/08      added to Congo (Kinshasa) prov.: Katanga 1960 constitution.
11/15/08      added Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO).
11/07/08      added Latin Union (LU).
10/27/08      addition to Sudan: Transitional Darfur Regional Authority.
10/01/08      additions to Saba (anthem), Crete (anthem), Azad Kashmir (constitution).
09/23/08      additions to U.S. govt.: Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC)
                and the Comptrollers of the Currency.
09/08/08      added 1907 constitution to Crete under Greece.
09/04/08      additions to U.S. govt.: General Services Admin., National Science Found.
08/22/08      added mayors of Hagatna (Agana), Guam to U.S. mayors.
07/22/08      added the Tangier Zone Statute under Morocco and constitutions
                of South Yemen and Zaire.
07/10/08      expanded Other Ugandan Traditional States.
07/02/08      expanded Republic of Ragusa under Croatia.
06/16/08      added Italo-Albanian Catholic Church, expanded Elba under Italy states.
06/01/08      expanded Kazakhstan Administrative Divisions added pre-1991 divisions.
05/20/08      addition to US govt.: Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
03/18/08      added Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO).
03/17/08      additions to U.S. govt.: Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 
                and Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
03/01/08      additions to U.S. govt.: Patent Office, Bureau of Land Management,
                U.S. Marshals Service, War Relocation Authority, Census Bureau,
                and NOAA Commissioned Corps.
02/17/08      new page: Kosovo page and re-edit of Serbia page.
02/08/08      added Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC).
02/03/08      added British and French forts in Benin 1650-1807.
01/03/08      added Constitution to Brunei Darussalam.
12/06/07      added Orthodox Church of New Zealand, Orthodox Church of Korea and 
                Old Calendar Church of Bulgaria.
12/04/07      added Organization of Central American States (ODECA) and
                Central American Integration System (SICA) and Collective Security
                Treaty Organization (CSTO).
12/01/07      added Nunatsiavut to Newfoundland.
11/11/07      added Birmingham, Alabama; Oakland, California; and Shreveport,
                Louisiana to U.S. Mayors.
11/03/07      added Santa Fe, New Mexico to U.S. Mayors.
10/19/07      added Kansas City, Missouri to U.S. Mayors.
10/18/07      added Rochester, New York; Savannah, Georgia; and
                Topeka, Kansas to U.S. Mayors.
08/25/07      added Kupang to Indonesian traditional states and Islamabad Cap. Terr.,
                Northern Areas and Tribal Areas to Pakistan provinces.
08/22/07      added International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and
                United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Intersputnik.
08/01/07      added National Council of the Churches (NCC).
07/25/07      added new page Denmark Counties 1970-2006.
07/16/07      expanded Red Cross (ICRC, ICRM, IFRCS) entries. 
07/03/07      added International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO),
                International Mobile Satellite Organization (IMSO) and Islamic
                Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO).
06/20/07      added Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA); United Nations Conference
                on Trade and Development (UNCTAD); United Nations Relief and Works Agency
                for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).
06/12/07      added World Customs Organization (WCO). 
05/07/07      added International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
05/01/07      expanded Malta: Gozo.
02/21/07      added new pages for Saint-Barthelemy and Saint-Martin
01/23/07      added San José, California to U.S. Mayors.
01/18/07      new page: Regions of Denmark.
12/20/06      new page: Venezuela States since 1990.
12/08/06      added International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).
12/06/06      expanded Burma states 1947-1974.
10/31/06      added Organisation Commune Africaine et Mauricienne (OCAM).
10/08/06      expansion and updates to Indian Princely states A-J and K-M
                and Pakistan Princely States.
06/03/06      separate Montenegro page and re-edit of Serbia page.
05/20/06      expanded Armenia (Eriwan khanate) and Japan (Ryukyu).
05/12/06      expanded Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
05/10/06      added Canton & Enderbury Islands and Kirimati to Kiribati
                expanded British Indian Ocean Terr. added English Hirado Post to Japan.
05/03/06      added Gozo to Malta and Buffer Zone to Cyprus.
04/26/06      expanded Pitcairn and Saint Helena.
04/16/06      added Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).
04/07/06      added Albany (NY) to U.S. Mayors.
03/18/06      added Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).
03/01/06      added Igelsia Ni Cristo, Fulan Gong, and Buddhist Thailand.
01/15/06      new page: Belarus Administrative Divisions.
01/14/06      added Podolia (1672-99) to Poland and Kokang to Myanmar Shan states.
01/13/06      expanded of Cameroon Traditional states.
12/26/05      new page: Ukraine Administrative Divisions and 
                Reichskommissariat Ukraine General Districts.
12/01/05      new page: Russian S.F.S.R. Administrative divisions (to 1991).
11/12/05      added Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).
10/21/05      new page: Self-Proclaimed Micronations (Hutt River Province, Saugeais, 
                Sealand and Seborga).
10/01/05      added Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to U.S. govt.
09/29/05      added Croatia Counties, Japan Prefectures and Slovak Regions.
09/03/05      added United Church of Christ (UCC).
08/09/05      added baLobedu to South African Traditional states.
07/10/05      added Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD).
05/28/05      added Poland Voivodships 1919-39 and from 1999,
                and General-government districts 1939-45.
05/12/05      additions to Poland: Danzig 1526-1815.

    New Polities and International Organizations

01/01/15      update Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) established.
12/25/14      update to Taiwan new special municipality: Taoyuan city.
06/29/14      update Islamic State declared by ISIL in Syria and Iraq.
06/02/14      update to India new state: Telangana.
03/21/14      update to Russia: annexation of Crimea, creating a new Russian federal
                district (Krymsky), republic (Crimea) and federal city (Sevastopol).
03/17/14      update to Ukraine: Crimea declares independence.
01/01/14      Mayotte becomes an overseas department of France.
08/28/13      update to Somalia: Juba Interim Admin. recognized.
07/11/13      update to Sudan province: Western Kordofan restored.
05/13/13      update to Somalia: new region Jubbaland.
04/22/13      update to Indonesia new province: Kalimantan Utara (Gov.)
07/01/12      update to South Korea: Sejong special autonomous city created.
05/17/12      update to Papua New Guinea new provinces: Hela, Jiwaka.
04/06/12      added Azawad under Mali.
01/10/12      update to The Sudan new states: Central Darfur and Eastern Darfur.
10/27/11      update to Venezuela: Francisco de Miranda Territory created.
09/01/11      added Cabildo Insulares to Spain's Canary Islands.
07/09/11      independence of South Sudan.
03/31/11      update Mayotte to become an overseas department of France.
01/01/11      update to Greece: Regions.
12/25/10      update to Taiwan: SinbeiTaichung and Tainan special municipalities created.
10/10/10      Netherlands Antilles dissolved into autonomous countries Curaçao & St. Maarten;
                Bonaire, Saba & St. Eustatius become special municipalities of Netherlands.
07/08/10      International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) est.
05/30/10      Bolivia departments granted autonomy.
01/19/10      update to Russia: new federal district Severo-Kavkazsky (North Caucasian).
10/19/09      update to Uganda: Rwenzururu kingdom recognized. 
10/07/08      update to Nepal: Mustang kingship abolished.
08/31/08      update to The Sudan: Abyei Area created.
05/28/08      update to Nepal: becomes a republic.
05/23/08      update Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) est.
03/01/08      update to Russia: new kray Zabaikalsky.