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(abbreviations: Admin. = Administrator, Gov. = Governor, PM = Prime minister, Pres. = President, Secy.-gen. = Secretary-general)

New Heads of State, Governors and Other Leaders

12/05/21      update to U.S. govt.: Bob Dole (b. 1923 - d. 2021), U.S. Senate Majority Leader
                1985-87 & 1995-96, RNC chair 1971-73, and U.S. Senator 1969-1996 dies.
11/30/21      updates to Barbados (Pres.), Sweden (PM).
11/25/21      update to Interpol (Pres.)
11/24/21      update to Romania (PM).
11/23/21      update to Ethiopia state: South West Peoples (Gov.)
11/21/21      update to The Sudan (PM).
11/19/21      update to Canada prov.: Nunavut (PM).
11/16/21      update to U.S. city: Boston (Mayor).
11/13/21      update to U.S. city election: New Orleans, LA: Mayor LaToya Cantrell (f)(Dem.)
                wins re-election over Vina Nguyen (f)(Rep.), Leilani Heno (f)(Ind.), Belden
                Batiste (Dem.), Joseph Amato (Louisiana Independent), Eldon Delloyd Anderson
                (Dem.), Byron S. Cole (Ind.), Luke Fontana (Dem.), and Manny Bruno (Ind.),
11/12/21      update to Fiji (Pres.)
11/11/21      updates to The Sudan (Pres.), Saint Lucia (Gov.-gen.), Nepal prov.:
                Province No. 1, Karnali Pradesh, Sudurpaschim Pradesh (Gov.)
11/09/21      update to Cabo Verde (Pres.)
11/05/21      updates to Cyprus: Turkish Northern Cyprus (PM), Tajikistan: Gorno-Badakhshan
11/02/21      updates to Canada prov.: Manitoba (PM); Nepal prov.: Karnali Pradesh, Province 1
                (PM), U.S. election results: parties - Dem. = Democratic, Rep. = Republican,
                Cons. = Conservative Party, DFL = Democratic–Farmer–Labor, DSA = Democratic
                Socialists of America, Grn. = Green Party, Indep. = Independence Party, Ind. =
                Independent, Libt. = Libertarian, Ref. = Reform Party, SWP = Socialist Workers
                Party, WFP = Working Families Party;
              Governor elections:
              - New Jersey: Gov. Phil Murphy (Dem.) is re-elected over Jack Ciattarelli (Rep.),
                Madelyn Hoffman (f)(Grn.), Gregg Mele (Libt.), and Joanne Kuniansky (f)(SWP),
              - Virginia: Glenn A. Youngkin (Rep.) defeats ex-Gov. Terry R. McAuliffe (Dem.),
                and Princess L. Blanding (f)(Liberation), 50.6%-48.6%-0.70%;
              U.S. Mayor elections:
              - Albany, NY: Mayor Katherine Sheehan (f)(Dem.) is re-elected over Alicia Purdy
                (Rep./Con.), and Greg Aidala (Ind.), 62.1%-17.5%-17.2%;
              - Albuquerque, NM: Mayor Tim Keller (Dem.) is re-elected over Manny Gonzales III
                (Dem.), Eddy Aragon (Rep.), 55.8%-25.6%-18.4%;
              - Annapolis, MD: Mayor Gavin Buckley (Dem.) is re-elected over Steven Strawn
                (Rep.), 70.3%-28.6%;
              - Atlanta, GA:
Felicia A. Moore (f)(Dem.) leads Andre Dickens (Dem.), ex-Mayor
                Kasim Reed (Dem.), Sharon A. Gay (f)(Ind.), Antonio Brown (Dem.), Kenneth Darnell
                Hill (Dem.), Rebecca L. King (f)(Ind.), Mark Hammad (Ind.), Kirsten Dunn (f)
                (Ind.), Glenn Wrightson (Ind.), 45.4%-27.5%-12.4%-6%-4.6%-0.5%-0.4%-0.4%-0.3%-
                0.2%; in the 30 Nov 2021 runoff Dickens defeats Moore, 63.7%-36.3%;
              - Billings, MT: Mayor Bill Cole (Ind.) unopposed is re-elected by acclamation;
              - Boston, MA:
Michelle Wu (f)(Dem.) defeats Annissa Essaibi George (f)(Dem.),
              - Buffalo, NY: write-in-candidate Mayor Byron W. Brown (Ind.) defeats
India B.
                Walton (f)(Dem./DSA/WFP), 58.8%-41.2%;
              - Cincinnati, OH: Aftab Pureval (Dem.) defeats David Mann (Dem.), 65.8%-34.2%;
              - Cleveland, OH: Justin Bibb (Dem.) defeats Kevin J. Kelley (Dem.), 62.9%-37.1%;
              - Detroit, MI: Mayor Michael Duggan (Dem.)
is re-elected over Anthony Adams
                (Dem.), 75.6%-24.4%;
              - Jersey City, NJ: Mayor Steven Fulop (Dem.)
is re-elected over Lewis Spears
                (Ind.), 67.3%-32.4%;
              - Lansing, MI: Mayor Andy Schor (Dem.) is re-elected over Kathie Dunbar (f)(Ind.),
              - Manchester, NH: Mayor Joyce Craig (f)(Dem.)
is re-elected over Victoria
                Sullivan (f)(Rep.), 53.%-46.8%;
              - Miami, FL:
Mayor Francis X. Suarez (Rep.) is re-elected over Max Martinez
                (Dem.), Marie Frantz Exantus (f)(Dem.), Anthony Melvin Dutrow (SWP), and Frank
                Pichel (Ind.), 78.6%-11.6%-4.3%-3.7%-1.8%;
              - Minneapolis, MN:
Mayor Jacob Frey (Dem./DFL) defeats Sheila Nezhad (f)(DFL),
                Kate Knuth (f)(Dem./DFL), AJ Awed (DFL), Laverne Turner (Rep.), Clint Conner
                (Dem.), Bob "Again" Carney Jr. (Rep.), Marcus Harcus (Grassroots-Legalize
                Cannabis), Nate "Honey Badger" Atkins (Libt.), Mark Globus (DFL), Doug Nelson
                (SWP), Jerrell Perry (DFL), Mike Winter (MN Indep.), Christopher David (Dem.),
                Kevin "No Body" Ward (Ind.), Paul E. Johnson (Humanitarian-Community), and Troy
                Benjegerdes (Dem.) win in the first-preference vote: 42.8%-21.1%-18.4%-4.8%-3.2%
                -2.9%-1.9%-0.8%-0.8%-0.8%-0.5%-0.5%-0.4%-0.3%-0.2%-0.2%-0.1%, then after the
                reallocation of ranked votes Frey defeats Knuth, 49.1%-38.2;
              - New York City, NY: Brooklyn Borough Pres. Eric Adams (Dem.) defeats Curtis Sliwa
                (Rep./Indep.), Cathy Rojas (f)(Socialism and Liberation), Bill Pepitone (Cons.),
                Write-ins, Quanda S. Francis (Empowerment), Stacey Prussman (f)(Libt.), Raja
                Flores (United), Fernando Mateo (Save Our City), Skiboky Stora (Out Lawbreaker),
                New York City Borough Presidents:
                - Bronx: Vanessa L. Gibson (f)(Dem.
) defeats Janelle King (f)(Rep.), and
                  Sammy Ravelo (Cons.), 79.7%-13.7%-6.6%;
                - Brooklyn: Antonio Reynoso (
Dem.) defeats Menachem M. Raitport (Rep./Cons.),
                  Anthony T. Jones (Rent Is Too Damn High), Shanduke McPhatter (Change),
                - Manhattan: Mark D. Levine (
Dem.) defeats Lou Puliafito (Rep.), Michael Lewyn
                  (Libt.), 84.7%-13.4%-1.9%;
                - Queens: incumbent Donovan J. Richards, Jr. (Dem.
) defeats Thomas J. Zmich
                  (Rep./Cons./Save Our City), 65.8%-34.2%;
                - Staten Island: ex-Congressman Vito J. Fossella (Rep.) defeats Mark S. Murphy
                  (Dem./Staten Island First), and Leticia M. Remauro (f)(Cons.),
              - Pittsburgh, PA: Edward C. Gainey (Dem.) defeats Tony Moreno (Rep.), 70.6%-28.6%;
              - Rochester, NY: Malik Evans (Dem./WFP) is elected unopposed with 98.6% of vote;
              - Saint Paul, MN: Mayor Melvin Carter III (Dem./DFL) defeats
Dino Guerin (MN
                Indep.), Paul Langenfeld (Ind.), Bill Hosko (Ind.), Dora Jones-Robinson (f)
                (Ind.), Miki Frost (Ind.), Abu Nayeem (Ind.), and Scott Evans Wergin (Ind.),
              - Santa Fé, NM: Mayor Alan Webber (Dem.)
is re-elected over Joann Vigil Coppler
                (f)(Dem.), and Alexis Martinez Johnson (f)(Rep.), 54.8%-35%-10.2%;
              - Seattle, WA: Bruce Harrell (Dem.) defeats M. Lorena González (f)(Dem.),
              - Syracuse, NY: Mayor
Ben Walsh (Indep./Ind.) is re-elected over Khalid Bey
                (Dem.), and Janet Burman (f)(Rep./Cons./Syracuse United), 60.7%-27.2%-11.8%;
              - Toledo, OH: Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz (Dem.)
is re-elected over ex-Mayor
                Carleton "Carty" S. Finkbeiner (Ind.), 68.9%-29.7%;
              - Topeka, KS: Mike Padilla (Dem.) defeats Leo Cangiani (Ind.), 61.1%-38.9%;
11/01/21      updates to Australia state: Queensland (Gov.), Mexico states: Baja California,
                     Colima, Sinaloa (Gov.), Solomon Islands prov.: Choiseul (PM).
10/31/21      update to Saint Lucia (Gov.-gen.)
10/29/21      updates to Pakistan prov.: Balochistan (PM), U.S. govt.: Justice Dept (Sol. gen.)
10/28/21      updates to Nepal prov.: Bagmati (PM); Parlacen (Pres.)
10/27/21      update to Germany state: Nordrhein-Westfalen (PM).
10/26/21      update to Germany state: Nordrhein-Westfalen (PM).
10/25/21      updates to Saint Helena (PM), The Sudan (Pres., PM), South Korea prov.: Gyeonggi
10/21/21      update to New Zealand (Gov.-gen.)
10/19/21      update to China prov.: Xizang (Pty. Secy.)
10/15/21      updates to Mexico state: Guerrero (Gov.); Kosovo (KFOR Cmdr.),
                Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church (Cath.)
10/14/21      update to Norway (PM).
10/12/21      updates to Isle of Man (PM), Kyrgyzstan (PM), Russia admin.: Sibirsky (Plenp.),
                Yaroslavl (Gov.)
10/11/21      updates to Austria (PM), Estonia (Pres.), Tunisia (PM).
10/08/21      update to Russia rep.: North Ossetia-Alania (PM).
10/07/21      updates to Morocco (PM), Australia state: South Australia (Gov.), U.S. govt.:
                     BLM (Dir.)
10/06/21      updates to Guinea (PM), Peru (PM).
10/05/21      updates to Australia state: New South Wales (PM), U.S. mayor election Juneau, AK:
                     Mayor Beth A. Weldon (f)(Ind.) is re-elected unopposed with 91.7% of the vote
                     vs. 8.3% other/write-in votes.
10/04/21      updates to Japan (PM), Mexico state: Nuevo León (Gov.), Russia reg.: Tambov,
                     Vladimir (Gov.)
10/02/21      update to São Tomé e Príncipe (Pres.)
10/01/21      updates to San Marino (Capt.-reg.), Vatican City (Pres. Gov.), Mexico states:
                Michoacán, Querétaro (Gov.), U.S. govt.: U.S. Mint (Dir.), UNICEF (Exec. Dir.)
09/30/21      updates to China prov.: Xingjiang (Gov.), Ethiopia reg.: Amhara (Pres.)
09/29/21      updates to Isle of Man (Gov.), Ethiopia reg.: Dire Dawa (Mayor).
09/28/21      updates to New Zealand (Gov.-gen.), Tuvalu (Gov.-gen.)
09/27/21      update to U.S. govt.: U.S. Marshals (Dir.)
09/26/21      update to Mexico state: San Luis Potosí (Gov.)
09/23/21      update to Armenian Catholic Church (Patr.)
09/20/21      updates to Argentina (Cabinet Chf.), Argentina prov.: Tucumán (Gov.), India
                state: Punjab (PM), Russia rep.: Karachayevo-Cherkesskaia (PM).
09/19/21      update to Mexico state: Nayarit (Gov.)
09/18/21      update to India state: Tamil Nadu (Gov.)
09/17/21      updates to The Bahamas (PM), India state: Nagaland (Gov.)
09/16/21      update to Mexico state: Campeche (Gov.)
09/15/21      update to India state: Uttarakhand (Gov.)
09/14/21      updates to Japan pref.: Mie (Gov.), United Nations (Gen. Assem. Pres.); U.S.
                election: California Recall of Governor Gavin Newsom (Dem.) fails 62.2% No vs.
                37.8% Yes. In the case of recall, Larry Elder (Rep.) leads Kevin Paffrath
                (Dem.), Kevin Faulconer (Rep.), Brandon Ross (Dem.), John Cox (Rep.), Kevin
                Kiley (Rep.), Jacqueline McGowan (f)(Dem.), Joel Ventresca (Dem.), Daniel Watts
                (Dem.), Holly L. Baade (f)(Dem.), Patrick Kilpatrick (Dem.), Armando Perez-
                Serrato (Dem.), Caitlyn Jenner (f)(Rep.) and Dan Kapelovitz (Green), winning
09/13/21      updates to India states: Gujarat (PM), Mexico state: Sonora (Gov.),
                Assyrian Church of the East (Patr.), UNCTAD (Secy.-gen.)
09/12/21      update to Mexico state: Zacatecas (Gov.)
09/10/21      updates to Lebanon (PM), Congo DRC prov.: Lualaba (Gov.), Mexico state: Baja
                California Sur (Gov.), SEGIB (Secy.-gen.)
09/08/21      updates to Congo DRC prov.: Congo Central (Gov.), Mexico state: Chihuahua (Gov.)
09/07/21      update to Afghanistan (Pres.)
09/05/21      updates to Guinea (Pres., PM), Montenegrin Orthodox Church (Metrop.)
09/01/21      updates to Australia state: South Australia (Gov.), Canada prov.: Manitoba (PM),
                CBSS (Dir.-gen.), SADC (Secy.-gen.)
08/31/21      updates to Canada prov.: Nova Scotia (PM), India state: Punjab (Gov.), Mexico
                state: Tlaxcala (Gov.)
08/28/21      update to Venezuela state: Aragua (Gov.)
08/27/21      updates to India state: Manipur (Gov.), Isle of Man (Lt. gov.)
08/26/21      updates to Mexico state: Tabasco (Gov.), Nepal prov.: Province 1 (PM).
08/25/21      update to Pakistan: Azad Kashmir (Pres.)
08/24/21      updates to Zambia (Pres.), Venezuela state: Monagas (Gov.), U.S. state: New York
                (Gov.), U.S. mayor election: Birmingham, AL: Mayor Randall Woodfin (Dem.) is
                re-elected with 64.3% of vote over Lashunda Scales (f)(Dem.) 20.8%, ex-Mayor
                William A. Bell (Dem.) 9.1%, and Chris W. Woods (Ind.) 4.2%; Mobile, AL: Mayor
                Sandy Stimpson (Rep.) is re-elected over Fred Richardson (Dem.), Karlos Finley
                (Dem.), Donavette Ely (f)(Ind.) and Michael Young (Ind.), 62.5%-22.1%-14.2%-
08/21/21      update to Malaysia (PM).
08/20/21      update to Nepal prov.: Bagmati (Gov.)
08/18/21      update to Nepal prov.: Bagmati (PM).
08/17/21      update to Nepal prov.: Province No. 2 (Gov.)
08/15/21      update to CARICOM (Secy.-gen.)
08/13/21      update to ECO (Secy.-gen.)
08/12/21      updates to Nepal prov.: Lumbini (PM), South Korea prov.: Jeju (Gov.)
08/11/21      update to U.S. govt.: Justice Dept.: Solicitor.
08/10/21      update to U.S. govt.: Interior Dept.: BIA (Asst. Secy.)
08/09/21      updates to IDB (Pres.), U.S. govt: DOD: Navy (Secy.)
08/06/21      update to Moldova (PM).
08/05/21      update to China reg.: Nei Mongol (Gov.)
08/04/21      updates to Congo DRC prov.: Bas-Uélé (Gov.), Pakistan state: Azad Kashmir (PM),
                Ukraine prov.: Chernihiv (Gov.)
08/03/21      updates to Iran (Pres.), U.S. govt.: DHS - USCIS (Dir.)
08/01/21      updates to Bosnia-Hercegovnia (Intl. High Rep.), Myanmar (PM), Japan pref.:
                Hyōgo (Gov.), Myanmar reg.: Ayeyarwady, Sagaing, Tanintharyi (PM), CTBT
                (Exec. Sec.), ICAO (Secy.-gen.) 
07/29/21      update to Peru (PM).
07/28/21      updates to Peru (Pres.), Saint Lucia (PM), India state: Karnataka (PM), U.S.
                govt. DoD: Air Force (Secy.)
07/27/21      updates to Samoa (PM), Nepal prov.: Gandaki, Lumbini (Gov.)
07/26/21      updates to Canada (Gov.-gen.), U.S. govt. USDA: Forest Service (Chief).
07/25/21      update to Tunisia (PM).
07/23/21      update to IOC: Games of the XXXII Olympiad (to 8 Aug 2021).
07/22/21      update to New Caledonia (Pres.)
07/21/21      updates to Chile: Easter Island, Magallanes, Chilean Antarctica (Pres. Rep.),
                South Korea prov.: Gyeongsangnam (Gov.), CPLP (Exec. Sec.)
07/20/21      updates to Bosnia-Hercegovina (Pres.), Haiti (Pres., PM).
07/19/21      updates to Eswatini (PM), India state: Mizoram (Gov.)
07/15/21      updates to India states: Goa, Haryana (Gov.)
07/14/21      update to India state: Jharkhand (Gov.)
07/13/21      updates to Nepal (PM), India state: Himachal Pradesh (Gov.)
07/12/21      updates to Mayotte (Pref.), Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church (Cath.), India state:
                Tripura (Gov.), Syria: SNC (Pres.)
07/11/21      update to India state: Karnataka (Gov.)
07/10/21      update to Israel (Pres.)
07/09/21      updates to Congo (DRC) prov.: Haut-Lomami (Gov.), Pakistan prov.: Balochistan
                (Gov.), U.S. govt.: SSA (Com.)
07/08/21      updates to India state: Madhya Pradesh (Gov.), Ukraine prov.: Ivano-Frankivs'k
07/07/21      updates to Haiti (Pres.), Italy reg.: Trentino-Alto Adige (Pres.), NDB (Pres.)
07/06/21      update to OSCE (Parl. Pres.)
07/04/21      update to India state: Uttarakhand (PM).
07/02/21      updates to France reg.: French Guiana, Martinique, Réunion (Pres.)
07/01/21      updates to France reg.: Corse, Guadeloupe, Mayotte (Council Pres.); Swiss cantons:
                Basel-Land, Luzern, Nidwalden and Obwalden; Congo (DRC) prov.: Mai-Ndombe
               (Gov.); BSEC (Secy.-gen), SICA (Secy.-gen.); U.S. city: Anchorage (Mayor),
                U.S. govt.: GSA (Admin.)
06/30/21      update to Algeria (PM).
06/28/21      update to U.S. govt. Justice: DEA (Admin.)
06/25/21      updates to Mongolia (Pres.), Ukraine prov.: Sumy (Gov.)
06/24/21      updates to Norway: Svalbard (Gov.), U.S. govt. DHS: Border Patrol (Chief).
06/22/21      update to U.S. govt. Commerce: NOAA (Admin.)
06/21/21      update to Uganda (PM).
06/17/21      updates to United Kingdom: Northern Ireland (PM), Cuba: Guantanamo Bay (Cmdr.)
06/15/21      updates to Central African Republic (PM), U.S. city: Fort Worth (Mayor), U.S.
                govt.: FTC (Chair.), Intersputnik (Dir.-gen.)
06/14/21      updates to Curaçao (PM), Greece: Mount Athos (Chair.)
06/13/21      update to Israel (PM).
06/12/21      updates to New Caledonia (High Com.), Nepal prov.: Gandaki Pradesh (PM).
06/08/21      update to U.S. election: Jackson, MS: incumbent Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba (Dem.)
                is re-elected with 69.3% of vote, defeating Les Tannehill 13.4 % (Ind.),
                Charlotte Reeves (f)(Ind.) 8.9%, Shafekah "BigMama" Lodree (f) 4.2% (Ind.), and
                Jason Wells (Rep.) 4.1%; Croatia prov.: Sisačko-Moslavačka (Gov.) 
06/07/21      updates to Mali (PM), Sudan reg.: Darfur (Gov.), Swiss canton: Bern.
06/05/21      update to  U.S. mayor election: Fort Worth, TX (runoff): Mattie Parker (f)(Rep.)
                defeats Deborah Peoples (f)(Dem.), 53.6%-46.4%.
06/04/21      updates to Congo (DRC) prov.: Lomani (Gov.), Croatia prov.: Bjelovarsko-
                Bilogorska, Istarska, Karlovačka, Ličko-Senjska, Šibensko-Kninska, Varaždinska,
                Vukovarsko-Srijemska (Gov.), Grad Zagreb (Mayor).
06/03/21      update to Congo (DRC) prov.: Tanganyika (Gov.)
06/01/21      updates to Swiss cantons: Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Geneva, Sankt Gallen,
                and Thurgau; OECD (Secy.-gen.)
05/31/21      update to Congo (DRC) prov.: Maniema (Gov.)
05/27/21      updates to Belize (Gov.-gen.); Armenia prov.: Kotayk (Gov.); Ukraine prov.:
                Kirovohrad (Gov.); Vanuatu prov.: Malampa, Penama, Shefa, Tafea (Pres.);
                U.S. govt. Defense: U.S. Army (Secy.),
05/25/21      updates to Mali (Pres., PM); Cyprus: Buffer Zone (Cmdr.); Croatia prov.: Požeško-
                Slavonska (Gov.); Swiss canton: Neuchâtel; Armenian Catholic Church (Patr.)
05/24/21      updates to Ecuador (Pres.), Samoa (opposition PM), PIF (Sec.-gen.)
05/22/21      update to Venezuela state: La Guaira (Gov.)
05/18/21      update to Congo (Brazzaville)(PM).
05/14/21      update to South Korea (PM).
05/12/21      updates to Bulgaria (PM), Congo DRC prov.: Mongala (Gov.)
05/11/21      updates to U.S. mayor elections: Anchorage, AK (runoff): David Bronson (Rep.) wins
                50.66% and Forrest Dunbar (Dem.) 49.34%; and Omaha, NE: Mayor Jean Stothert (f)
                (Rep.) wins re-election with 66.7% vs. R.J. Neary 33.3% (Dem.)
05/10/21      updates to India state: Assam (PM), U.S. govt. Treasury: OCC (Compt.)
05/09/21      update to Swiss canton: Appenzell Innerrhoden.
05/07/21      updates to India states: Puducherry, Tamil Nadu (PM).
05/06/21      updates to Congo (DRC) prov.: Ituri, Nord-Kivu (Gov.)
05/05/21      updates to Ethiopia reg.: Tigray (Pres.), Swiss canton: Ticino.
05/04/21      update to Bolivia reg.: Tarija (Gov.)
05/03/21      updates to Bolivia reg.: Beni, Chuquisaca, Cochabamba, La Paz, Oruro, Pando
                Potosí, Santa Cruz (Gov.), Nepal prov.: Gandaki Pradesh, Sudurpaschim Pradesh
                (Gov.), U.S. govt.: NASA (Admin.),
05/01/21      updates to Swiss cantons: Valais, Zürich; Falklands (CEO), CDB (Pres.), U.S. mayor
                elections: Fort Worth, TX: Deborah Peoples (f)(Dem.), Mattie Parker (f)(Rep.),
                Brian Byrd (Rep.), Steve Penate (Ind.), Ann Zadeh (f)(Ind.) and Mike Haynes
                (Ind.) win 33.6%-30.8%-14.7%-9.4%-8.6%-1.3% (runoff held on 5 Jun 2021);
                San Antonio, TX: incumbent Mayor Ron Nirenberg (Dem.) is re-elected over Greg
                Brockhouse (Rep.), Denise Gutierrez-Homer (f)(Ind.) and Gary Allen (Rep.),
04/30/21      updates to Belize (Gov.-gen.), Sierra Leone (CM), Brazil state: Rio de Janeiro
04/29/21      update to Chile: Easter Island (Gov.)
04/27/21      updates to Congo (DRC) (PM), U.S. govt. DHS: FEMA (Admin.)
04/26/21      updates to Chad (PM).
04/25/21      update to EAC (Secy.-gen.)
04/23/21      update to Greenland (PM).
04/22/21      update to St. Helena: Tristan da Cunha (Admin.)
04/21/21      updates to Cayman Islands (PM), Congo (DRC) prov.: Tshopo (Gov.)
04/20/21      updates to Chad (Pres.), U.S. city: St. Louis (Mayor).
04/19/21      update to Cuba (Pty. Secy.)
04/18/21      update to Sint Eustatius (Gov.)
04/17/21      updates to Congo DRC prov.: Kasaï Oriental (Gov.), U.S. govt.: SEC (Chair.)
04/16/21      updates to South Korea (PM), Myanmar (opposition PM).
04/15/21      updates to Japan pref.: Fukuoka (Gov.), Ukraine prov.: Kirovohrad (Gov.)
04/14/21      update to Haiti (PM).
04/13/21      update to Micronesia state: Chuuk (Gov.)
04/12/21      update to Antigua and Barbuda: Barbuda (Council Chair.)
04/09/21      update to United Kingdom: HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (born Prince Philip
                of Greece)(b. 1921 - d. 2021), husband since 1947 of Queen Elizabeth II
                of the United Kingdom, dies.
04/09/21      update to Russia rep.: North Ossetia-Alania (Pres.)  
04/08/21      updates to South Korea admin.: Busan, Seoul (Mayors), Russia admin.: Ulyanovsk
                (Gov.), Armenia prov.: Tavush (Gov.)
04/07/21      update to Russia rep.: Tyva (Pres.)
04/06/21      updates to U.S. city elections: Anchorage, AK: Dave Bronson (Rep.) leads Forrest
                Dunbar (Dem.), Bill Falsey (Ind.), Bill Evans (Ind.), Mike Robbins (Rep.) and
                George Martinez (Ind.), 32.6%-31.7%-13.2%-9.6%-7.5%-3.4% (a runoff to held 11
                May 2021); Saint Louis, MO: Tishaura O. Jones (f)(Dem.) wins 51.7% of the vote
                over Cara Spencer (f)(Dem.) 47.8%.
04/05/21      updates to Vietnam (Pres., PM), Japan pref.: Chiba (Gov.)
04/04/21      update to Kosovo (Pres.)
04/03/21      update to Niger (PM).
04/02/21      update to Niger (Pres.)
04/01/21      updates to San Marino (Capt.-reg.), Slovakia (PM), U.S. govt.: NOAA Corps (Dir.)
03/30/21      update to Brazil state: Santa Catarina (Gov.)
03/26/21      update to Russia reg.: Penza (Gov.)
03/25/21      updates to Liechtenstein (PM), U.S. govt. HHS: PHS (Surg. gen.)
03/23/21      updates to Russia reg.: Penza (Gov.), U.S. govt.: Labor Dept. (Secy.), CIA (Dir.)
03/22/21      updates to Kosovo (Pres., PM), Laos (Pres., PM), Chile: Easter Island (Gov.),
                U.S. city: Boston (Mayor).
03/19/21      update to U.S. govt.: HHS Dept. (Secy.)
03/18/21      update to U.S. govt.: USTR (Amb.)
03/17/21      update to Tanzania (Pres.)
03/16/21      update to U.S. govt.: Interior Dept. (Secy.)
03/15/21      update to Libya (PM).
03/11/21      updates to ICCt (Pres.), U.S. govt.: Justice Dept. (Attny.-gen.), EPA (Admin.)
03/10/21      updates to Côte d'Ivorie (PM), Libya (Pres.), India state: Uttarakhand (PM),
                     U.S. govt.: HUD (Secy.)
03/08/21      update to Tokelau (Head).
03/03/21      update to U.S. govt.: Commerce Dept. (Secy.)
03/02/21      updates to U.S. state: Rhode Island (Gov.), U.S. govt.: Education Dept. (Secy.)
03/01/21      updates to AU (Parl. Pres.), WTO (Dir.-gen.), U.S. govt. Interior: BLM (Dir.)
02/28/21      updates to Croatia prov.: Grad Zagreb (Mayor), Indonesia prov.: Sulawesi Selatan
02/25/21      updates to U.S. govt.: Energy Dept. (Secy.), Indonesia prov.: Kepulauan Riau,
                Sumatera Barat, Bengkulu (Gov.)
02/24/21      updates to Jamaica: Accompong (Col.), U.S. govt.: Agriculture Dept. (Secy.),
                UN Ambassador.
02/23/21      update to Canada prov.: Nova Scotia (PM), India state: Puducherry (Gov.)
02/22/21      update to Georgia (PM).
02/20/21      update to Turks and Caicos (PM).
02/19/21      updates to BIOT (Comm. Rep.), Nepal prov.: Province No. 2 (Gov.),
                Serbian Orthodox Church (Patr.)
02/18/21      updates to India state: Puducherry (Gov.), Indonesia prov.: Kepulauan Riau,
                Sumatera Barat, Bengkulu (Gov.)
02/16/21      update to UNCTAD (Secy.-gen.)
02/15/21      updates to Congo (Kinshasa) (PM) Indonesia prov.: Kalimantan Utara (Gov.),
                Pakistan: Islamabad FCT (Mayor).
02/21/21      updates to Indonesia prov.: Sumatera Barat (Gov.), Myanmar state: Mon (PM).
02/13/21      updates to Italy (PM), Indonesia prov.: Kepulauan Riau (Gov.)
02/09/21      update to U.S. govt.: Veterans Affairs (Secy.)
02/08/21      updates to Haiti (opposition Pres.), ICJ (Pres.)
02/06/21      update to AU (Chair.)
02/03/21      updates to Kyrgyzstan (PM), Swiss canton: Basel-Stadt, Congo (DRC) prov.:
                Maniema, Mongala (Gov.), Australia: Norfolk Island (Mayor), Peru reg.: Áncash
               (Pres.), U.S. govt.: Transportation Dept. (Secy.)
02/02/21      updates to Myanmar and Myanmar Regions, U.S. govt.: DHS (Secy.)
02/01/21      update to Myanmar (Pres.)
01/29/21      updates to British Virgin Islands (Gov.), South Korea admin.: Busan (Mayor),
                Ukraine prov.: Cherkasy (Gov.)
01/28/21      updates to Kyrgyzstan (Pres.), Venezuela: Distrito Federal (Chief).
01/27/21      update to Mongolia (PM).
01/26/21      updates to Estonia (PM), Belarus reg.: Brest (Gov.), South Korea admin.: Busan
                (Mayor), U.S. govt.: State Dept. and Treasury Dept. (Secy.)
01/23/21      updates to Canada (Gov.-gen.), Saint Pierre and Miquelon (Pref.), U.S. govt.:
                NRC (Chair.)
01/22/21      updates to British Virgin Islands (Gov.), U.S. govt.: Defense Dept. (Secy.)
01/21/21      updates to Canada (Gov.-gen.), Palau (Pres.), U.S. govt.: FCC and SEC (Chairs),
                DNI, MARAD (Admin.), DNC (Chair.), Armenia prov.: Syunik (Gov.)
01/20/21      updates to Kyrgyzstan (PM); United States: Joseph R. Biden becomes the 46th
                President and Kamala Harris (f) Vice Pres.; U.S. govt.: CoS, NSC, Cabinet;
                U.S. Senate (Pres. Pro-tem., Maj. Ldr.); Wake Island (Gov.)
01/18/21      update to Anguilla (Gov.)
01/15/21      updates to Laos (Gen. Secy.), Congo (DRC) prov.: Mongala (Gov.), U.S. govt.:
                GSA (Admin.)
01/14/21      updates to Canada terr.: Nunavut (Comm.), U.S. govt. DHS: ICE (Dir.), Treasury OCC
               (Compt.), Bosnia-Hercegovnia: EU force (Cmdr.)
01/12/21      updates to U.S. govt.: DHS (Secy.), FEMA (Dir.)
01/11/21      updates to Wallis and Futuna (Admin.); Puerto Rico: San Juan (Mayor); U.S.
                govt.: Transportation Dept. (Secy.), Commerce MARAD (Admin.)
01/10/21      updates to Burkina Faso (PM), North Korea (Gen. Secy.)
01/08/21      update to U.S. govt.: Education Dept. (Secy.)
01/05/21      updates to U.S. city: El Paso (Mayor), Pakistan: Islamabad FCT (Mayor).
01/04/21      updates to Cyprus: Buffer Zone (Cmdr.), U.S. states: Montana, Utah (Gov.), U.S.
                city: Fresno (Mayor).
01/03/21      update to American Samoa (Gov.)
01/02/21      updates to Puerto Rico (Gov.), France reg.: Alsace (Pres.), U.S. city: Honolulu
01/01/21      updates to Moldova (PM), Switzerland (Pres.); Swiss cantons: Aargau, Fribourg,
                Graubünden, Jura, Schaffhausen, Solothurn, Zug; Australia: Lord Howe Island
                (Board Chair.), EAEU (Chair.), G-7 (Chair.), Mercosur (Dir.), Norden (Pres.),
                OSCE (Chair.)

 Recent Additions to  

06/06/21      additions to Russia Admin. Divisions.
04/26/21      added the CED 1856-1948 to the Danube Commission.
04/25/21      added Far Eastern Republic Admin. Divisions (1920-1922) to Russia.
02/01/21      added Kenya Regions 1963-1965 to Kenya.
01/29/21      added Zangezur (Syunik)(1918-21) under Armenia.
11/23/20      added to Vanuatu: Provinces from 1994.
10/27/20      added French India Dependencies under India.
05/21/20      added Former Swiss Subject Territories under Switzerland. 
04/26/20      added Nepali Princely States under Nepal.
04/18/20      added to U.S. govt.: National Institutes of Health (NIH) and U.S. Information
                Agency (USIA).
12/20/19      added to U.S. Native Nations: Little Shell Chippewa.
12/20/19      update to U.S. govt.: U.S. Space Force.
12/01/19      expanded Micronesia States (1945-1978).
08/09/19      additions to Burma States (1948-1988) and Myanmar Regions: Wa Division.
04/14/19      additions to Canada First Nations.
10/13/18      added to Religions: Ukraine Renewal Church (1923-1942).
06/16/18      added to Netherlands prov.: Rijnmond.
05/30/18      added to China Foreign Colonies: Peking Legation Quarter.
05/12/18      added to Ethiopia: Gambela British concession.
02/17/18      added Nepal Provinces.
10/25/17      added Roman Empire and Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire pages.
05/22/17      added Tannu Tuva 1941 constitution, Chinese Soviet 1931 constitution,
                     and Czechoslovakia constitutions 1918 and 1960.
05/11/17      added Southern Rhodesia 1961 constitution, South Vietnam 1956 constitution,
                     Yugoslavia 1974 constitution, Hejaz 1926 constitution, Montenegro 1905
                constitution, Indonesia 1950 constitution, Nigeria 1979 constitution,
                and Somalia 1979 constitution.
05/06/17      added Frederiksnagore and expanded Nicobar & Andaman Islands.
09/07/16      added South Vietnam 1967 constitution.
06/14/16      added Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).
12/14/15      added Logone to Central African Republic
11/11/15      added Western Kurdistan to Syria.
11/08/15      added State of Muskogee (1799-1803) and Republic of the Floridas (1817)
                under Florida.
03/20/15      added Tucson, AZ to U.S. cities.
02/07/15      added U.S. Lighthouse Service to U.S. government.
12/13/14      added Fuuta Jaloo to Guinea and Timbuktu to Mali native states.
11/15/14      added annual update pages for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.
03/07/14      added 5 Districts to French Southern and Antarctic Lands.
10/01/13      added Aragón Council of Defense 1936-37 to Spain Regions.
09/16/13      added Charter Company territories to Mozambique.
04/27/13      additions to China provinces.
11/01/12      added Bank for International Settlements (BIS).
10/28/12      expanded Vanuatu with 1887-1906 U.K. & French Naval Commissioners.
10/01/12      added France's Hauteville House under Guernsey.
09/26/12      update to Albania: Sazan (Saseno) Island.
07/19/12      added Verapaz Belgian concession 1843-54 under Guatemala.
07/08/12      added 1873 Cantonal Revolution under Spain.
06/20/12      added Carlist governments to Spain.
06/17/12      added Pious Establishments of France in Rome and French Domain in the 
                Holy Land.
01/16/12      added Chatham Islands to New Zealand.
09/01/11      added Goa Dependencies page under Portuguese India.
07/09/11      new South Sudan and South Sudan states pages.
05/01/11      expanded Cameroon traditional states, Tanzania traditional states
                and States of Palau.
03/01/11      update Mayotte becomes a French overseas département.
02/11/11      added new Regions to Myanmar (Burma).
02/05/11      added new Regions to Greece.
01/01/11      added Dutch Language Union (Nederlandse Taalunie)(DLU).
12/28/10      added Lihou to Guernsey.
11/10/10      added Trust Terr. of Pacific Islands district administrators:
                Chuuk, Marshall Is., Mariana Islands, Palau, Ponape, Rota, and Yap.
11/03/10      added Long Beach, California to U.S. Mayors.
10/20/10      added Tadjourah and Rahayto sultanates under Djibouti.
10/15/10      update to Bolivia Departments.
10/10/10      added new separate pages for: Curaçao, Bonaire, Saba, Sint Eustatius
                and Sint Maarten.
07/31/10      added to British Indian Ocean Territory.
07/27/10      expanded Ghana: English Gold Coast 1632-1751.
07/23/10      expanded Monaco governors-general 1732-1911.
07/13/10      added Rimatara and Rurutu under French Polynesia. 
07/09/10      added Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM).
07/08/10      added International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) est.
06/15/10      added Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS).
05/30/10      added Saipan, CNMI to U.S. Mayors.
05/05/10      added Council of the Baltic States (CBSS).
04/17/10      new page for Regions of Finland.
03/09/10      added International Seabed Authority (ISA).
02/25/10      added Association of Caribbean States (ACS) and Caribbean Development Bank
02/10/10      added Billings, Montana; Jackson, Mississippi; Lansing, Michigan; Manchester,
                New Hampshire; Orlando, Florida; and Trenton, New Jersey to U.S. Mayors.
09/21/09      expanded Ghana Traditional States.
09/07/09      addition to Bosnia-Hercegovnia: Serbian Autonomous Oblasts 1991-92.
07/25/09      added Cordillera Administrative Region under the Philippines.
06/01/09      added to Croatia: Kraijna constitution 1991-95.
05/25/09      added United National Environmental Programme (UNEP).
05/22/09      expanded Rodrigues Island under Mauritius.
05/04/09      new page begun for Counties of Liberia (incomplete).
04/22/09      added Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT).
04/10/09      added Fort Worth, Texas to U.S. Mayors.
03/18/09      new page: Vermont State Government 1777-1791.
03/10/09      new page: Provinces of Belgium
02/27/09      new page: Provinces of South Korea.
02/13/09      added Latin American Parliament (Parlatino) and the Andean Parliament.
12/12/08      added to Congo (Kinshasa) prov.: Katanga 1960 constitution.
11/15/08      added Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO).
11/07/08      added Latin Union (LU).
10/27/08      addition to Sudan: Transitional Darfur Regional Authority.
10/01/08      additions to Saba (anthem), Crete (anthem), Azad Kashmir (constitution).
09/23/08      additions to U.S. govt.: Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC)
                and the Comptrollers of the Currency.
09/08/08      added 1907 constitution to Crete under Greece.
09/04/08      additions to U.S. govt.: General Services Admin., National Science Found.
08/22/08      added mayors of Hagatna (Agana), Guam to U.S. mayors.
07/22/08      added the Tangier Zone Statute under Morocco and constitutions
                of South Yemen and Zaire.
07/10/08      expanded Other Ugandan Traditional States.
07/02/08      expanded Republic of Ragusa under Croatia.
06/16/08      added Italo-Albanian Catholic Church, expanded Elba under Italy states.
06/01/08      expanded Kazakhstan Administrative Divisions added pre-1991 divisions.
05/20/08      addition to US govt.: Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
03/18/08      added Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO).
03/17/08      additions to U.S. govt.: Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 
                and Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
03/01/08      additions to U.S. govt.: Patent Office, Bureau of Land Management,
                U.S. Marshals Service, War Relocation Authority, Census Bureau,
                and NOAA Commissioned Corps.
02/17/08      new page: Kosovo page and re-edit of Serbia page.
02/08/08      added Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC).
02/03/08      added British and French forts in Benin 1650-1807.
01/03/08      added Constitution to Brunei Darussalam.
12/06/07      added Orthodox Church of New Zealand, Orthodox Church of Korea and 
                Old Calendar Church of Bulgaria.
12/04/07      added Organization of Central American States (ODECA) and
                Central American Integration System (SICA) and Collective Security
                Treaty Organization (CSTO).
12/01/07      added Nunatsiavut to Newfoundland.
11/11/07      added Birmingham, Alabama; Oakland, California; and Shreveport,
                Louisiana to U.S. Mayors.
11/03/07      added Santa Fe, New Mexico to U.S. Mayors.
10/19/07      added Kansas City, Missouri to U.S. Mayors.
10/18/07      added Rochester, New York; Savannah, Georgia; and
                Topeka, Kansas to U.S. Mayors.
08/25/07      added Kupang to Indonesian traditional states and Islamabad Cap. Terr.,
                Northern Areas and Tribal Areas to Pakistan provinces.
08/22/07      added International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and
                United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Intersputnik.
08/01/07      added National Council of the Churches (NCC).
07/25/07      added new page Denmark Counties 1970-2006.
07/16/07      expanded Red Cross (ICRC, ICRM, IFRCS) entries. 
07/03/07      added International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO),
                International Mobile Satellite Organization (IMSO) and Islamic
                Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO).
06/20/07      added Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA); United Nations Conference
                on Trade and Development (UNCTAD); United Nations Relief and Works Agency
                for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).
06/12/07      added World Customs Organization (WCO). 
05/07/07      added International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
05/01/07      expanded Malta: Gozo.
02/21/07      added new pages for Saint-Barthelemy and Saint-Martin
01/23/07      added San José, California to U.S. Mayors.
01/18/07      new page: Regions of Denmark.
12/20/06      new page: Venezuela States since 1990.
12/08/06      added International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).
12/06/06      expanded Burma states 1947-1974.
10/31/06      added Organisation Commune Africaine et Mauricienne (OCAM).
10/08/06      expansion and updates to Indian Princely states A-J and K-M
                and Pakistan Princely States.
06/03/06      separate Montenegro page and re-edit of Serbia page.
05/20/06      expanded Armenia (Eriwan khanate) and Japan (Ryukyu Islands).
05/12/06      expanded Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
05/10/06      added Canton & Enderbury Islands and Kirimati to Kiribati
                expanded British Indian Ocean Terr. added English Hirado Post to Japan.
05/03/06      added Gozo to Malta and Buffer Zone to Cyprus.
04/26/06      expanded Pitcairn and Saint Helena.
04/16/06      added Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).
04/07/06      added Albany (NY) to U.S. Mayors.
03/18/06      added Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).
03/01/06      added Igelsia Ni Cristo, Fulan Gong, and Buddhist Thailand.
01/15/06      new page: Belarus Administrative Divisions.
01/14/06      added Podolia (1672-99) to Poland and Kokang to Myanmar Shan states.
01/13/06      expanded of Cameroon Traditional states.
12/26/05      new page: Ukraine Administrative Divisions and German occupation
                Reichskommissariat Ukraine General Districts.
12/01/05      new page: Russian S.F.S.R. Administrative divisions (to 1991).
11/12/05      added Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).
10/21/05      new page: Self-Proclaimed Micronations (Hutt River Province, Saugeais, 
                Sealand and Seborga).
10/01/05      added Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to U.S. govt.
09/29/05      added Croatia Counties, Japan Prefectures and Slovak Regions.
09/03/05      added United Church of Christ (UCC).
08/09/05      added baLobedu to South African Traditional states.
07/10/05      added Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD).
05/28/05      added Poland Voivodships 1919-39 and from 1999,
                and General-government districts 1939-45.
05/12/05      additions to Poland: Danzig 1526-1815.

    New Polities and International Organizations

11/30/21      update to Barbados (becomes a republic).
11/23/21      update to Ethiopia new state: South West Peoples.
01/01/21      update to France reg. new European Collectivity: Alsace.
12/04/20      update to Panama new comarca: Naso Tjër Di.
07/04/20      update to Ethiopia new state: Sidama.
01/26/20      update to India new terr.: Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu.
01/12/20      update to Nepal prov.: Bagmati (name).
01/01/20      update to Norway new counties: Adger, Innlandet, Troms og Finnmark,
                Vestfold og Telemark, Vestland and Viken.
10/31/19      updates to India new territories: Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh.
10/05/19      updates to Myanmar: Shan and Karen states and Yemen: Aden Protectorates.
08/08/19      update to Myanmar regions: added Wa Self-Administered Division.
03/21/19      update to Syria (Islamic State ended).
02/22/19      update to Philippines: new Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. 
01/01/19      update to Taiwan (ROC) prov.: Fukien (abolished).
12/15/18      update to Orthodox Church of Ukraine (Metrp.)
07/01/18      update to Taiwan (ROC) prov.: Taiwan (abolished).
01/19/18      update to Nepal: new Provinces instituted.
01/01/18      update to France region: Corse (becomes collectivité unique).
01/01/18      update to Norway new county: Trøndelag.
05/11/17      update to Yemen: South Yemen (Southern Transitional Council).
10/05/16      update to Somalia: HirShabelle administration.
07/28/16      update to Russia: federal district Krymskiy (abolished).
07/16/16      update to The Sudan: Darfur TRDA (abolished).
03/31/16      updates Nicaragua Autonomous Regions (names).
01/30/16      update to Mexico: Distrito Federal becomes Ciudad de México.
01/16/16      update Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) opens.
01/01/16      update to France new regions: Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine, Aquitaine-
                Limousin-Poitou-Charentes, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté,
                Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées, Normandie & Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie
12/29/15      update South Sudan abolishes its 10 states creating 28 new states.
12/18/15      updates to French Guiana and Martinique become territorial authorities.
12/14/15      update to Central African Republic: 'Republic' of Logone declared.
10/29/15      update to Congo (Kinshasa) 21 new provinces effected: Bas-Uélé, Équateur,
                Haut-Katanga, Haut-Lomami, Haut-Uélé, Ituri, Kasaï, Kasaï Central, Kasaï
                Oriental, Kwango, Kwilu, Lomami, Lualaba, Mai-Ndombe, Mongala, Nord-Ubangi,
                Sankuru, Sud-Ubangi, Tanganyika, Tshopo and Tshuapa.
07/08/15      update New Development Bank (NDB) established.
06/17/15      update Norfolk Island self-government abolished.
01/01/15      update Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) established.
12/25/14      update to Taiwan new special municipality: Taoyuan city.
06/29/14      update Islamic State declared by ISIL in Syria and Iraq.
06/02/14      update to India new state: Telangana.
03/21/14      update to Russia: annexation of Crimea, creating a new Russian federal
                district (Krymsky), republic (Crimea) and federal city (Sevastopol).
03/17/14      update to Ukraine: Crimea declares independence.
01/01/14      Mayotte becomes an overseas department of France.
08/28/13      update to Somalia: Juba Interim Admin. recognized.
07/11/13      update to Sudan province: Western Kordofan restored.
05/13/13      update to Somalia: new region Jubbaland.
04/22/13      update to Indonesia new province: Kalimantan Utara (Gov.)
07/01/12      update to South Korea: Sejong special autonomous city created.
05/17/12      update to Papua New Guinea new provinces: Hela, Jiwaka.
04/06/12      added Azawad under Mali.
01/10/12      update to The Sudan new states: Central Darfur and Eastern Darfur.
10/27/11      update to Venezuela: Francisco de Miranda Territory created.
09/01/11      added Cabildo Insulares to Spain's Canary Islands.
07/09/11      independence of South Sudan.
03/31/11      update Mayotte to become an overseas department of France.
01/01/11      update to Greece: Regions.
12/25/10      update to Taiwan: SinbeiTaichung and Tainan special municipalities created.
10/10/10      Netherlands Antilles dissolved into autonomous countries Curaçao & St. Maarten;
                Bonaire, Saba & St. Eustatius become special municipalities of Netherlands.
07/08/10      International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) est.
05/30/10      Bolivia departments granted autonomy.
01/19/10      update to Russia: new federal district Severo-Kavkazsky (North Caucasian).
10/19/09      update to Uganda: Rwenzururu kingdom recognized. 
10/07/08      update to Nepal: Mustang kingship abolished.
08/31/08      update to The Sudan: Abyei Area created.
05/28/08      update to Nepal: becomes a republic.
05/23/08      update Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) est.
03/01/08      update to Russia: new kray Zabaikalsky.
02/17/08      independence of Kosovo.
12/01/07      update to Newfoundland: Nunatsiavut.
10/11/07      update to Chechnya-Ichkeria: became an emirate.
07/01/07      updates to Russia: new kray Kamchatka and Somalia: Maakhir state.
04/23/07      update to The Sudan: Transitional Darfur Regional Authority est.
02/21/07      new French overseas collectivities: Saint-Barthelemy and Saint-Martin
01/01/07      updates to EU: Bulgaria and Romania join; Sri Lanka new prov.: Eastern 
                and Northern.
06/28/06      update to UN: Montenegro joins the United Nations.
06/05/06      independence of Serbia.
06/03/06      independence of Montenegro.
12/01/05      update to Russia: new kray: Perm.
10/01/05      update Ibero-American Secretariat est.
08/14/05      added Galmudug State to Somalia.
07/09/05      update to The Sudan: Government of Southern Sudan.
06/15/05      update to Papua New Guinea: Bougainville Autonomous Government
06/14/05      update to Iraq: Kurdistan Autonomous Region.
04/21/05      update to U.S. govt.: new Director of National Intelligence (DNI). 
10/16/04      update to Indonesia: new province (Sulawesi Barat).
09/01/04      update Antarctic Treaty Secretariat est.
07/01/04      updates Denmark (regions), Indonesia: new province (Kepulauan Riau).
05/01/04      update to EU: Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia,
                Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia join.
03/29/04      update to NATO: Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania,
                Slovakia, and Slovenia join.
02/27/04      update French Polynesia autonomy increased.
02/19/04      update to Haiti: north secedes as Artibonite (to 03/19/04).
01/15/04      update Shanghai