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(abbreviations: Admin. = Administrator, Gov. = Governor, PM = Prime minister, Pres. = President, Secy.-gen. = Secretary-general)

New Heads of State, Governors and Other Leaders in 2017

12/31/17      update to Mexico state: Nuevo León (Gov.)
12/30/17      update to Mali (PM).
12/27/17      updates to India state: Himachal Pradesh (PM), Congo (DRC) prov.: Équateur
12/25/17      updates to Russia admin.: Severo-Zapadny, Tsentralny (Plenp.), Voronezh (Gov.)
12/22/17      update to Russia rep.: Adygeya (PM).
12/20/17      update to Venezuela: Distrito Metropolitano de Caracas (Mayor).
12/19/17      updates to St. Kitts & Nevis: Nevis (PM), Netherlands prov.: Overijssel (Comm.),
                     EAC (Speaker).
12/18/17      updates to Austria (PM), Réunion (Dept. Council Pres.), OSCE (Chair.)
12/17/17      update to U.S. govt.: Interior Dept. Reclamation (Comm.)
12/16/17      update to Congo (Kinshasa) prov.: Maniema (Gov.)
12/14/17      update to Somalia state: Somaliland (Pres.)
12/13/17      updates to Czech Republic (PM), Germany state: Sachsen (PM), Venezuela state:
                Zulia (Gov.)
12/12/17      updates to U.S. city: San Francisco (Mayor), U.S. govt.: GSA (Admin.)
12/11/17      update to Poland (PM).
12/10/17      update to Argentina prov.: Santiago del Estero (Gov.)
12/09/17      update to Pitcairn Islands (Gov.)
12/06/17      update to U.S. govt.: DHS (Secy.)
12/05/17      update to U.S. mayor election: Atlanta, GA (runoff): Keisha Lance Bottoms (f)
                (Dem.) defeats Mary Norwood (f)(Ind.), 50.5% to 49.6%.
12/04/17      updates to U.S. cities: Annapolis, MD and Charlotte, NC (Mayor), U.S. govt.:
                ABMC (Chair.), Slovakia reg.: Banskobystrický, Bratislavský, Košický,
                Trnavský, and Žilinský (Gov.)
12/01/17      updates to Netherlands prov.: Drenthe (Comm.), U.S. city: Albuquerque, NM
                (Mayor), Mexico state: Coahuila (Gov.), Slovakia reg.: Prešovský (Gov.), BIS
                (Gen. Mgr.)
11/30/17      update to Iceland (PM).
11/28/17      update to U.S cities: Birmingham, AL, Seattle, WA (Mayor).
11/27/17      update to U.S. govt.: Treasury Dept. OCC (Comptroller).
11/24/17      updates to Kyrgyzstan (Pres.), Sint Maarten (PM), Zimbabwe (Pres.), Ukraine:
                Lugansk Republic (Pres.)
11/22/17      updates to St. Helena: Ascension (Admin.), Venezuela: Distrito Metropolitano
                de Caracas (acting Mayor).
11/21/17      updates to Zimbabwe (Pres.), Canada prov.: Nunavut (PM).
11/20/17      update to U.S. govt.: Army (Secy.),
11/18/17      updates to Italy reg.: Sicily (Pres.), IPU (Pres.), U.S. mayor election:
                New Orleans, LA (runoff): LaToya Cantrell (f)(Dem.) defeats Desirée Charbonnet
                (f) (Dem.), 60.4%-39.7%
11/17/17      updates to Aruba (PM), Congo (Kinshasa) prov.: Kwango (Gov.)
11/16/17      updates to U.S. govt.: Interior Dept. BLM (Dir.)
11/15/17      updates to Solomon Islands (PM), Kosovo (Cmdr. KFOR), U.S. city: Miami FL
                (Mayor), UNESCO (Dir.-gen.)
11/14/17      update to U.S. mayor election: Albuquerque, NM (runoff): Timothy M. Keller
                (Dem.) defeats Dan Lewis (Rep.), 62.2%-37.8%.
11/13/17      update to U.S. govt.: Treasury Dept. IRS (Comm.)
11/10/17      update to NCC (Chair.)
11/09/17      update to OSCE (Parl. Pres.)
11/07/17      updates to Venezuela terr.: Distrito Capital (Libertador mayor); U.S. election
                results: parties - Dem. = Democrat, Rep. = Republican, Cons. = Conservative
                Party, DFL = Democratic–Farmer–Labor, Grn. = Green Party, Indep. =
                Independence Party, Ind. = Independent, Libt. = Libertarian, Ref. = Reform,
                Soc. = Socialist, WFP = Working Families Party;
              Governor elections:
              - New Jersey: Phil Murphy (Dem.) defeats Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno (f)(Rep.), Gina
                Genovese (f)(Reduce Property Taxes), Peter Rohrman (Libt.), Seth Kaper-Dale
                (Grn.), Matthew Riccardi (Const.), and Vincent Ross (We The People), 56.03%-
              - Virginia: Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam (Dem.) defeats Ed Gillespie (Rep.) and Cliff
                Hyra (Libt.), 53.9%-44.9%-1.1%;
              U.S. Mayor elections:
              - Albany, NY: Mayor Katherine Sheehan (f)(Dem./WFP) defeats Frank Commisso
                (Inp.), Joseph Sullivan (Con.) and Bryan Jimenez (Grn.), 70.4%-22.5%-4.3%-
              - Annapolis, MD: Gavin Buckley (Dem.) defeats Mayor Michael Pantelides (Rep.),
              - Atlanta, GA:
Keisha Lance Bottoms (f)(Dem.) leads Mary Norwood (f)(Ind.), 
                Cathy Woolard (f)(Dem.), Peter Aman (Dem.), Vincent Fort (Dem.), Ceasar
                Mitchell (Dem.), Kwanza Hall (Dem.), and John Eaves (Dem), 26%-21%-17%-11%-
                10%-9%-4%-1% (a runoff between Bottoms and Norwood to held on 5 Dec 2017);
              - Billings, MT: Bill Cole (Ind.) defeats Jeff Essmann (Rep.), 63.3%-35.9%;
              - Boston, MA: Mayor Martin Walsh (Dem.) defeats Tito Jackson (Dem.) 65.4%-33.9%;
              - Buffalo, NY: Mayor Byron W. Brown (Dem./WFP) defeats
Mark Schroeder (Ref.)
                Anita Howard (f)(Con.), and Terrence Robinson (Grn.), 67.8%-26.2%-3.1%-2.9%;
              - Charlotte, NC:
Vi Lyles (f)(Dem.) defeats Kenny Smith (Rep.), 59.2%-40.8%;
              - Cincinnati, OH: Mayor John Cranley (Dem.) defeats Yvette Simpson (f)(Dem.),
              - Cleveland, OH: Mayor Frank Jackson (Dem.) defeats Zack Reed (Dem.), 59.5%-
              - Detroit, MI: Mayor Michael Duggan (Dem.) defeats Coleman A. Young II (Dem.),
              - Jersey City, NJ: Mayor Steven Fulop (Dem.) defeats Bill Matsikoudis (Dem.),
              - Lansing, MI: Andy Schor (Dem.) defeats Judi Brown Clark (f)(Dem.), 72.1%-
              - Manchester, NH: Joyce Craig (f)(Dem.) defeats
Mayor Ted Gatsas (Rep.),
              - Miami, FL:
Francis X. Suarez (Rep.) defeats Williams Armbrister Sr. (Dem.),
                Cynthia Mason Jaquith (f)(Socialist Workers), and Christian Canache (Ind.),
              - Minneapolis, MN:
Jacob Frey (Dem./DFL) leads Tom Hoch (Dem./DFL), Mayor Betsy
                Hodges (f)(Dem./DFL), Raymond Dehn (DFL), Nekima Levy-Pounds (f)(DFL), Charlie
                Gers (Libt.), Aswar Rahman (DFL), and Al Flowers (DFL), in first-preference
                vote 24.9%-19.3%-18.1%-17.3%-15%-1.2%-0.72%-0.68%, after the reallocation of
                ranked votes Frey defeats Dehn, 57.2%-42.8%;
              - New York City, NY: Mayor Bill de Blasio (Dem./
WFP) defeats Nicole Malliotakis
                (f)(Rep./Con), Sal Albanese (Ref.), Akeem Browder (Grn.), Michael Tolkin
                (Smart Cities), Bo Dietl (Ind.), and Aaron Commey (Libt.), 66.2%-27.6%-2.1%-
                New York City Borough Presidents:
                - Bronx: President Ruben Diaz (Dem.
/WFP) defeats Steven DeMartis (Rep.),
                  Antonio Vitiello (Con.), and Camella Price (f)(Ref.), 88.1%-6.6%-2.6%-2.5%;
                - Brooklyn: President Eric Adams (
Dem./WFP) defeats Vito Bruno (Rep./Con.),
                  and Benjamin Kissel (Ref.), 82.8%-15.2%-1.8%;
                - Manhattan: President Gale Brewer (f)(
Dem./WFP) defeats Frank Scala (Rep.),
                  Daniel Vila Rivera (Grn.), Brian Waddell (Ref./Libt.), 83.2%-11.9%-2.9%-
                - Queens: President Melinda Katz (f)(Dem./
WFP) defeats William Kregler
                  (Rep./Con.), and Everly Brown (Homeowners NYCHA), 78.8%-21.2%-0.8%;
                - Staten Island: President James Oddo (Rep./Con./Indep./Ref.) defeats Thomas
                  Shcherbenko (Dem./WFP), and Henry Bardel (Grn.), 74.8%-24.2%-0.8%;
              - Pittsburgh, PA: Mayor William Peduto (Dem.) is re-elected unopposed with
              - Raleigh, NC (runoff): Mayor Nancy McFarlane (f)(Rep.) defeats Charles Frances
                (Dem.), 57.7%-42.3%;
              - Rochester, NY: Mayor Lovely A. Warren (f)(Dem.) defeats
Tony Micciche (Rep.),
                James Sheppard (WFP), Alex White (Grn.), and Lori Thomas (f)(People's), 60.4%-
              - Saint Paul, MN: Melvin Carter III (Dem./DFL) defeats Pat Harris (DFL),
                Thao (DFL), Elizabeth Dickinson (f)(Grn.), Tom Goldstein (DFL), Chris Holbrook
                (Libt.), Sharon Anderson (f)(Rep.), Tim Holden (Ind.), and Trahern Crews
                (DFL), 50.9%-24.8%-12.3%-4.8%-3.8%-1.4%-0.8%-0.7%-0.3%;
              - Seattle, WA: Jenny Durkan (f)(Dem.) defeats Cary Moon (f)(Dem.), 55.5%-43.2%;
              - Syracuse, NY:
Ben Walsh (Indep./Ref.) defeats Juanita Perez Williams (f)
                (Dem.), Howie Hawkins (Grn.), Laura Levine (f)(Rep.), and Joe Nicoletti (WFP),
              - Toledo, OH: Wade Kapszukiewicz (Dem.) defeats
Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson (f)
                (Dem.), 55.5%-44.5%;
              - Topeka, KS: Michelle De La Isla (f)(Dem.) defeats Spencer Duncan (Rep.),
11/06/17      updates to Taiwan prov.: Taiwan (Gov.), IFRCS (Pres.)
11/03/17      update to Venezuela terr.:  Francisco de Miranda (Chief).
11/02/17      update to Syria: SSG (rebel PM).
11/01/17      update to Iraq reg.: Kurdistan (Pres.)
10/31/17      updates to Argentina prov.: Chubut (Gov.), Australia state: Northern Terr.
10/30/17      update to China prov.: Liaoning (Gov.)
10/29/17      updates to China prov.: Jiangsu, Shaanxi, Shanghai (Pty. Secy.)
10/28/17      updates to China prov.: Fujian, Guangdong, Hebei, Liaoning (Pty. Secy.); Spain
                region: Catalonia (Pres., autonomy suspended); Parlacen (Pres.)
10/27/17      update to Venezuela state: Zulia (Gov.)
10/26/17      updates to New Zealand (PM), Netherlands prov.: Overijssel (Comm.), Venezuela
                states: Anzoátegui, Mérida, Táchira (Gov.).
10/25/17      updates to Cocos Islands (Shire Pres.), Venezuela state: Nueva Esparta (Gov.),
                 U.S. govt.: NOAA (Admin.)
10/24/17      update to Saint-Pierre and Miquelon (Ter. Council Pres.)
10/20/17      updates to Canada prov.: Prince Edward Is. (Gov.), France reg.: Grand-Est
                (Pres.), New Zealand: Ross Dependency (Sr. Officer), Venezuela states:
                Amazonas, Bolívar, Falcón, Lara, and Portuguesa (Gov.), Somalia state:
                Khaatumo (Pres.)
10/19/17      updates to France reg.: Pays de Loire (Pres.), Venezuela states: Aragua,
                Carabobo, Guárico, and Miranda (Gov.); UNTSO (Cmdr.); U.S. Native Nations:
                NCAI (Pres.)
10/16/17      update to Indonesia prov.: Jakarta (Gov.)
10/15/17      update to Congo (DRC) prov.: Équateur (Gov.)
10/14/17      update to U.S. mayor election: New Orleans, LA: LaToya Cantrell (f)(Dem.),
                Desirée Charbonnet (f)(Dem.), Michael Bagneris (Dem.), Troy Henry (Dem.), and
                Tommy Vassel (Dem.) win 39%-30.5%-18.8%-6.4%-1.4% (runoff to be held on
                18 Nov 2017).
10/13/17      update to Italy reg.: Valle d'Aosta (Pres.)
10/12/17      update to Russia reg.: Pskov (Gov.)
10/10/17      updates to Bosnia-Hercegovnia: Brčko (High Com.), India state: Assam (Gov.),
                Russia reg.: Ivanov (Gov.); CE (PACE Pres.); U.S. mayor election: Raleigh, NC:
                Mayor Nancy McFarlane (f)(Ind.) wins 48.4%, Charles Francis (Dem.) wins 36.7%
                and Paul Fitts (Rep.) 14.7% (runoff held on 7 Nov 2017); U.S. govt.: HHS
10/09/17      updates to Russia reg.: Omsk (Gov.), Congo (DRC): prov.: Sud-Ubangi, Tshopo
10/08/17      updates to India terr.: Andaman & Nicobar Is. (Lt. gov.), U.S. govt.: USCIS
10/06/17      updates to India state: Tamil Nadu (Gov.), Russia reg.: Novosibirsk (Gov.),
                     CE (PACE Pres.)
10/05/17      updates to India state: Meghalaya (Gov.), Russia reg.: Oryol (Gov.), Congo
                (DRC): prov.: Kwilu (Gov.), Christmas & Cocos Islands (Admin.)
10/04/17      updates to Mongolia (PM), Brazil state: Amazonas (Gov.), Russia reg.:
                Primorskiy (Gov.), India state: Bihar (Gov.)
10/03/17      updates to India state: Arunachal-Pradesh (Gov.), Russia rep.: Dagestan
                (Pres.); U.S. mayor elections: Albuquerque, NM: Timothy M. Keller (Dem.)
                wins 39.4% of the vote, Dan Lewis (Rep.) 22.9%, Brian S. Colón (Dem.)
                16.4%, Wayne Johnson (Rep.) 9.6%, and Gus Pedrotty (Ind.) 6.9% (runoff to
                take place 14 Nov 2017); Birmingham, AL (runoff): Randall L. Woodfin (Dem.)
                defeats Mayor William Bell (Dem.), 58.9%-41.1%.
10/02/17      updates to Canada (Gov.-gen.), U.S. gov.: DEA (Admin.)
10/01/17      updates to San Marino (Capt.-reg.), France reg.: Pays de Loire (Pres.), Norway
                county: Nord-Trøndelag (Gov.), Sri Lanka prov.: North Central (PM), Sweden
                     counties: Blekinge, Jönköping (Gov.)
09/30/17      updates to France reg.: Grand Est (Pres.), Sri Lanka prov.: Eastern (PM).
09/29/17      updates to Russia reg.: Krasnoyarsk (Gov.), U.S. govt.: HHS (Secy.)
09/28/17      updates to Angola prov.: Cabinda (Gov.), Russia reg.: Nenets (Gov.)
09/27/17      update to Japan pref.: Ibaraki (Gov.)
09/26/17      updates to Angola (Pres.), Russia admin.: Nizhny-Novogord (Gov.), Udmurtia
                (PM), Sri Lanka prov.: Sabaragamuwa (PM).
09/25/17      updates to Azerbaijan: Nagorno-Karabakh (PM), Russia reg.: Samara (Gov.)
09/22/17      update to Cook Islands: Rarotonga (High chief).
09/19/17      updates to Mexico state: Nayarit (Gov.), U.S. govt.: Justice Dept.
09/18/17      updates to Canada prov.: Northwest Terr. (Comm.), U.S. city: Seattle
                (Mayor), U.S. govt.: Justice Dept. Bureau of Prisons (Dir.)
09/17/17      update to Peru (PM).
09/16/17      updates to Mexico state: México, Somalia state: HirShabelle (Pres.)
09/15/17      update to Timor-Leste (PM).
09/14/17      update to Singapore (Pres.)
09/13/17      update to U.S. city: Seattle (Mayor).
09/12/17      updates to Falkland Islands (Gov.), UN (Pres. Gen. Asmb.)
09/11/17      update to Malaysia state: Kedah (Sultan).
09/09/17      updates to Kosovo (PM), Congo (DRC): prov.: Tshopo (Gov.)
09/08/17      updates to Taiwan (ROC)(PM), Taiwan city: Tainan (Mayor), Congo (DRC) prov.:
                Équateur (Gov.)
09/06/17      updates to China prov.: Guizhou (Gov.), U.S. govt.: NOAA Corps. (Dir.)
09/04/17      update to Guadeloupe (Pref.)
09/03/17      update to U.S. govt.: BIA (Asst. Secy.)
09/01/17      updates to Singapore (Pres.), St. Kitts and Nevis: Nevis (Depty. Gov.-gen.),
                Norwegian Antarctic Terr. (Dir.), Sweden county: Stockholm (Gov.), ATS
               (Secy.-gen.), IHO (Secy.-gen.), U.S. govt.: Forest Serv. (Dir.)
08/30/17      updates to Rwanda (PM), Tokelau (Admin.)
08/29/17      update to Papua New Guinea prov.: Simbu (Gov.)
08/28/17      update to French Guiana (Pref.)
08/26/17      update to Kyrgyzstan (PM).
08/22/17      updates to Kyrgyzstan (PM), British Virgin Islands (Gov.); U.S. mayor
                     elections: Birmingham, AL: Randall L. Woodfin (Dem.), Mayor William Bell
                     (Dem.), Chris Woods (Ind.) and Frank Matthews (Ind.) win 40.8%-36.6%-18.1%-
                     1.4% (runoff held on 3 Oct 2017); Mobile, AL: Mayor Sandy Simpson (Rep.)
                     defeats ex-Mayor Samuel L. Jones (Dem.), 57%-42.3%.
08/21/17      update to Anguilla (Gov.)
08/17/17      update to Ukraine: Crimea (Pres. Rep.)
08/16/17      update to Algeria (PM).
08/14/17      update to Somalia state: HirShabelle (Pres.)
08/10/17      update to U.S. govt.: TSA (Admin.)
08/08/17      update to U.S. govt.: MARAD (Admin.)
08/07/17      updates to Tokelau (Admin.), British Virgin Islands (Gov.)
08/03/17      updates to U.S. govt.: Army, Navy (Secy.)
08/02/17      update to U.S. govt.: FBI (Dir.)
07/31/17      updates to U.S. govt.: DHS (Secy.), Chief of Staff.
07/28/17      updates to Pakistan (PM), Belgian reg.: Wallonia (PM).
07/25/17      update to India (Pres.)
07/24/17      updates to Albania (Pres.), Congo (DRC): prov.: Kwilu (Gov.)
07/21/17      update to Samoa (Head of State).
07/19/17      updates to Bermuda (PM), Martinique (Pref.), India state: Nagaland (PM),
                     OSCE (High Com. Nat. Minorities).
07/18/17      updates to Canada prov.: British Columbia (PM), Falkland Islands (Gov.),
                ITSO (Dir.-gen.), OSCE (Secy.-gen.)
07/17/17      updates to Bosnia-Hercegovnia (Pres.), ISO (Secy.-gen.), Andean Parl. (Pres.)
07/15/17      updates to China admin.: Chongqing and Guizhou (Party Secy.)
07/13/17      update to Armenia prov.: Aragatsotn (Gov.)
07/10/17      updates to Mongolia (Pres.), Réunion (Pref.)
07/08/17      update to WCO (Chair.)
07/06/17      update to Vanuatu (Pres.)
07/05/17      update to Indonesia prov.: Aceh (Gov.)
07/04/17      updates to German state: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (PM), Sri Lanka prov.: Eastern
                (Gov.), Belarus reg.: Minsk (Gov.)
07/01/17      updates to Barbados (Gov.-gen.), China: Hong Kong (Chief Exec.), WHO
                (Dir.-gen.), U.S. city: Jackson, MS (Mayor); Swiss cantons: Basel-Land,
                Luzern, Nidwalden, Obwalden, and Vaud; Sweden county: Kalmar (Gov.)
06/30/17      updates to Solomon Islands (RAMSI ends), Côte d'Ivoire (UNOCI ends),
                U.S. govt.: Census Bureau (Dir.); OSCE (Secy.-gen.)
06/29/17      updates to Romania (PM), Serbia (PM), SICA (Secy.-gen.)
06/28/17      updates to Canada prov.: Nova Scotia (Lt. gov.), German state: Schleswig-
                Holstein (PM).
06/27/17      updates to German state: Nordrhein-Westfalen (PM), U.S. city: El Paso (Mayor).
06/23/17      update to U.S. govt.: FEMA (Admin.)
06/22/17      update to India state: Bihar (Gov.)
06/21/17      updates to U.S. city: San Antonio (Mayor), Venezuela state: Distrito Capital
06/19/17      updates to U.S. govt.: Treasury (Treas.), FWS (Dir.)
06/17/17      updates to Vanuatu (Pres.), China prov.: Shandong (Pty. Sec.), Croatia county:
                Splitsko-Dalmatinska (Pref.)
06/16/17      update to Lesotho (PM).
06/14/17      updates to Ireland (PM), Greece: Athos (Protos), Venezuela state: Carabobo
06/12/17      update to Croatia county: Osječko-Baranjska (Pref.)
06/11/17      update to U.S. govt.: BIA (Asst. Sec.)
06/10/17      updates to Parlatino (Secy.-gen, Pres.); China prov.: Ningxia-Hui (Pty. Sec.),
                U.S. mayor elections: El Paso, TX (runoff): "Dee" Margo (Rep.) defeats David
                Saucedo (Rep.), 45.3%-23.9%; San Antonio, TX (runoff): Ron Nirenberg (Dem.)
                defeats Mayor Ivy Taylor (f) (Dem.), 54.6%-45.4%.
06/09/17      updates to Malta: Gozo (Min.), Danube Com. (Pres.), Chile prov.: Antártica,
                Magallanes (Gov.), Croatia county: Varaždinska (Pref.)
06/08/17      update to Armenia prov.: Shirak (Gov.)
06/07/17      updates to Nepal (PM), U.S. govt.: USPTO (Dir.), Croatia county: Medjimurska
               (Pref.), Armenia prov.: Syunik (Gov.)
06/06/17      updates to Swiss canton: Bern, Ecuador: Galapagos (Gov.), Venezuela state:
                Barinas, (Gov.), U.S. city election Jackson, MS: Chokwe A. Lumumba (Dem.)
                defeats Jason D. Wells (Rep.) and Jaclyn Mask (f)(Ind.), 92.9%-3.3%-2.3%
06/02/17      updates to France reg.: Bretagne (Pres.), Croatia county: Zadarska (Pref.),
                Poland prov.: Malopolskie (Gov.)
06/01/17      updates to Croatia county: Karlovac (Pref.), Swiss cantons: Appenzell-
                Ausserrhoden, Sankt Gallen, Thurgau.
05/31/17      updates to Macedonia (PM), Serbia (PM & Pres.), South Korea (PM), China
                prov.: Jiangsu (Gov.)
05/30/17      updates to Kazakhstan reg.: Baykonur (Gov.), Swiss canton: Neuchâtel.
05/29/17      update to Curaçao (PM).
05/27/17      update to China city: Beijing (Mayor).
05/26/17      updates to China prov.: Gansu (Pty. Sec.), DRC Congo prov.: Haut-Katanga (Gov.),
                Croatia county: Virovitičko-Podravska (Pref.)
05/25/17      update to Algeria (PM), Armenia prov.: Gegharkunik (Gov.), Croatia county:
                Ličko-Senjska (Gov.) 
05/24/17      updates to Ecuador (Pres.), U.S. state: Iowa (Gov.)
05/20/17      update to Timor-Leste (Pres.)
05/19/17      update to U.S. govt.: TVA (Chair.)
05/18/17      update to Congo (Kinshasa)(PM).
05/17/17      update to Faroe Islands (High Comm.)
05/16/17      updates to Georgia: South Ossetia (PM), U.S. govt.: Air Force (Secy.)
05/15/17      updates to France (PM), U.S. govt.: USTR (Rep.), France reg.:
                     Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (Pres.)
05/14/17      updates to France (Pres.), Andorra (Rep. Co-Prince).
05/12/17      updates to Indonesia prov.: Bangka-Belitung, Banten, Gorontalo,
                Papua Barat, Sulawesi Barat (Gov.)
05/11/17      updates to The Bahamas (PM), South Korea (PM), Yemen: Aden (Southern Council
                Pres.), U.S. govt.: FDA (Comm.)
05/10/17      updates to South Korea (Pres.), Philippine Independent Church (Sup. Bshp.)
05/09/17      updates to Brazil state: Amazonas (Gov.), Indonesia prov.: Jakarta
                (acting Gov.), U.S. govt.: FBI (Dir.), U.S. city election: Omaha, NE:
                     Mayor Jean Stothert (f)(Rep.) is re-elected over Heath Mello (Dem.),
05/06/17      updates to Syria (Pres. SNC), Melkite Catholic Church (Patr.); U.S. mayor
                     elections: El Paso, TX: Donald "Dee" Margo (Rep.), David E. Saucedo II
                     (Rep.), Emma Acosta (f)(Dem.), Elisa Morales (f)(Ind.), Willie Cager (Ind.),
                     Jaime Perez (Libt.), and Charlie Stapler (Dem.) win 45.3%-23.9%-15.9%-5.6%-
                     4.2%-2.9%-1.3% (runoff held on 10 Jun 2017); Fort Worth, TX: Mayor Betsy
                     Price (f) (Rep.) is re-elected over Chris Nettles (Dem.) 70.2%-29.7%;
                     San Antonio, TX: Mayor Ivy Taylor (Dem.), Ron Nirenberg (Dem.), Juan
                     Manuel Medina (Dem.), Keven Roles (Rep.), and Antonio Diaz (Green) win
                     42%-37.1%-15.1%-1.5%-1% (runoff held on 10 Jun 2017).
05/05/17      update to U.S. govt.: Treasury Dept. (Comp. of Currency).
05/04/17      updates to Bulgaria (PM), U.S. govt.: SEC (Chair.)
05/03/17      updates to China prov.: Heilongjiang (Pty. Sec.), Somalia reg.: Galmudug
                (Pres.), Spain reg.: Murcia (Pres.)
05/02/17      update to CSTO (Secy.-gen.)
05/01/17      updates to ISO (Secy.-gen.), Swiss cantons: Valais, Zürich.
04/30/17      updates to Knights of Malta (Grand Master) and Swiss canton:
                Appenzell-Innerrhoden, St. Kitts & Nevis: Nevis (Dpty. Gov.-gen.)
04/28/17      updates to China prov.: Hainan (Pty. Sec.) Zhejiang (Gov.), U.S. Govt.:
                Labor Dept. (Secy.)
04/27/17      update to Czech reg.: Jihočeský (Gov.)
04/26/17      update to China prov.: Zhejiang (Pty. Sec.)
04/25/17      updates to U.S. Govt.: Agriculture Dept. (Secy.), Secret Service (Dir.),
                Border Patrol (Chief).
04/22/17      update to DRC Congo prov.: Haut-Katanga (Gov.)
04/21/17      updates to Georgia reg.: South Ossetia (Pres.), U.S. govt.: HHS (Surgeon-gen.)
04/20/17      updates to UNDP (Admin.), U.S. govt.: Reclamation (Comm.)
04/19/17      updates to Austria state: Niederösterreich (PM), Netherlands prov.: Drenthe
                (Comm.), Peru reg.: Áncash (Pres.)
04/18/17      updates to UNASUR (Pres.), U.S. city: Saint Louis (Mayor).
04/15/17      update to Somalia state: Benadir (Gov.)
04/11/17      updates to China prov.: Gansu, Shandong (Gov.)
04/10/17      updates to Mali (PM), Italy reg.: Valle d'Aosta (Pres.), U.S. state: Alabama
04/07/17      updates to China prov.: Hainan, Hebei (Gov.)
04/06/17      updates to Austria state: Oberösterreich (PM), Russia rep.: Mari El (Pres.)
04/05/17      updates to Morocco (PM), Swiss canton: Ticino.
04/04/17      updates to Wallis & Futuna (Asmb. Pres.), Russia rep.: Udmurtia (Pres.),
                     WFP (Exec. Dir.), Spain reg.: Murcia (Pres.); U.S. mayor election:
                     St. Louis, MO: Lyda Krewson (f)(Dem.) is elected over Andrew Jones Jr.
                     (Rep.), Larry Rice (Ind.), Jonathan McFarland (Green), Write-In, and Robert
                     Cunningham (Libt.), 67.5%-17.3%-10.5%-2.1%-1.3%-0.9%
04/03/17      update to Russia rep.: Tatarstan (PM).
04/02/17      update to Saint-Martin (Council Pres.)
04/01/17      updates to San Marino (Capt.-Regt.), Norfolk Island (Admin.), IFAD (Pres.)
03/31/17      updates to Solomon Is. prov.: Temotu (PM), U.S. govt.: USCIS (Dir.)
03/30/17      update to Philippines reg.: Cordillera (Chair.)
03/27/17      update to Russia rep.: Karelia (PM).
03/24/17      update to Curaçao (PM).
03/21/17      update to Haiti (PM).
03/19/17      updates to Germany (Pres.), India state: Uttar Pradesh (PM).
03/18/17      update to India state: Uttarakhand (PM).
03/17/17      update to Australia state: Western Australia (PM).
03/16/17      updates to India state: Punjab (PM), U.S. govt.: ODNI (Dir.)
03/15/17      update to India state: Manipur (PM), US govt.: BLM (Dir.)
03/14/17      updates to African Union (Commission Chair.), India state: Goa (PM),
                Kazakhstan prov.: Akmola, Karaganda, Mangistau, Severo-Kazakhstan (Gov.)
03/13/17      update to Jersey (Lt. gov.)
03/10/17      updates to South Korea (Pres.), Congo (DRC) prov.: Tshuapa (Gov.), US Govt.:
                DOJ (Solicitor-gen.)
03/07/17      update to U.S. mayor election: Los Angeles, CA: Mayor Eric Garcetti (Dem.)
                wins re-election over Mitchell Jack Schwartz (Dem.), David R. Hernandez
                (Rep.), Diane "Pinky" Harman (f)(Ind.), David "Zuma Dog" Saltsburg (Ind.),
                Dennis Richter (Socialist Workers), Yehuda J. Draiman (Ind.) and Frantz
                Pierre (Ind.), 81.4%-8.2%-3.3%-1.3%-1.2%-1.1%-0.9%-0.8%.
03/06/17      update to Tokelau (Head).
03/04/17      update to U.S. govt.: Secret Service (Dir.)
03/02/17      updates to The Sudan (PM), U.S. govt.: Energy Dept., HUD Dept. (Secy.), USTR
03/01/17      updates to Somalia (PM), Netherlands prov.: Friesland (Comm.), Myanmar state:
                Mon (PM), SAARC (Secy.-gen.), U.S. govt.: Interior Dept. (Secy.)
02/28/17      updates to Papua New Guinea (Gov.-gen.), U.S. govt.: Commerce Dept. (Secy.)
02/27/17      updates to Wallis & Futuna (Admin.-Sup.), Czech reg.: Olomoucký (Gov.), PAM
02/26/17      update to Somalia state: Galmudug (Pres.)
02/25/17      update to U.S.: DNC (Chair.)
02/24/17      update to Nigeria state: Ondo (Gov.)
02/22/17      update to India state: Nagaland (PM).
02/18/17      update to Papua New Guinea (Gov.-gen.)
02/17/17      update to U.S. govt.: EPA (Admin.)
02/16/17      update to India state: Tamil Nadu (PM).
02/15/17      updates to Cyrus: British Sovereign Base Areas (Admin.), Russia rep.:
                Karelia (Pres.)
02/14/17      updates to Russia reg.: Ryazan (Gov.), U.S. govt.: Veterans Affairs Dept.
02/13/17      updates to Russia reg.: Novgorod (Gov.), Papua New Guinea prov.: Western
                (Gov.), U.S. govt.: Treasury Dept. (Secy.), NSC (Adv.)
02/11/17      update to 'Hutt River' (Prince).
02/10/17      update to U.S. govt.: HHS Dept. (Secy.)
02/09/17      update to U.S. govt.: Justice Dept. (Attny.-gen.)
02/08/17      updates to Somalia (Pres.), Switzerland canton: Basel-Stadt.
02/07/17      updates to Haiti (Pres.), Russia rep.: Buryatia (Pres.), U.S. govt.:
                Dept. of Education (Secy.), Armenia prov.: Ararat (Gov.)
02/06/17      updates to Russia reg.: Perm (Gov.), Sudan: Abyei Area (Admin.)
02/02/17      updates to Armenia prov.: Ararat (Gov.), Pakistan prov.: Sindh (Gov.)
02/01/17      updates to U.S. govt.: State Dept. (Secy.), Border Patrol (Chief),
                Mexico state: Puebla (Gov.), Sweden county: Kronoberg (Gov.), DLU (Secy-gen)
01/31/17      updates to UNASUR (Secy.-gen.), U.S. govt.: Transportation Dept. (Secy.),
                Venezuela state: Distrito Capital (Chief).
01/30/17      updates to African Union (Chair.), Indonesia prov.: Papua Barat (Gov.), U.S.
                govt.: Justice Dept. (Attny-gen.), DHS (ICE Dir.), Venezuela state: Sucre
01/28/17      updates to Order of Malta (Grand Master, Grand Chancellor), India states:
                Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya (Gov.)
01/27/17      update to Bulgaria (PM).
01/26/17      updates to Austria (Pres.), Trinidad and Tobago: Tobago (Chief Sec.), U.S.
                govt.: Border Patrol (Chief).
01/25/17      updates to U.S. govt.: UN Rep., FTC (Chair.)
01/24/17      update to  U.S. state: South Carolina (Gov.)
01/23/17      updates to Mauritius (PM), Australia state: New South Wales (PM), U.S.
                govt.: CIA (Dir.), FCC (Chair.), NRC (Chair.), SEC (Chair.)
01/22/17      update to Bulgaria (Pres.)
01/21/17      updates to The Gambia (Pres.), Sweden county: Västra Götaland (Gov.), U.S.
                govt.: SSA (Dir.)
01/20/17      updates to United States: Donald J. Trump becomes the 45th President,
                U.S. govt.: Vice Pres., CoS, Defense (Secy.), DHS (Secy.), NSC, Cabinet;
                China city: Shanghai (Mayor)
01/19/17      updates to The Gambia (Pres.), U.S.: RNC (Chair.)
01/17/17      updates to U.S. states: Delaware (Gov.), Indonesia prov.: Papua Barat (Gov.),
                European Parl. (Pres.)
01/16/17      update to U.S. states: West Virginia (Gov.)
01/15/17      update to China prov.: Xizang (Tibet) (Gov.)
01/13/17      updates to Malaysia state: Sarawak (PM), U.S. govt.: Agriculture Dept. (Secy.)
01/12/17      updates to Russia rep.: Adygeya (Pres.), Ukraine prov.: Odesa (Gov.)
01/11/17      updates to Iceland (PM), Malaysia state: Sarawak (PM), Pakistan prov.:
                Sindh (Gov.)
01/10/17      updates to Côte d'Ivoire (PM), Cook Islands (NZ High Com.)
01/09/17      updates to U.K.: Northern Ireland (PM), U.S. states: Indiana, Missouri (Gov.),
                     CPLP (Secy.-gen.)
01/07/17      updates to Ghana (Pres.), U.S. govt.: MARAD (Admin.)
01/05/17      updates to U.S. states: New Hampshire, Vermont (Gov.), U.S. city: Fresno
                (Mayor), Palau state: Ngardmau (Gov.), Venezuela states: Aragua, Barinas
01/04/17      updates to Romania (PM), Venezuela (Exec. VP).
01/03/17      updates to U.S. state: New Hampshire (acting Gov.), U.S. govt.: NPS (Dir.),
                TVA (Chair.)
01/02/17      updates to Puerto Rico (Gov.), Wake Island (Gov.)
01/01/17      updates to Switzerland (Pres.), Swiss cantons: Aargau, Fribourg, Graubünden,
                Jura, Schaffhausen, Solothurn & Zug; Aruba (Gov.), United Nations
                (Secy.-gen.), Mexico states: Sinaloa, Tlaxcala (Gov.); U.S. state:
                North Carolina (Gov.), U.S. cities: Portland, Richmond (Mayor); Palau state:
                Angaur (Gov.), CSTO (Secy.-gen.), G-8 (Chair.), ISA (Secy.-gen.), Mercosur
                (Dir.), EAEU (Chair.), Norden (Pres.), OSCE (Chair.)

Additions to in 2017 

10/25/17      added Roman Empire and Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire pages.
05/22/17      added Tannu Tuva 1941 constitution, Chinese Soviet 1931 constitution,
                     and Czechoslovakia 1918 & 1960 constitutions.
05/11/17      added Southern Rhodesia 1961 constitution, South Vietnam 1956 constitution,
                     Yugoslavia 1974 constitution, Hejaz 1926 constitution, Montenegro 1905
                constitution, Indonesia 1950 constitution, Nigeria 1979 constitution,
                and Somalia 1979 constitution.
05/06/17      added Frederiksnagore and expanded Nicobar & Andaman Islands.

    New Polities and International Organizations in 2017

12/20/17      update to Venezuela: Distrito Metropolitano de Caracas (abolished).
10/20/17      update to Somalia state: Khaatumo (merged into Somaliland).
05/11/17      update to Yemen: South Yemen (Southern Transitional Council).

    New Anthems, Flags, Constitutions and Currencies in 2017

11/28/17      updates to Mauritania (flag, anthem).
09/25/17      update to Mauritania (anthem lyrics).
07/24/17      update to Orlando, FL (flag).
04/13/17      update to South Ossetia (polity name).
04/11/17      update to Kyrgyzstan (flag).
04/06/17      update to Thailand (new constitution).
03/10/17      update to Nagorno-Karabakh (polity name, new constitution).
02/07/17      update to Equatorial Guinea (capital).
01/28/17      update to The Gambia (country name).

 International Organization Membership Updates in 2017

12/31/17      Slovakia withdraws from UNIDO.
12/29/17      Seychelles the 88th member of IHO.
12/20/17      Marshall Islands the 191st member of ICRM.
12/19/17      Spain the 61st member of AIIB.
12/14/17      Nepal the 154th member of IRENA.
12/12/17      Timor-Leste the 191st member of WIPO.
12/11/17      Marshall Islands the 190th member of WIPO.
12/11/17      Fiji the 60th member of AIIB.
12/04/17      Saint Vincent and the Grenadines the 169th member of IAEA.
12/01/17      Dominica the 169th member of IOM.
11/28/17      Cook Islands, Cuba the 167th and 168th members of IOM.
11/22/17      Timor-Leste the 59th member of AIIB.
11/18/17      Tuvalu the 192nd member of ICAO.
11/04/17      Lebanon the 153rd member of IRENA.
10/31/17      Western Togoland admitted to the UNPO.
10/30/17      New Caledonia the 11th associate member of UNESCO.
10/27/17      Burundi withdraws from the ICCt.
10/23/17      Ireland the 58th member of AIIB.
10/15/17      Turkmenistan joins, Uzbekistan rejoins the IPU.
10/14/17      Madhesh admitted to the UNPO.
10/13/17      Afghanistan the 57th member of AIIB.
09/27/17      Palestine, Solomon Islands the 191st & 192nd members of Interpol.
09/13/17      Comoros, Somalia the 157th and 158th members of UNWTO.
08/30/17      Uzbekistan the 54th member of ISESCO.
08/24/17      Uzbekistan the 152nd member of IRENA.
08/20/17      Comoros the 16th member of SADC.
07/13/17      Lebanon the 68th member of EBRD.
06/27/17      Chameria admitted to the UNPO.
06/21/17      El Salvador the 151st member of IRENA.
06/16/17      Hungary the 56th member of AIIB.
06/09/17      India, Pakistan become members of SCO.
06/07/17      Hong Kong the 55th member of AIIB.
06/05/17      Montenegro the 29th member of NATO.
06/01/17      U.S. withdrawal notification from UNFCC-PA.
05/25/17      Equatorial Guinea the 14th member of OPEC.
05/13/17      Ethiopia the 54th member of AIIB; the Bellah People and
                Kabylia admitted to the UNPO.
04/28/17      Venezuela withdrawal notification from OAS.
03/30/17      Tuvalu the 173rd member of IPU.
03/29/17      United Kingdom withdrawal notification from EU and Euratom.
03/27/17      Malaysia the 53rd member of AIIB.
03/24/17      Antigua & Barbuda the 182nd member of WCO.
02/17/17      Vanuatu the 87th member of IHO.
02/13/17      Turkey the 53rd member of ISESCO.
02/08/17      Portugal the 52nd member of AIIB.
01/30/17      Morocco readmitted to African Union.
01/25/17      Kosovo the 181st member of WCO.
01/17/17      Iran the 51st member of AIIB.
01/11/17      Malta the 86th member of IHO.

  2017 International & U.S. Elections



Election Type

23 Jan 2017
Tobago (Trinidad
and Tobago)

house of assembly
24 Jan 2017
(by parliament)
23,27,31 Jan 2017
Tokelau (NZ)
island council,
29 Jan 2017
senate (2nd round)
 5 Feb 2017
 8 Feb 2017
(by parliament)
12 Feb 2017
(by parliament)
12 Feb 2017 Rodrigues Island

12 Feb 2017 Switzerland
12 Feb 2017 Turkmenistan
19 Feb 2017

20 Feb 2017 Nagorno-Karabakh

referendum on new
country name
21 Feb 2017
Marshall Islands
constitutional convention
 2 Mar 2017 Northern Ireland
(United Kingdom)
 7 Mar 2017
Fed. States of Micronesia
 7 Mar 2017 Fed. States of Micronesia referendum on
dual citizenship

 7 Mar 2017 Los Angeles, CA (US)
12 Mar 2017 Abkhazia (Georgia)
(1st round)
15 Mar 2017
The Netherlands
16 Mar 2017
San Marino captains-regent
(by parliament)
19 Mar 2017 Saint Barthélemy

territorial council
19, 26 Mar 2017 Saint Martin

territorial council
19 Mar 2017 Saint Pierre and
Miquelon (France)

territorial council
20 Mar 2017 Timor-Leste president
21 Mar 2017 Galmudug (Somalia)
(by parliament)
26 Mar 2017 Abkhazia (Georgia)
(2nd round)
26 Mar 2017 Bulgaria
26 Mar 2017
Hong Kong (China)
chief executive
26 Mar 2017
Wallis and Futuna

territorial assembly
27 Mar 2017
Barbuda (Antigua
and Barbuda)

island council
27 Mar 2017
Somaliland (Somalia)
president, senate, parliament
28 Mar 2017
Galmudug (Somalia)
(by parliament)
 2 Apr 2017
 2 Apr 2017 Ecuador
president (runoff)
 2 Apr 2017
 4 Apr 2017 St. Louis, MO (US)
 6 Apr 2017
The Gambia
 9 Apr 2017 Serbia
 9 Apr 2017 South Ossetia (Georgia) president
 9 Apr 2017 South Ossetia (Georgia) referendum on
country name

10 Apr 2017
Galmudug (Somalia)
(by parliament)
16 Apr 2017 Turkey
19-20 Apr 2017 Albania
president (1st try)
(by parliament)
23 Apr 2017
(1st round)

23 Apr 2017
Seborga (Italy)
27-28 Apr 2017
president (2nd try)
(by parliament)
28 Apr 2017
Curaçao (Neth.)
29 Apr 2017
Knights of Malta
grand master
30 Apr 2017
Galmudug (Somalia) president
(by parliament)
 3 May 2017
Galmudug (Somalia) president
(by parliament)
 4 May 2017
 6 May 2017
El Paso, TX (US)
 6 May 2017
Fort Worth, TX (US)
 6 May 2017
San Antonio, TX (US)
 6 May 2017
Niue (NZ) parliament
 7 May 2017
(2nd round)
 9 May 2017
Omaha, NE (US)
 9 May 2017
South Korea
10 May 2017
The Bahamas
19 May 2017
21 May 2017
21 May 2017
21 May 2017
24 May 2017
Cayman Islands (UK)
31 May 2017
United Nations
Gen. Assemb. Pres.
 3 Jun 2017
 3 Jun 2017
 6 Jun 2017
Jackson, MS (US)
 8 Jun 2017
United Kingdom
10 Jun 2017
El Paso, TX (US)
mayor (runoff)
10 Jun 2017
San Antonio, TX (US)
mayor (runoff)
11 Jun 2017
(1st round)
11 Jun 2017
11 Jun 2017
Puerto Rico (US)
status referendum
18 Jun 2017
(2nd round)

18 Jun 2017
24 Jun - 8 Jul 2017
Papua New Guinea
25 Jun 2017
26 Jun 2017
(1st round)
28 Jun 2017
senate (indirect)
 2 Jul 2017
 3 Jul 2017
president (indirect)
 5 Jul 2017
head of state
(by parliament)
 5 Jul 2017
president (indirect)
(2nd round)
 6 Jul 2017
president (indirect)
(3rd round)
 9 Jul 2017 Mali

 9 Jul 2017 Mongolia
(2nd round)

15 Jul 2017 Mauritania
16 Jul 2017 Congo (Brazzaville) parliament
(1st round)
16 Jul 2017 Venezuela (opposition organized; not
recognized by


referendums on
accepting the
assembly and calling
17 Jul 2017 India
president (indirect)
18 Jul 2017 Bermuda
19 Jul 2017 Nagorno-Karabakh
(by parliament)
22 Jul 2017 Timor-Leste
26 Jul 2017
Saint Helena (UK)
legislative council
29 Jul 2017
30 Jul 2017 Congo (Brazzaville) parliament
(2nd round)

30 Jul 2017 Senegal
30 Jul 2017 Venezuela
constituent assembly
 4 Aug 2017
 5 Aug 2017
 8 Aug 2017
president, senate,
22 Aug 2017
Birmingham, AL (US)
22 Aug 2017
Mobile, AL (US)
23 Aug 2017
31 Aug 2017
Congo (Brazzaville)
senate (indirect)
11 Sep 2017
13 Sep 2017
San Marino
(by parliament)
13 Sep 2017
(elected by default)

16 Sep 2017
HirShabelle Admin.

(by parliament)
17 Sep 2017
Macau (China)
legislative council
22 Sep 2017
Aruba (Netherlands)
23 Sep 2017
New Zealand
23 Sep 2017
(sole candidate
24 Sep 2017
senate (indirect)
24 Sep 2017
24 Sep 2017
24 Sep 2017
25 Sep 2017
Kurdistan Autonomous
Region (Iraq)

(not rec
independence referendum
 1 Oct 2017
Catalonia (Spain)
(not rec
 3 Oct 2017
Albuquerque, NM (US)
 3 Oct 2017
Birmingham, AL (US)
mayor (runoff)
10 Oct 2017 Liberia
10 Oct 2017 Raleigh, NC (US)
15 Oct 2017 Austria
15 Oct 2017 Kyrgyzstan
17 Oct 2017 Kenya
president (rerun)
20-21 Oct 2017
Czech Republic
21 Oct 2017
Christmas Island
shire council
(five candidates

21 Oct 2017
Cocos Islands
shire council
22 Oct 2017
parliament, senate
22 Oct 2017
22 Oct 2017
Lombardy, Veneto Regions (Italy)
increased autonomy
22 Oct 2017
(1st round)
26 Oct 2017
president (rerun)
28 Oct 2017
 7 Nov 2017
president (runoff)
 1 Nov 2017
Kurdistan Autonomous
Region (Iraq)
parliament (delayed)
 7 Nov 2017
New Jersey (US)
 7 Nov 2017
New York (US)
state constitution

 7 Nov 2017
Virginia (US)
 7 Nov 2017
Albany, NY (US)
 7 Nov 2017
Annapolis, MD (US)
 7 Nov 2017
Atlanta, GA (US)
 7 Nov 2017
Billings, MT (US)
 7 Nov 2017
Boston, MA (US)
 7 Nov 2017
Buffalo, NY (US)
 7 Nov 2017
Charlotte, NC (US)
 7 Nov 2017
Cincinnati, OH (US)
 7 Nov 2017
Cleveland, OH (US)
 7 Nov 2017
Detroit, MI (US) mayor
 7 Nov 2017
Jersey City, NJ (US)
 7 Nov 2017
Lansing, MI (US)
 7 Nov 2017
Manchester, NH (US)
 7 Nov 2017
Miami, FL (US)
 7 Nov 2017
Minneapolis, MN (US)
 7 Nov 2017
New York, NY (US)
 7 Nov 2017
New York, NY (US)
borough presidents
 7 Nov 2017
Pittsburgh, PA (US)
 7 Nov 2017
Raleigh, NC (US)
mayor (runoff)
 7 Nov 2017
Rochester, NY (US)
 7 Nov 2017
Saint Paul, MN (US) mayor
 7 Nov 2017
Seattle, WA (US)
 7 Nov 2017
Syracuse, NY (US)
 7 Nov 2017
Toledo, OH (US)
 7 Nov 2017
Topeka, KS (US)
 8 Nov 2017
Pitcairn Island (UK) island council
 9 Nov 2017
Falkland Islands (UK) parliament
12 Nov 2017
Equatorial Guinea
parliament, senate
12 Nov 2017
Slovenia president
(2nd round)

13 Nov 2017
Somaliland (Somalia)
14 Nov 2017
Albuquerque, NM (US)
mayor (runoff)
15 Nov 2017
Solomon Islands
prime minister
(by parliament)
16 Nov 2017
18 Nov 2017
New Orleans, LA (US)
19 Nov 2017
president, senate,

19 Nov 2017
(moved back)
26 Nov 2017
26 Nov 2017
(1st round)

Dec 2017
Congo (Kinshasa)
 3 Dec 2017 Corse (France)
assembly (1st round)
 5 Dec 2017 Atlanta, GA (US)
mayor (runoff)
 6 Dec 2017 Switzerland
(by parliament)
 7 Dec 2017 Nepal
(2nd round)

10 Dec 2017 Corse (France)
assembly (2nd round)
18 Dec 2017 Nevis
(St. Kitts & Nevis)

17 Dec 2017 Chile
president (runoff)
21 Dec 2017 Catalonia (Spain)
26 Dec 2017 Liberia
president (runoff)

Sources: Herrera Electoral Calendar, IFES Election Guide, Ballotpedia and IPU .

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